The LaLaurie Mansion

One of the most haunted house in the United States.

1140 Royal St

Tour Narrative:

This is the LaLaurie Mansion. One of the most haunted houses int the New Orleans area. This house was built for Madame and Monsiour LaLaurie in 1832, Monsieur Lalaurie was a doctor and his wife a socialite. They were well known throughout New Orleans society and known to host very lavish parties.

Two years after the house was built in 1834, during one of these  lavish parties a huge fire started in the kitchen, which at the time was separate from the house. The guests were evacuated from the house and they sent for the Fire Brigade. Reports indicate that the party continued as the Fire Brigade put out the fire, just across the street which is now called Gov. Nichols.

When the fire brigade entered the kitchen they were horrified to find that a slave was chained to the stove and she was the one to set the fire. When they freed her from stove, she told them that she wanted to die so she’ll never end up on the 3rd floor. The fire brigade managed to get from the woman that there were more slaves on the 3rd floor and they went to the floor which they found locked and barred. The fire brigade had to break down the door and what they found had them running from room and vomiting.

They found a room of horrors. The newspaper article that recounted the LaLaurie’s evilness stated that one of her victims had skin removed in circular patterns and her arms amputated so she resembled a caterpillar, another had their joints broken down so they could be shoved in a small box that couldn’t even accommodate a large dog. It was truly horrific and made a great splash in the New Orleans media.

The Madame and her husband knew they were busted when the room was discovered, this wasn’t their first time getting in trouble for their treatment of their slaves, so they packed up quickly, abandoned their children, 6 and 9 at the time and fled in a carriage as the party was now morphing into a mob as they witnessed the horrors and were set to lynch the sadistic couple. No one knows what happened to Delphine and her husband. Rumors are that they were reunited with their children once they settled across Lake Pontchatrain, other reports put them back in France.

For weeks after the fire, screams were heard coming from the house, strange demonic language and the moans of the dead. Residents wouldn’t walk on the same side as the LaLaurie mansion.

It sat empty for 40 years.

Until a developer came along and turned it into apartments.  They had quite a bit of work to do to the house, so they began ripping it a part. Tearing up the floors. Underneath the floors they found 15 skeletons. It is assumed that to punish her slaves, Delphine would put them in the floors and they were actually alive and forgotten, which would account for the screams and “demonic” curses being heard in the weeks after the fire. The slaves were speaking their native African tongue and crying out for help as they starved in the floors of the home.

Now about those hauntings. The home has been through a ton of owners and all have reported being hit or choked, especially near the “room” where all the slaves were kept. It is reported this room was turned into a bathroom, but it is unknown if this is true.

A little slave girl has been seen running around the balcony and jumping off as if she’s being chased.

Tour guides have reported being chased away from the home.

The home later was turned into a furniture store and shortly after the business opened the shop owner entered in the morning to find all his furniture ruined, everything was covered in urine, feces and blood. The shop owner suspected vandals and quickly had the mess cleaned up and new stock ordered. Shortly after the new stock arrived again the owner entered the store to find his inventory covered in excrement. He wouldn’t let the vandals get away with it a third time, so he waited all night with a shotgun. In the morning he found the same thing, urine, feces and blood. No one had entered the building. He found a new location quickly after that night.

Later someone tried to open a bar and called int The Haunted Saloon but no one really wanted to go into the place and it shut down.

The home has been owned by Nicolas Cage and his purchase was what cemented the stories of the home being cursed by anyone that owned it, because it just reeks bad luck on it’s owners. After purchasing the home Cage’s career quickly tanked and the bank even reposed the home. It sat empty for a few years,  until it was purchased by a private owner who keeps their name off the public record.