Author: Susan Mallery

A Million Little Things – Is Literally a Book About a Million Little Things…Go Figure

The third book in the Mischief Bay series is basically a stand-alone. You don’t have to read the fist two books to enjoy A Million Little Things. Each book in the series is about a group of women that all have different problems, come together in different ways, and work their way through their issues with friendship and understanding. I would put this firmly in women’s fiction category, and if you like real-world issue based novels this is the one for you. Mallery is an excellent writer and portrays contemporary problems with finesse. While my tastes lend more to fantastical fiction, I did enjoy the story of the three women in A Million Little Things, but I don’t know if I’ll read more in the series. Again, personal taste, not because the story isn’t well done.

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Thrill Me by Susan Mallery

PJV QUICKIE: I have been attached to the FOOL GOLD’S series by Susan Mallery for a long time, she’s been publishing these books since 2010 and I’ve been reading them every since. Each book has their own unique characters and each one makes me smile. I have to say, though, I finally found the couple I just didn’t click with. Unfortunately THRILL ME was my least favorite FOOL’S GOLD book, even though I LOVE this series, sometimes me and the characters just don’t get along and that character just happens to by Maya. Review:   Susan Mallery’s 18th book in...

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Kiss Me by Susan Mallery

PJV QUICKIE: KISS ME by Susan Mallery is the seventeenth book in the Fool’s Gold series, a good book and probably my favorite. The first kiss between the hero and heroine did me in, I swooned and I didn’t stop swooning. Mallery got her game back with KISS ME. I want to go and find me a cowboy now, just for me, and I’ve never been particularly taken by cowboy romances. I do have to comment on the cover though – what’s with the bike? Did I miss that in the story? Review: KISS ME is the story of Pheobe...

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Hold Me by Susan Mallery

PJV Quickie: Susan Mallery’s FOOL’S GOLD series is my guilty pleasure. I love this contemporary romance series, I just lurve it so much.  Yes, it like a million books into the series and they are very similar in nature, hot famous guys, meet great woman and get their butts handed to them…fall in love, make great friends and find a home in Fool’s Gold. But, it’s so awesome to read about it. Mallery’s books are entertaining, romantic, sexy and sweet. I can’t get enough of Fool’s Gold. I can’t get enough of Susan Mallery. Review: This Fool’s Gold was...

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Three Little Words Review & Susan Mallery Bridal Event

PJV Quickie: A great contemporary novel that left me feeling happy and content at the end. This was my first experience with the FOOLS GOLD series, but I didn’t find any issues with characters with back-stories that I needed to read. It was a good guilty pleasure read, with great characters and a plot that stood it’s ground. Review: In THREE LITTLE WORDS, we are introduced to Isabel and Ford. Ford was actually engaged to Isabel’s older sister when she was fourteen and their break-up led him to join the Navy. Isabel writes to Ford after he leaves and...

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