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Review: Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Title: Carrier of the Mark Series: Carrier of the Mark #1 Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance Author Links: Web Twitter Purchase Online PJ’s QUICKIE POV: I am honestly just at a loss for the epic failure of this book. The sad thing about it was how well it started. I was immediately sucked in and excited and then after I had gotten my feet wet I just kept reading and going ‘what?’ ‘huh?’ and ‘I think I might have read this before?’ And I had read it before in a book that you might be familiar with, called ‘Twilight’. I really hate comparing books to ‘Twilight’ because basically you can probably do this to a lot of young adults books from love triangles to the paranormal elements, but the more you look into ‘Carrier of the Mark’ the resemblances between the books are so very similar that you really wonder how the author got this one past the publisher. REVIEW: A girl named Megan moves to a new, small town, well really a new country. She doesn’t know anyone and it is like a whole other world. Being an American and living in a variety of places makes her a novelty so she is quickly sucked in by a popular group. Megan lost her mother at an early age, so her father is her sole guardian. Sometimes in the...

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Review: Devilishly Hot by Kathy Love

Home > Review > Devilishly Hot by Kathy Love Comedic Paranormal Romance Review, Devilishly Hot by Kathy Love Title: Devilishly Hot Genre: Romance, Adult, Paranormal Romance Author Links: Web  Purchase Online Rating: PJ’s QUICKIE POV: I’m all for light hearted chick lit, but somewhere ‘Devilishly Hot’ just lost it for me. It was as if the author read ‘Devil Wears Prada’ and decided to make a real paranormal romance out of it, with an added bonus of quirky chick-lit flavoring. The first few chapters actually drew me in, but the moment the romantic interplay started I lost all interest. The romance just wasn’t there. REVIEW: ‘Devilishly Hot’ is the story of back-water, country girl, Annie Lou Riddle who had a dream to break into the fashion industry. What she ended up doing was selling her soul to a demon and basically becoming a slave at the fashion magazine HOT!. Her demon/boss/slave owner is Finola White and her mistreatment of employees (murder) has drawn the attention of super hot NYPD detective Nick Rossi, who has an instant hard, *cough* I mean attraction for Annie Lou. But, with Annie’s soul caught up with Finola and Nick’s determination to find out the truth – this relationship seems doomed from the start. I enjoyed the first half of this book – but it seemed as I got into the romantic interplay I lost...

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Review: Wildfire by Karsten Knight

Home > Review > Wildfire by Karston Knight Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Series: Wildfire #1 ParaElement: Myth/Gods/Goddesses Order Online: Stalk the Author: Web | Facebook | Twitter Review copy provided by Amazon Vine PJ’s QUICKIE REVIEW: I was disheartened by not enjoying this book. It had great potential. An original plot, interesting characters, a spitfire of a protagonist and a very entertaining and easy on the eyes author, not to mention a male young adult author, which are a minority. Yet, I literally had to force myself to return to this book to finish it. While the plot was original it was disjointed and jumped from plot point to plot point, which had me completely confused half the time. While the main character was a spitfire and started out strong she quickly deflated and became almost two-dimensional by the middle of the book. Then with the whole paranormal reveal – the group was suddenly thrust into a very odd circumstance which revealed them to be paranormal beings and they were all just like, “Oh okay, cool.” It was so flat by that point that I felt I was reading an outline and not a flushed out book. My overall view is that there was a good start to this book, yet by the middle it was as if the author hurried to finish and didn’t give it the...

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Review: The Goddess Test by Aimée Carter

Home > Review > The Goddess Test by Aimée Carter Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance Series: The Goddess Test #1 ParaElement: Myth/Gods/Goddesses Order Online: Stalk the Author: Web | Facebook | Twitter Review copy provided by publisher. PJ’s QUICKIE POV: What can I say about THE GODDESS TEST? One of the hardest books to review is the one that gets a medium rating. You like the book, but nothing stands out and says, “Yeah this was great.” And to top it off it has problems, but you feel like you are picking on the book if you go into details of why this book just didn’t add up to be a Good or Great novel. It was okay. Would I run around and suggest to people to buy it, read it or pass on as a gift? No. There are so many great books out there, it’s hard to waste time on so-so literature. Which sounds terrible, but sometimes I would rather read a really bad book than a book that just makes me go “meh.” At least with a bad book I would have something to rant about. REVIEW: A retelling or really a revamping of the Hades and Persephone myth, THE GODDESS TEST is the story of Kate, whose mother is dying and has to move back to her mother’s home town, Eden. When arriving in...

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