What freaked your geek today?

Can I tell you I nearly lost my mind yesterday when talking to a customer service rep? I should probably give you the back story that I worked the phones as a CSR for about two years (ages ago), so I take good customer service seriously. I’ve been that rep that had to deal with angry, upset, confused people on the other end of the line. I get the struggle.

So back to my story. I recently ordered a new range for a property we own. I ordered it online from a major home improvement store. When I submitted this order, the site stated I would have free delivery and hookup. However, when the range was delivered they did not hook it up which leaves me with a tenant who can’t cook food. Not good. The delivery man told the tenant that they don’t hook up gas ranges. Apparently, this is the issue. It’s a gas range. They needed an extra $200 to hook it up. Ain’t that some sh*%?

I promptly called the company when I found out and explained that their website stated free hookup. I explained that it was a bait and switch to charge me for the hook up. She went into a song and dance about a certified technician being required. I told her that did negate the fact that their website stated free hookup. It didn’t warn me I would have an additional charge because it was a gas range. Her response to me was, “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

That’s when I lost it. My response to her did not have anything to do with feelings. She was totally ignoring my (logical) points while reducing me down to some moody, crazy person. That’s when she offered up a manager. Another CSR blunder in my book. So, I talked to the manager.

He stated that I was correct about the website not clarifying the issue, and that they have informed corporate of the issue. (I was not the first to challenge the wording). He gave me a sizable credit back on the range, and I’m just going have my management company handle the installation.

So why am I writing about this? I’m wondering if I over reacted? What do you think about the rebuttal, “I’m sorry you feel that way?” I personally think all CSRs should remove it from their repertoire. But maybe I’m crazy?