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A Million Little Things – Is Literally a Book About a Million Little Things…Go Figure

The third book in the Mischief Bay series is basically a stand-alone. You don’t have to read the fist two books to enjoy A Million Little Things. Each book in the series is about a group of women that all have different problems, come together in different ways, and work their way through their issues with friendship and understanding. I would put this firmly in women’s fiction category, and if you like real-world issue based novels this is the one for you. Mallery is an excellent writer and portrays contemporary problems with finesse. While my tastes lend more to fantastical fiction, I did enjoy the story of the three women in A Million Little Things, but I don’t know if I’ll read more in the series. Again, personal taste, not because the story isn’t well done.

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Normal by Graeme Cameron

PJV Quickie: NORMAL by Graeme Cameron was a novel written in the spirit of books like AMERICAN PSYCHO and true crime novels, you are saturated in the mind of a serial killer. It’s not always a very comfortable place to be, but you might just enjoy reading about this particular killer… Review: Graeme gets props right off the back for channeling a serial killer, unless of course he actually “wrote what he knows.” If that is the case I will not be going to his book signing…sorry. The novel is the POV of the serial killer, a very mysterious...

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