No True Echo by Gareth P. Jones

A quickie DNF review of a book I thought would be intriguing and different, but didn't quite do it for me. The book fell flat and didn't grab my attention from the very beginning. The synopsis had more of a pull than the first few pages. Unfortunately, I never got attached to any of the characters enough to pull me along in the story, which led to me not worrying much about the world around them. I liked the idea behind the book and its basic foundation, but the author really lost me on a lot of the details. They didn't quite come together well. The puzzle piece didn't quite fit. If the characters would have shined it would have worked, but what ended up happening was that I started to dislike the characters and found them more annoying than "quirky." Which I think was the intention, they were supposed to be quirky and very British - but the combination led to me feeling disjointed and unable to "get" the gist of the book. There was all this hinting and alluding to something you already knew, the fact that there was time-travel - but the author never quite got there with me and by the time I gave up - I had just had enough. Good try, great idea, the implementation just didn't quite work.

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