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Blood Promise by Richelle Mead – Review

Home > Review > Blood Promise Genre: Young Adult, Urban FantasyParanormal Element: VampiresSeries: Vampire AcademyOrder Online: | BookDepository.comStalk the Author: Web |  Blog | Twitter Audiobook Review copy bought at PJVs QUICKIE POV:An emotional wreck after reading Shadow Kiss, I put down Vampire Academy #3 and left it down for a long time. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t read Blood Promise, no matter how much I needed to know what happened with Dmitri — I couldn’t find out. It was bitter sweet. It has taken me one year to pick up this book. These books invoke that much of an emotional response. On a petty note, I was also kind of peeved that Richelle Mead had pushed back the release of Iron Crowned to release Spirit Bound. My little temper tantrum to say the least. So, I waited and now I’ve been sucked back into the series. Hello, Rose. Missed you. REVIEW:Blood Promise picks up right where Shadow Kiss left off. Rose has left the academy, Lissa and her friends and is on a mission. Her mission is to hunt down Dmitri and stake the strigoi right out of him. She made a promise and she has to keep it, even if it means her own death. Clues have led her to Russia and deeper, to Siberia, Dmitri’s homeland. It’s an enlightening experience as she soon...

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Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning – Review

Home > Review > Shadowfever Genre: Adult, Urban FantasyParanormal Element: FaeSeries: Fever SeriesOrder Online: | BookDepository.comStalk the Author: Web | Blog | Twitter Purchased for admittance into Shadowfever release party. PJVs QUICKIE POV:As conclusions go, I have never waited more patiently for the end, than I did for Shadowfever. Ever since I laid Dreamfever down (well no, I threw it across the room upon completion) I have been patiently awaiting Shadowfever. I have never looked forward to a book as much as I did this one. Was it worth the wait? The heartache of the last two books? The jarring pain that thrust through my head every time Barrons and Mac blamed each other and bitched and tormented themselves!? HELL YES. This is the way the world endsThis is the way the world endsThis is the way the world endsNot with a bang but a whimper. Shadowfever, Mr. Eliot, did not end the Fever Series world with a whimper. It definitely was a bang. A big, wet and fulfilling bang. Take that however you feel is necessary. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE PERVIOUS BOOKS GO NO FURTHER! I have tried my hardest to not spoil Shadowfever…but it will spoil the earlier books. REVIEW:The conclusion of the Fever series picks right up where we left Mac in Dreamfever. She had killed someone dear to her. Someone that meant...

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