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Elemental Book 1:

Baltimore Land is a typical teenager whose parents embarrass her completely. She wants nothing to do with her family’s beliefs and is convinced their silly rituals only exist to make her life miserable. All she wants is to be normal, but the fact that her parents are witches seriously messes with her social life.

She’s doing alright, with a boyfriend who seems to like her just the way she is and an awesome best friend who is fascinated by her lifestyle, but she’s not the most popular girl in her small Utah town. In fact, she’s kind of the town freak.

When her boyfriend’s ex tries to win him back, Baltimore’s emotions get the best of her and she soon realizes her parents’ beliefs aren’t so silly after all–they’re just the beginning. Read More

Sprung Book 2:

Sprung focuses on seventeen-year-old Skye Jackson who, unlike Baltimore, is fully aware of her abilities and heavily involved in magic. She casts spells on a regular basis and constantly uses her magical abilities to make life easier. But when Skye plays hero to best friend, Claire, she finds out that the powers she possesses carry serious consequences.