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2015-2016 Book Blogger Organizer & Blogger Resources


The ONLY printable & digital Book Blogger Organizer.

The 2015-2016 Book Blogger Organizer & Blogger Resources is designed for Book Bloggers and only Book Bloggers. The Organizer is comprised of  224 pages of calendars, weekly organizers, charts and cheat sheets. Also included is a file FULL Of spreadsheets. Yes, spreadsheets just for you to get YOU ORGANIZED! Spreadsheets that track your stats, track your review requests, track your TBR and track your blog posts. You name it – it’s in here! And if you think it’s missing something – just email me and I’ll add it.


Full List of Includes in the Book Blogger Organizer:

  • Year at a Glance (Printable)
  • Printable Monthly Calendar – Jul 2015 to December 2016
    Each month displayed in a calendar format, with months and stat tracker at bottom
  •  ➡ NEW – Event/Promotion Tracker
  • By Month – Day by Day Post Schedules (Printable & XLS File)
    Daily chart to catalog your posts
  • Ideas, Posts & Book Schedule Chart (Printable & XLS File)
    Chart to list reviews, ideas and features
  • Monthly Books Read (Printable & XLS File)
    Chart to track your reading schedule for that month
  • Week at a Glance (Printable)
    Weekly schedule that you can print as needed
  • Stat Tracker (Printable & XLS File)
    Track your followers, Analytics, Pageviews and much more
  • Advertiser Tracker (Printable & XLS File)
    Want to place advertising on your site? Track advertisers and their dates
  • Publisher Tracker (Printable & XLS File)
    Track your publisher contacts
  • Publisher Contact Sheet (XLS File – FILLED IN with Publisher Emails)
    A spreadsheet with publisher emails already listed
  • Reading Log (Printable & XLS File)
    Track your yearly reading
  • TBR List (Printable & XLS File)
    Track your review books
  • Daily Blogger Checklist (Printable & XLS File)
    A checklist for daily blogger tasks
  • Book Review Cheat Sheet (Printable & XLS File)
    A cheat sheet to use when setting up your review
  • Grammar Cheat Sheet (Printable)
    Affect or Effect? Your or You’re – keep a handy cheat sheet readily available
  • HTML Cheat Sheet (Printable)
    Quick reference HTML Cheat sheet
  • Idea Log (Printable)
    Track your ideas!

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Product Description

The 2015 Book Blogger Organizer & Blogger Resources has been updated! AN ALL NEW LOOK! And ALL of 2016 included. It now goes from July 2015 to December 2016. The 2014 & 2015 Blogger Organizers were downloaded over 2000 times! The 2015 includes July 2015 – December 2016 and 36 premade spreadsheets for you to fill in! Use the printable PDF or just go all digital and use the Spreadsheets or use both! It is up to you. There is even a surprise inside – the Publisher Contact spreadsheet – has the email addresses from most of the top publishers, the emails used by the publishers to accept review requests!

Book Blogger Organizer


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    This organizer has helped me so much. I love that I have the choice between the spreadsheets or I can print and fill them in. Usually I write them in and then go back into the spreadsheet later. The Cheat Sheet is also awesome.

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