Eros, My Love

We are looking for a few good bloggers to review April Bostic’s EROS, MY LOVE, a paranormal romance from Cobblestone Press.

Target Date for Reviews is the 3rd through 15th of June
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Eros, My Love Review Tour

Eros, My LoveGabrielle Foster never thought she would fall in love with a mythological character. After reading the pages of a mysterious blog, she finds herself enamored yet sympathetic toward a young man claiming to be the Greek god Eros. The journal paints him as a tragic and lonely god with a selfless heart that yearns for companionship. But the anonymous blogger is a clinically insane woman, so Eros couldn’t really exist…could he? While working the night shift at a local city diner, a secret admirer reveals his true identity and Gabrielle realizes he may be the key to her own heartache.

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