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Under Pressure by Lori Foster

UNDER PRESSURE by Lori Foster 29 JANUARY, 2017 Title: Under Pressure [br] Author: Lori Foster [br] Series: Body Armor #1 [br] Pages: 384 pages [br] Publisher: HQN Books [br] Release Date: January 24th 2017 [br] ISBN: 9780373789931 Lori Foster’s new series, Body Armor is a good intro to her new world. It’s an MMA series, and while not the best I’ve read, was full of suspense and hotness that is typical of Lori Foster. Foster is an A-List romance author and her suspense is a must read. Under Pressure is a spin-off from the Ultimate series. Leese, introduced in that series leaves MMA to...

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Why Roseblood by A.G. Howard broke my heart.

ROSEBLOOD by A.G. HOWARD 16 JANUARY, 2017 Title: Roseblood [br] Author: A.G. Howard [br] Series: None listed [br] Pages: 368 pages [br] Publisher: Amulet Books [br] Release Date: January 10, 2017 [br] ISBN-10: 9781419719097 This was one of my most highly anticipated books of 2017. I thought it a little present that I was getting for Christmas. Roseblood. Roseblood. Another phenom coming from the talented A.G. Howard. I have to respectfully say, that I couldn’t stomach this book. I honestly felt that another author wrote this one… …and surely not the one that delivered the Splintered series to the world. The book is based on the...

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Cast in Flight by Michelle Sagara – Fantasy #Review

My biggest complaint about this book is that it is number twelve in a series. Unfortunately NetGalley needs to update their series displays, unless it’s in the synopsis you can’t tell if it’s a series book. Yes, shame on me, I should have gone onto and checked, but you see a pretty cover and a cool blurb and you get excited and you click. So, I think this book would have been much better if I was actually committed to the series, since there were eleven books that came before it.

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