Laila Brunette AA1 – Animal Print – Dress-up Blogger Template


Check out the first dress-up Laila look. This is a different kind of dress-up template with a special function — everything changes just by changing your background image! The image has to be a seamless pattern, but with a simple shift your blog will go from zebra print to peacock and back again! There are even five seamless background patterns offered with this template. You can match all the avatar’s chairs with each pattern!

The Laila Animal Print is a support template to the Laila avi design, so the favicons and twitter avis are not included in this one, but you also get this template for a cheaper price.

EXTRA GRAPHICS available for the Laila designs. Click here.

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Laila Dress-upThis is the Laila African American Look

Included in this template:

XML File

  • Instructions for Installation
  • Five Different Backgrounds
  • If you are interested in purchasing the rater and book blogger graphics in the Laila style (see main Laila template) for only $15, click on the Buy Graphic Below.

Change your background & entire look easily with Laila’s Animal Print:

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