Haunted New Orleans French Quarter – Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre

Listen to narrative:

Founded in 1922, Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre, which translates to The Small Theater of the French Quarter. It is one of the newest establishments on our tour with consistent hauntings that revolve around the theater.

This is Especially noteworthy because the theater has the title of the Most Haunted Theater in the World. Freaky right?

The original structure dates back to 1789, but like most buildings in the Quarter, was destroyed in the Great Fire. It was rebuilt in 1797 in the Spanish Coloniol style that you see today. The building has been used as a barracks and as the home of General Benjamin Butler, but fell into disrepair when the depression era hit. In 1922 it was purchased by the Drawing Room Players and became what it is today.

Some of the hauntings that are reported come from it’s days as a barracks for Union soldiers. Soldiers have been seen in the hallway, one is reported to “primp” in front of a non-existent mirror, straightening his uniform, putting on his gloves, then disappearing.

A nun supposedly terrified the cast of La Petit’s comedy show, SATURDAY NIGHT CATECHISM, because she was mistaken for one of the cast members who plays a nun on stage. The nun has been reported to slap cast members and support staff and one secretary had a huge red mark on her back from the “nun attack.”

An actress is also reported to still haunt the place, she was alleged to have been participating in a very energetic sexy-time session with either the director or a maintenance man, both stories have been reported, in the balcony area of the theater, when she fell to her death. The stories also are conflicting on whether she was totally nude, or dressed for her performance in a wedding dress. NOLA.com reports that her name was Caroline and when cast members ask Caroline to help them find a prop, she will lay the prop out in the aisle. She has been sighted in her wedding gown and also in the cat walks above the stage.

Visit the theater at night alone and you might hear the unmistakable sounds of the piano, you’ll never locate it’s source though. Could the piano music be from piano virtuoso Louis Moreau Gottschalk? One of the theaters most famous performers.

The apparitions don’t stop there, the theater is also haunted by a ghostly spectator, a Gentleman ghosts that is well-dressed and sits in the same seat night after night watching the performances. The smell of pipe tobacco announces his presence and he has been known to applaud performances or hiss and some members of the cast view his opinion as a herald of how the show will be received. They call him the Captain and it is believed he once loved an actress that regularly performed at the theater.

All of these ghosts are seemingly harmless, but the theater wouldn’t be considered one of the most haunted theaters in the world if they didn’t have some scary stuff occurring also. One of the more “hands-on” apparitions that haunt the New Orleans’ theater is that of an ex-theater manager who was killed at the theater. Shot in the head in the lounge, no less. He watches employees constantly, slams open doors, stands behind employees while they use the computers and has been known to steal things and throw things around.