Blog Post Proofing Checklist

Blog Post Proofing Checklist



Proof Your Post Checklist




  • Walk Away – After you write your post, take a break and come back to proof your work.
  • READ ALOUD – Stop staring at your text and read it aloud. The more senses you use the more abilities you have to catch mistakes.
  • CHECK FOR TYPO MISTAKES – Double words like the the and teh instead of the. Double spaces and odd indents, wrong punctuation are common typos when speedy fingers go too fast.
  • COMMA, COMMA – Too many commas are not a good thing. Replace your comma with a period and see if that works better.
  • STUMBLE STOPS – Did you have to reread that sentence? Chances are it is worded awkwardly. Try giving it a rewrite.
  • WRONG WORDS – Do you have an an when you need an and? Spell check doesn’t fix that. Check your There,Their and They’re your Right and Writes.
  • PREPOSITIONS – Fast typing can lead to common errors, one of which is forgetting prepositions or placing them in the sentence incorrectly. Where is she going to? Should be replaced with: Where is she going?

Proof Your Blog Post



  • LINK CHECK – Check your links, do they work? Do they open in a new window?
  • INTERNAL LINKING – Link one of your older posts to this post.
  • HEADLINE – Check your headline, any issues? Add a keyword if relevant.
  • PERMALINK – Don’t use the default permalink. Change it, insert a keyword, shorten it.
  • IMAGES – Do you have rights to your images? Did you properly credit them?
  • SEO IMAGES – Rename images to the keyword for your post. ALT TAGS – Do your images have ALT tags?
  • PREVIEW – Always preview your post in your browser.
  • TAG – Is your post tagged and categorized correctly?

Don’t let your bad grammar hang out.

Common misused words:

YOUR – Shows possession
YOU’RE – Contraction of You Are

AFFECT – Shows Change
EFFECT – Shows Results

ACCEPT – Receiving
EXCEPT  Excluding

FEWER – Are you counting?
LESS – Not counting?

THERE – No possession
THEIR – Possession
THEY’RE – Contraction of They Are

THAN – Comparing words
THEN – Tells time

WHOM – Him or Her
WHO – He or She

Blog Post Checklist Infographic


How To Cause Your Own Personal BlogApocalypse

How To Cause Your Own Personal BlogApocalypse

How to Cause Your Own Personal BLOGapocalypse

1. Your Password is….

  • 12345
  • password
  • 12345!
  • master
  • your first name

Ever have your twitter account hacked? Do you know what they do? They DM every one of the people that you follow with a hack URL. Guess what those people will do? Unfollow you. Ever have your blog hacked? They insert spam, or porn code into your blog and when people go to your site it shows a “spam error” or it reroutes to a porn site. Wake-up and use a strong password. You think I’m kidding? The majority of people just don’t “get” it – or believe it won’t happen to them. You want to know what the most common passwords on the internet are? Check the list.

2. Copy & Paste…

Just because God erm…Larry Tesler created copy and paste does not grant you the right to implement it. Especially when it comes to content for your blog. You want to cause your own personal blogapocalypse… copy and paste someone else’s content. This is called plagiarism. It usually doesn’t end well.

3. Stick Your Hand Out…

The big thing to do today is to crowdfund endeavors and ask for donations for tragedy and personal empowerment. This sounds well and good in the grand scheme of things, but if you stick that hand out you better have a damn good reason. Want to watch your blog go the way of the dinosaurs? Ask for donations when you DON’T need them, or try and crowdfund something controversial or just straight up dumb. The logical libertarian in me says, “if someone wants to give them money, that is their deal, who am I to put an end to it?” But,  it doesn’t put an end to Internet Scorn… everyone enjoys a good black-listing.

4. I know it’s been awhile…

Dated 1 month ago. Hey, you aren’t blogging. If you want to get back into it – you better make sure you are ready.

5. Take Money and forget to deliver…

We all know life gets in the way sometimes, but to take money from people and then not deliver what you promised is a good way to get a PSA. A very nasty PSA. It has happened in almost every niche of the internet and no matter what YOUR EXCUSE is, by taking someone’s money – and failing to do as promised, will make you look like an Asshole. Before you put up your paypal buy link, or offer to do a service, like a Blog Tour, Author Marketing, or just selling advertising – make sure you can do it. Common sense right? Not really, as a designer do you know how many clients have come to me after they’ve paid other designers or “transfer assistants”? A lot of them never got their money back from those people, but still never received what they were promised. No matter how nice of a person you think you are, or how much family drama prevented you on delivering to the client – you took money and you failed to deliver. This is a big deal and clients will get upset. Sometimes they just go away and cry in their ice-cream. Sometimes they write scathing blog posts and when you Google your name — well shit happens.

6. Do Not Research Installs

Great new plugin offered just for your niche blogger group? You might want to do some research on the plugin to see if it has good reviews and works with your software. Installed a bad plugin can lead to your blog being hacked, or actually breaking your blog so it isn’t showing at all…do your homework before you install anything on your site.

7. Drama Llamas

Attention is addictive. It is very addictive, especially to us bloggers. Drama brings pageviews. Drama brings social network conversations. Tweets that are retweeted, favorited and discussed. Drama brings your blog mentioned on BIG sites…drama can be awesome. One little taste and suddenly you can crave more drama. This may lead you to making up drama, or stir up your own drama. A few years ago there was one blogger that claimed she was plagiarized three or four times by start-up bloggers, which drove those bloggers into oblivion and stirred up support for the “victim” blogger. I believe the first account of plagiarism was the real one…two others, when contacted, claimed that they were actually the one plagiarized. The blogger had back-dated posts…and rewritten the original reviews to not be “exact copies” and then called foul over a few sentences. The actual victim bloggers were so new that they had very little to stand-on and the blogger got away with it…but it put a very bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. This is just one example in our own niche – but in other blog communities drama has even led to jail time, as bloggers have chased attention in really crazy and hurtful ways. Crazy knows no bounds.

8. Lie

This might go under the drama llama bug, but it can get even bigger. Bloggers like to stay anonymous and sometimes they believe that their online identity can have a life of it’s own. Why not? We exaggerate the truth on online dating sites, we “show-off” via Facebook – why not bend the truth a little bit on our blogger profile? But those lies might take on a life of it’s own. Never thought that claiming you have an Masters in English or that you work for a small publisher would come back to haunt you? It may not, but the bigger your blog gets, the more scrutiny you come under – and when your lie gets found out, it can lead to no one trusting you. Lies don’t have to be about yourself either, they can be about books you enjoyed, “faking” a review is a really big one. Bloggers have been caught charging for fake five star reviews and just writing a fake review in time for a blog tour that they agreed upon. Not good.


Good luck and avoid your own persona blogapocalypse!

The Best Free Blogging Tools #BB101

The Best Free Blogging Tools #BB101

Google Apps

Free Software for Bloggers
For free tools, Google is your Go-To of awesome. Some of the best online tools can be found within their pantheon of online gizmos and software. The main software programs that are best utilized for blogging are Blogger and Google Docs. I wouldn’t recommend using Google for information that needs to be confidential or kept safe, but they are great tools to use if you are looking for very cost-effective alternatives to the more expensive pro versions. Blogger is a great free blogging platform. Google docs are great for sharing information, setting up forms and spreadsheets and collecting and posting information over the internet. Other great tools they offer include Feedburner, Gmail and Google Analytics for SEO.




Jealous of all the fancy graphics and images that you see all over the blogsphere? You don’t need Photoshop, all you need is PicMonkey and you can make your own header, or image collage. It’s a great tool and it’s free. They offer a premium version but I don’t think it’s worth it since it’s a monthly fee.



Canva Free Blogging Tool
A free site with templates to create Facebook covers, text graphics and much more. They charge you $1.00 for stock images, but if you just want typography – it’s all free.





If your feed is under 2000 subscribers, MailChimp is a great tool. It’s very affordable and you can send out monthly newsletters. But, if your feed goes bigger than 2000 then they begin to charge you and IMOs.



Blogging Free Tools
Ever wanted a place you can just “dump” all your info, pictures, drawings and even voice notes? Evernote is a program that you can sync up via computers, on your iPad and even mobile. The program is even searchable, so dump away and you can search it. Combine it with prorgrams like Stitch for even more fun.



Free Blogging Tools
I don’t know what I did before Dropbox. My life was a lot harder. Save all your files to the cloud and share them easily with collaborators.



Blogging Tools
Why buy Word, Excel and Powerpoint when you can download NeoOffice for free? I’ve used NewOffice for years and while it’s not as pretty and streamlined as the Mircrosoft suite, but it is free and that makes a hell of a difference. You can also export and import Word documents.



Bloggers Must Needed Software
Addicted to this free software. I can line up all my twitter feeds, tweet from multiple accounts and few my timeline, mentions and DMs all in one glance. It has had it’s hiccups, but it beats out any other software. I tried using Hootsuite for awhile, but I like the independent app of Tweetdeck.

Strange Things Book Addicts Do…

Strange Things Book Addicts Do…

I admit it, I’m a book addict. Now stand up with me and admit it…now admit that you do weird things. Really weird things. Maybe you do one of these things…

1. Sniff Books

Book Sniff

2. Build Book Forts

Book Nerds Build Forts

3. Book Hoarding is Brag Worthy


4. Confuse a Fiction Friend for a Real Friend

Harry Potter

5. Get Book Related Injuries, usually from books hitting faces when falling asleep…

Sleeping with a book


and just a few more…

  • Can’t help but judge someone who doesn’t read.
  • Remark that their favorite piece of furniture are the bookshelves.
  • Laugh out loud when thinking about the scene they just read (even though they aren’t reading at the moment).
  • Have five or more books stacked up next to their beds.
  • Have five or more books in the bathroom (don’t judge!)
  • Have five or more books in their car.
  • Have five or more books stashed in key locations…you name it, they are there.
  • Can tell you more about their favorite book characters than they can share about their friends.
  • Would rather read than go to a social function.
  • Have mastered the art of reading while standing in line, in the drive-through, while  working…
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