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Review: The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch

Home > Review > The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch Title: The Eleventh Plague Author: Jeff Hirsch Genre: Young Adult, post-apocalyptic, dystopian Author Links: Web Twitter Purchase Online Rating: PJ’s QUICKIE POV: ‘The Eleventh Plague’ unfortunately was not one of the epic dystopian that was released in 2011. When compared with the titans that are ‘Divergent’, ‘Enclave’ and ‘Ashes’ this novel falls somewhere in the middle, with just a mediocre entertainment value. There are so many good novels in this genre that I felt a little put-out after reading ‘The Eleventh Plague.’ Don’t get me wrong, the premise was interesting, the writing was compelling, what threw me through a loop was the main characters. I felt like we were just following two idiotic teens making stupid choices and getting everyone around them hurt. That didn’t go over well with me. It’s one thing to see transition, it’s another to feel overwhelmed by stupid choices. REVIEW: The world is decimated by an event called The Collapse and twenty years later a fifteen year old boy called Stephen Quinn is trying to get by with his father. He has watched his mother and his strict grandfather die and now after a series of unfortunate events, is about to watch his father slowly die if he doesn’t get any help. He does get help, in the form of a group of people...

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Review: Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

Home > Review > Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry Title: Rot & Ruin Author: Jonathan Maberry Series: Benny Imura #1 Genre: Young Adult, Zombie Author Links: Web Twitter Purchase Online Rating: PJ’s QUICKIE POV: The cuddlier side of the zombies. Ok, maybe I said that wrong, more like the more spiritual side of zombies. Jonathan Maberry makes you think about the world after we’ve settled down and people have had time to think about zombies and what they are and how we should treat them. It’s definitely different. It’s very exciting and there is a ton of action, boy-hood romance and a plot line that will get you thinking instead of the usual blood and gore, shoot ’em up, zombie experience. This is one I highly recommend you experience. REVIEW: The family business for Benny Imura is zombie hunting. At age fifteen he has to get a job or his rations are cut. He does not want to join the family business because he can’t understand how his older brother Tom is a zombie hunter and especially why the whole town thinks he is this big, tough, cool guy – when Benny knows the truth, Tom is a coward. It is his brother Tom, he knows him best. Job after job that doesn’t work out though ends his job search with no choice but hunting zoms with Tom....

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Review: Ship Break by Paolo Bacigalupi

Home > Review > Ship Break by Paolo Bacigalupi Genre: Young Adult, DystopianSciFi Element: Apocalypitic Order Online: Stalk the Author: Web | Twitter | Facebook Download   PJ’s QUICKIE POV:After having read and enjoyed The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi I quickly moved on to his young adult novel, SHIP BREAKER. Favoring the gritty and in-your-face style of writing that Bacigalupi is known for, SHIP BREAKER, while young adult, didn’t hold back. Bacigalupi thrust you into a very uncomfortable, dystopian world and rubs your face into it repeatedly and if you are anything like me, you’ll love every minute of it. REVIEW:In the future world of SHIP BREAKER there is a huge economic divide between the poor and the rich, much like you would find in 3rd world countries. The rich live in sickening luxury while the poor destroy themselves to earn pennies and barely survive. The Gulf Coast region of what was once the United States has been devastated by hurricanes, plague and famine. Ragged villages exist upon the coast, their whole existence revolving around scavenging the oil tankers that were left to rot after the decline of the human race. Nailer is our hero of this story, he is a young teenager, still small in frame so he is able to squirrel his way through the ships and scavenge on what is called Light Crew. His existence...

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Review: The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi

Home > Review > The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi Genre: Adult, SciFi, DytstopianScFi Element: Biological DisasterOrder Online:  Amazon.comStalk the Author: Web | Twitter | Facebook Download PJ’s QUICKIE POV: I have never experienced such gritty and descriptive world-building as I have with Paolo Bacigalupi’s THE WINDUP GIRL. You could almost taste the heat as Bacigalupi described the post-apocalyptic Asian landscape. Bacigalupi has a way of blending realities, the dystopian squalor with the science fiction advancement, the way you didn’t know who was a good guy or a bad guy and the on-your-toes plot twists that had my head whirling. THE WINDUP GIRL. is a grown-up dystopian and a must-read if you fancy yourself a fan of the genre. I have to say this has to be one of the finest modern science fiction novels I’ve read. REVIEW: The lands have been racked with bio-engineered diseases and horrendous natural disasters. Bangkok is a city on the verge of disaster, exploited and two feet from being overrun by the ocean. The people live in fear of infected foods and the calorie is the new currency. Anderson Lake, one of the hated “calorie men” from the West is in Bangkok in search of extinct food to use for profit for his company AgriGen. He uses an AgriGen factory as a front, but his real motives is to find lost foods...

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Review: Tomorrow When The War Began by John Marsden

Home > Review > Tomorrow When The War Began by John Marsden Genre: Young Adult, Apocalyptic SciFi Element: ApocalypiticOrder Online:  Amazon.comStalk the Author: Web | Blog Download   PJ’s QUICKIE POV:It would seem since I have been on an apocalypse kick for awhile, so was keen on me listening/reading to TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN and I had done a marvelous job ignoring them…even though it kept popping up on my recommended lists on both amazon and audible. You see, even though I enjoyed RED DAWN the movie, I didn’t know if I would like to read about it – and that is what the reviews constantly compared it to. I guess I should have listened to Auntie Amazon and Audible, they were right. I should have read, listened, inhaled TOMORROW a long time ago, because it was a fantastic read and has thus launched me on a mission to get a hold of a digital copy of the Australian made movie inspired by the book. (Which is IMPOSSIBLE!!!) One day I guess. This book has it all, smart witty teens, a bit of action, action and more action, innocent coming of age drama, a slight bit of romance and a carefully tailored setting that had me wanting to board the next plane to Australia. REVIEW:Ellie and her friends have planned a spontaneous camping trip that ventures deep...

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