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Review: Vanish {Firelight #2} by Sophie Jordan

Home > Review > Vanish {Firelight #2} by Sophie Jordan Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal RomanceSeries: Firelight #2 ParaElement: DragonsOrder Online:  Amazon.comStalk the Author: Web | Blog | Twitter Review copy provided by publisher. PJ’s QUICKIE POV: For a second in series, VANISH was handled fantastically. Sophie Jordan had my anxiety levels up and I really felt for these characters. Heartache for Jacinda, pity and disgust for the mom and a sort of fear and happiness for Tamra — along with a slew of other emotions for the secondary characters that were introduced or brought back in the second novel. Intense elicited emotions is what I live for in a book – the plot might have a few holes but if the book creeps in and forces unique emotional responses from me, I’m in love. Top this with a good plot, great character building and on-your-toes twists and turns…well I’m smitten with Sophie Jordan and her fire-breathing creations. REVIEW: Jacinda has sacrificed herself again. Back to the pride they go with Cassian as their guide and the newly manifested Tamra. Yet, all she can think of is Will. Her love for him is so intense but she must protect him, her family and herself at all costs. And that means the pride, Cassian and the rules they will inflict on her – just hopefully, with her willful return her wings...

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Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance ParaElement: Immortals Order Online: Stalk the Author: Web | Twitter Copy provided for review by the Amazon Vine program   PJ’s QUICKIE POV: As a new trend goes, retellings come and go in fits and starts…we’ve recently gone through a mass retellings of fairy-tales, then Greek mythologies, but one that seems to stay with us are the retellings of Shakespeare stories. Might as well right? Better than another retelling of Dracula. And from a retelling POV this one was original. At least Stacey Jay didn’t just recycle the story and put it in...

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Review: Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans

Home > Review > Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans Genre: Young Adult, SuperheroParaElement: PowersOrder Online:  Amazon.comStalk the Author: Web | FacebookCopy provided for review via ALA11 PJ’s QUICKIE POV:Michael Vey wouldn’t have been something that I’d grab if I was perusing the shelves of my local book store. For one, the title and for two, the fact that it seems geared for middle grade boys. I like Percy Jackson when he’s a little more grown up…and you have to admit Harry Potter got a bit more relatable just about the time he entered the TriWizard Tournament. Now – push those negative thoughts to the side, because MICHAEL VEY exceeded my expectations 100 times over. Yes, they were low expectations but really – this is a shockingly good book. Great for middle grade boys of course, but also fun, entertaining and exciting for 30+ females. REVIEW: Michael Vey, what can we say about Michael? Fourteen years old, short for his age. Your typical underdog, poor and to top it off he has a slight case of Tourrette’s which gives him a tick that is universally mocked by all. What Michael doesn’t want you to know about him: He’s deadly. Like an electric eel, Michael can shock someone into submission just by touching them. His mother is afraid for his safety and the moment someone...

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Review: Ship Break by Paolo Bacigalupi

Home > Review > Ship Break by Paolo Bacigalupi Genre: Young Adult, DystopianSciFi Element: Apocalypitic Order Online: Stalk the Author: Web | Twitter | Facebook Download   PJ’s QUICKIE POV:After having read and enjoyed The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi I quickly moved on to his young adult novel, SHIP BREAKER. Favoring the gritty and in-your-face style of writing that Bacigalupi is known for, SHIP BREAKER, while young adult, didn’t hold back. Bacigalupi thrust you into a very uncomfortable, dystopian world and rubs your face into it repeatedly and if you are anything like me, you’ll love every minute of it. REVIEW:In the future world of SHIP BREAKER there is a huge economic divide between the poor and the rich, much like you would find in 3rd world countries. The rich live in sickening luxury while the poor destroy themselves to earn pennies and barely survive. The Gulf Coast region of what was once the United States has been devastated by hurricanes, plague and famine. Ragged villages exist upon the coast, their whole existence revolving around scavenging the oil tankers that were left to rot after the decline of the human race. Nailer is our hero of this story, he is a young teenager, still small in frame so he is able to squirrel his way through the ships and scavenge on what is called Light Crew. His existence...

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Review: Tomorrow When The War Began by John Marsden

Home > Review > Tomorrow When The War Began by John Marsden Genre: Young Adult, Apocalyptic SciFi Element: ApocalypiticOrder Online:  Amazon.comStalk the Author: Web | Blog Download   PJ’s QUICKIE POV:It would seem since I have been on an apocalypse kick for awhile, so was keen on me listening/reading to TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN and I had done a marvelous job ignoring them…even though it kept popping up on my recommended lists on both amazon and audible. You see, even though I enjoyed RED DAWN the movie, I didn’t know if I would like to read about it – and that is what the reviews constantly compared it to. I guess I should have listened to Auntie Amazon and Audible, they were right. I should have read, listened, inhaled TOMORROW a long time ago, because it was a fantastic read and has thus launched me on a mission to get a hold of a digital copy of the Australian made movie inspired by the book. (Which is IMPOSSIBLE!!!) One day I guess. This book has it all, smart witty teens, a bit of action, action and more action, innocent coming of age drama, a slight bit of romance and a carefully tailored setting that had me wanting to board the next plane to Australia. REVIEW:Ellie and her friends have planned a spontaneous camping trip that ventures deep...

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