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Smashwords vs. Draft2Digital Break-Down for Indie Authors

The hardest part of Indie Authorship..or at least one of the hardest parts is the publishing process. Formatting, set-up, publishing can be such a headache – and my biggest issues have always been when trying to publish through programs like Smashwords. When I mentioned this to other authors, they either nodded in commiseration, or they quickly responded with: “Try Draft2Digital, I love it.” This led me to research and this is what I came up with. I hope it helps you make the decision. I am currently moving over to Draft2Digital.

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Show Your Readers Some Love – Blogging Tutorial

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is the day to show the love, and not just to your significant other. You can also show your readers some love. What better day to appreciate your readership, than Valentine’s Day? Spread the love and let them know you appreciate them…here are my suggestions for a bit of blog reader love.

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HOLY SH!T! My site has been hacked, what do I do?

If you run a Wordpress site, chances are, there are people, bots, assholes– out there trying to hack your site. The first step is preventative, but even the most diligent user might be hacked.  This is the down and dirty basics on what to do when your site gets hacked. This isn’t geared for advanced users, this is geared for the average user.

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How to Check if Your WordPress Site Has Been Hacked

This past week was a hot mess. Slow load time, weird quirky issues with plugins and then finally the site went down and became nothing but symbols in the middle of the night. The site was hacked, even though I had the Bulletproof Security plugin installed, even though I pay for extra protection from my host, even though I have scanner plugins working daily. The site was STILL hacked.

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My Love Affair With Vellum – Create The Perfect eBooks

Since publishing my first book I’ve been looking for a better way to format and publish. I’ve downloaded a lot of software, I’ve battled with KindleGen, I’ve uploaded books and encountered kickback after kickback because of formatting issues. When I decided to self-publish I knew there would be issues, but I thought formatting would not be one of them. I’m a graphic designer. I can typeset. That’s what I did as an intern. Easy-peasy. But, then I did it. Or tried to do it. And I realized each online retailer has different rules and regulations. And I broke every single one.

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Bug-Out Bag Essentials – What Your Character Needs to Survive the Apocalypse

Bug-Out Bag Essentials – What Your Character Needs to Survive the Apocalypse

Have you heard the term before? Bug-out bag? It’s a key term in survivalist lingo. I’ve had a bug-out bag for years and didn’t know what it was called. Everyone in New Orleans should have one, at least during hurricane season. It’s the bag/box/kit that you grab and go if you have to get the hell out of dodge quickly. The term, survivalists use is the verb, bug-out. Leave your residence and go on the move. The bug-out bag is what you will bring with you. When an apocalypse hits, you either bug-in, stay and survive in place, or bug-out, leave and go on the move to find a better place to survive.

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Tutorial Tuesday: Writing the Apocalypse

Writing the Apocalypse

Writing is hard. Writing about the apocalypse can be an even more daunting of a task. But, a good apocalypse novel can be very rewarding – and strike a chord with readers. They love it. People have been writing about the apocalypse for decades, movies have been made, television shows…all because it’s so popular. People love fantasizing about the end of the world. A good portion of the U.S. population think the world will end in their lifetime.

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