Blogging Quick Tip: Mobile Site

Blogging Quick Tip: Mobile Site

Have a Functioning Mobile Site, the leader in all things HTML and internet related, states that about 4% of users browse your site using their mobile phone.  Studies also say that this number is even higher on blog sites. What does this say to you? Make-sure your site is mobile friendly! Your site should be is easy to navigate on a mobile device and it should definitely load quickly.

  • In Blogger: Activate your Mobile theme (under template in your settings)
  • In WordPress: Install a mobile plugin like WPTouch or the best if you use a standard theme, is to just active your Jetpack Mobile Theme

Activate a Mobile Theme

Tips to Promote Your Blog Post #BB101

Tips to Promote Your Blog Post #BB101

They key to having people read your blog post is to actually get them to your blog post. You can’t complain about people not reading your book review, if you can’t even get the people to see your book review. What’s the trick? There really isn’t a trick – but here are a few suggestions to help them move a little closer to your words.

  1. Include searchable keywords in your post. If you want people to find your blog if they search contemporary romance, make sure you use that term within your post.
  2. Cross promote your posts, put related links at the bottom of your posts, or direct link them within your content.
  3. Include an eye-catching headline for your post.
  4. Work on your network, join blogging communities and forums that will cross-promote your posts.
  5. Guest blog or contribute on bigger sites than your own, establish yourself as a great content producer with entertainment value and the page views will follow.
  6. Set-up a blog roll, advertising swap or cross-promotion group.
  7. Include your post title or main keyword as the ALT tag on your main image. (Explanation at bottom of post)
  8. Comment on other sites.
  9. Respond to comments on your own site.
  10. Regularly comment on leading blog sites and industry professionals, authors, publishing sites and news sites.
  11. Share your posts on social networks.
  12. Submit your post to StumbleUpon.
  13. Include all parties involved in your tweet, publishers and authors. But only if it is positive.

Interested in an Advertising Swap?

Parajunkee’s View can set up an advertising swap and cross promotional group if anyone is interested. Match bloggers that will make a commitment to cross-promote. We can figure this out together.

Fill Out The Form Now!

ALT tags are the alternative text version of your image. Always include an ALT tag on your image for SEO purposes and users that are not able to “view” your web page in the usual manner.

Image Tutorial for WordPress | Image Tutorial for Blogger


No One Gives a Shit About my Book Reviews

No One Gives a Shit About my Book Reviews

Confession: No on reads my book reviews. Okay, a few people read my book reviews, but nothing compared to the readership and interactions I get on — say this type of post.


And really, this is how all this got started, right? Book reviews. Book Blog. Book stuff! Books. Books. Books. I’m a book blogger. I should review books. They send me books so I can review them on my blog. Will THEY hate me when they read this and find out that no one gives a shit about my book reviews? I hope not.

Looks over shoulder guiltily.

Honestly though, I recommend more books via a quick tweet of “this book was awesome” than I do with a well thought-out and titillating review.  Because no one wants to read a review, unless it has some entertainment value and three paragraphs on the reasons “this book was awesome” <– that is not entertainment. Three paragraphs on why THIS BOOK SUCKED, well that has more entertainment value – hence the reasons my negative reviews are on a 3:1 page view ratio with my positive reviews. What do I have to do? Am I not entertaining? 


All the experts (whoever they hell they are) say the reason no one reads certain post is — you are not offering valuable information — what? I’m telling you the book rocks, is that not valuable? Is my thoughtful digestion of the book not awesome? WHY!? WHY!?

That is my denial phase. Which usually leads to my bitter phase and then my despondent phase.

Should I just give up? Should I sell out? Negative reviews get more attention, should I just read really CRAPPY books and post about them!? What would they think of me? Or better yet, I can start reviewing vitamin supplements (I get a TON of request to review those for some reason) – that would get their attention!

No, really, to be serious here – I have really thought about just saying “screw it” and posting whatever the hell I feel like it, which doesn’t include book reviews. Because, frankly — this just sucks:

No one loves me


…and it makes me want to react like this, to blogging in general:

Who's next?

But, I don’t, cause I’m a professional and I really do like blogging and my other posts get a lot of attention. Just not my book reviews. Maybe that says something about my tastes in books. Or maybe my book review style. Or maybe just my readership.


Are you having similar issues? Please say I’m not the only one!

Sex Sells & Drama Draws Crowds – Dishing Junk

Sex Sells & Drama Draws Crowds – Dishing Junk

Controversial post topics to draw them in, but might kill you a little bit inside as you write them

…a Naughty Girl’s Guide to Blogging


You’re An Idiot If You Do This

You're an Idiot

You know of a popular fad that is making the rounds of your social media crowd? Does it make you want to vomit a little bit, each time you see someone do this? Post about it, make sure to use sentences like “only dumb people would do this” and “past-times of the poor and ignorant” that should keep them coming in. You might get some negative feedback from the poor and ignorant, but secretly everyone will be agreeing with you.

Do Something Naughty

Naughty Blogger

Look, here I am grabbing THREE of these hot ARCs at BEA! Three bitches! Glare in horror and jealousy as I flaunt them on my blog, telling you sweetly that I shall give one to a giveaway winner and the other one to my bestie best blog bestie that shall remain nameless because I haven’t figured out who my bestie is as of yet. It might be you, but probably not.

Take a Tip From a Fashion Blogger

Book Porn

No, don’t steal their content! But, take some tips from one! Those girls sure know how to get pageviews and one of those things they like to do – post pictures of themselves…and sometimes they are like, well they don’t wear a lot of “fashion.” Turn “book porn” into book porn! Hot librarians are the rage, show off what you are really doing in the library’s erotica section… (do they have erotica sections in libraries?? If not, why?!)

Public Service Announcement with a Bite!

Caution: Ignorance Ahead

Nothing gets our motor revving than a good anti-something-or-other piece. Shoot for a really good one, where people can commiserate and put themselves within your embattled shoes. A post where they can take pity on you, moan with you regarding the injustice served and then get motivated to screw that person, place, thing or business over with grand vigor and divine (or undivine depending on your religious background) and righteous indignation. Make sure that your headline is really good too…for example:

Parajunkee Screwed Me Over! How the book blog forced me to read the Fever series and now my world view is completely skewed!

Disagree With A Popular Belief


I just don’t like children” will definitely get you some attention, (especially if you have children) probably not very positive attention, but hey, page views are page views.

True Confessions of a Narcissistic Blogger

Read YA to Get Girls

You don’t have to be narcissistic per-se, but admit it, most of us bloggers have a touch of narcissism, why else would we blog and post and re-post and display proudly our 500 twitter followers? Pride? Same thing. So, confess it. Admit it. Let it all hang out…

Overall, you shouldn’t be afraid to post about controversial topics. My only suggestion, if you go this route, make sure you are passionate about the topic. Your readers will know if you are just “faking it” because it will come across in your writing.

Eight Blogging Myths You Must Overcome! #BB101

Eight Blogging Myths You Must Overcome! #BB101

The internet and social media is full of bad advice. These blogging myths are all about pushing some sort of agenda – whether it is to scare people away from blogging by intimidating, or to sell something to bloggers to “help them overcome.” I’ve succumbed to some of the myths and then quickly discovered that this just isn’t the truth! Here are some of the most common blogging myths that you need to overcome to become a better and more motivated blogger.


1. Blogging = Bank

If you are anything like me, you’ve read one of THOSE articles. An article about a guy, who starts a blog and within a month is getting 100K pageviews a day and making 10K in affiliate cash. Yeah, my bullshit meter always goes through the roof when I read something like that. I can honestly say, I’ve never peeked in the guy’s bank-account, but the doubter of humanity in me yells – “Liar Liar Pants on Fire!” There are blogs that make bank, and they have been around for awhile, building up an audience, gaining trust, blogs like Huffington Post, Mashable and Perez Hilton. Perez Hilton, one of my heroes, because he started his blog on a whim and now earns $3,500K+ daily in advertising sales. Ten years in operation though! Starting a blog does not mean that “one-day” you will make money, if that is your goal it is just like any other business. It takes hard-work, determination and know-how to earn an income. Most blogs, even some of the top 50 earning blogs, usually only earn a couple hundred a month. Not enough to quit your job over. Most “top-earners” in the blogging industry report about $500 a week in extra earnings and their blogging is a full-time job. Granted once you “make-it,” the Mashables, the Lifehackers etc…well then you can laugh me out the water.


2. Blogging is Easy

I declare shenanigans on this statement. I’ve been told “You are a blogger? What? You just write and record a few videos?” when I’ve described myself as a blogger. Most people think that I sit at home, write silly little quips about books and then I’m done. Blogging is not easy, you don’t just quickly create a Blogger blog and viola – you are blogging! If you are serious about your blog, there will be a lot of time spent crafting your blog, a lot of research, networking, coding, even money spent, to get your blog, just right. It is not easy. Nothing in life that is worth anything, is easy. It takes hard work, dedication and a passion for what you blog about. If not…it falls flat and you’ll quickly abandon your blog.


3. Content is EVERYTHING

If you write. They will come. False. Great content is a must, to keep the readers coming back for more, but if you just put it out there, how will readers find it? You can write the most brilliant piece ever conceived by a human being, post it – and not get 1 view. Don’t sacrifice your content, but put your focus into building your network and blogging relationships instead of sitting back and waiting for readers to come to you.


4. Blogging is Dead

The YouTubers love toting this, the MicroBloggers love saying this, social media users love saying this… “You guys are so old-news!” They have been saying this since Facebook and Twitter took off, then they began saying it when mircoblogging came in “fashion” and now with the YouTube community exploding – they are still trying to kill us. Blogging isn’t dead. It won’t die. Still to this day a well written blog post, is one of the best ways to attract attention. There is a reason that the top internet earners are Bloggers, not YouTubers, like Huffington Post and Mashable. Because they deliver quality articles, posts and news, which are shared through social media. And the kicker of the whole situation is that a Blogger owns their content. They own their domain and can control their own content. Sites like YouTube and microblogging platforms like Tumblr are all “free” content sites, which means you have to conform to their Terms of Service. If they find you are in violation of their terms they can pull your content.


5. More is Better

From posting everyday, to a ton of stuff on your sidebars. More is not necessarily better when it comes to blogging. You’ve heard the phrase “Quality over Quantity?” The person that came up with that is kind of smart. Quality is always better then quantity. You don’t have to post everyday if you don’t have anything to say. If you are just going to post something that has no impact, why bother? You want your blog filled with good content or at least something that promotes a certain idea. It should not be just thrown together stuff so you can have every day filled. I’m always turned offed when I visit a blog and it’s only promotional copy that I’ve seen on other blogs. The same mantra also goes for your overall appearance. Music plugins, countdown widgets, promotional widgets that use javascript and ajax – all of it bogs down your blog and has no added value. Does the average reader care that you are counting down the time to XXX book? Nope. If you want – have a page on your blog dedicated to your “Waiting on List” and that can be where you post those countdown widgets. Same goes for any other “non-essential” widgets and posts on your sidebar. If It is not-essential to your blogging environment, eradicate it.


6. High Comments = Popularity

A lot of bloggers get lost in the fact that they need comments to cement their place in the blogging universe. “My post has no comments!” I hear lamented over and over again. You have to understand that most people do not comment. The estimation is 1% of readers comment. And they only comment if they have a reason to comment. This is why it is generally urged for you to embed yourself in a community, comment on other people’s blogs, have reader prompt questions, that sort of thing to promote commenting. These actions do not increase your views on your blog – they just usually increase your comment ratio. If you have become a stand-out blogger within this community, with something worth commenting on, the reader will jump out of their RSS reader, Bloglovin’ dashboard or follow that twitter link — and comment on your blog. Comments are generally subjective to the blogger. Each blogger should have goals and try and meet those goals. If you goal is to have a high comment count, focus on getting people to comment by engaging. If it is to increase pageviews — focus on that. Don’t let a low comment count discourage you.


7. Expensive Blog Design is a Must!

No true. I might be eradicating some of my business, but a blog design should be implemented if you want to convey a certain feel to your readers, not because you need it to “be a better blogger.” There are some great “free” blog designs out there and I would recommend moving over to before I would recommend paying for a blog design on a “free” blogging platform. The cost of moving to is estimated at about $35 – $75 depending on the host you choose. About the same as a fancy new Blogger Template. I understand that some of you want to stay with Blogger because of GFC and more power to you, this is just my recommendation. You don’t see a GFC on my sidebar and I think I’m doing okay. On top of this, I always recommend simplicity, even though I sometimes don’t follow my own rule. You can have a pretty blog, with a nice background that you found from your favorite design site…and get away with only spending a few bucks.

Blogging Myths

8. That Ship has Sailed

If you haven’t started blogging by now, you missed that boat back in 2008. Not true! Readers are ever in search of original voices with new ideas to keep the blogging industry fresh. If you have something to say, something new – start blogging! It is probably easier than ever to start a blog. Resources and tutorials are everywhere, you don’t have to dig very hard to find great posts about how to start a blog, things to use and ways of getting heard. None of this was available just five years ago. Jump in! Welcome to the party.

Have you encountered any blogging myths that you found to be false?

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Bad Arguments Against Negative Reviews

Bad Arguments Against Negative Reviews

Some of the dumbest arguments you can give “against” a bad review.

Authors and readers alike, that share a certain dramatic tendency, feel the need to argue why they like a certain book, especially when faced with a negative review of that revered tome. They often give really bad arguments against negative reviews in particular. They’ll argue their point within comments on the review, or sometimes take it to social media, even email the reviewer and tell them “how they are wrong” concerning their opinion. When the author of the book does this, we tend to get really offended. Slapping them with the dreaded BBA (Badly Behaving Author) label of damnation and doom. But, some of the time, this arguing is done by other readers.

The basic fact of the matter is that when faced with negativity they forget one big shinning truth. Taste is relative. And a review of a book is a matter of taste. Can you argue a child into liking carrots by telling him or her that “they are good for you?”

This isn’t global warming people, you can’t shore up your stance on the matter with facts, figures and political speeches. You either like it or you don’t. Getting all nasty because another blogger disliked your fave book – is just – well idiocy.


Here are some examples of stupid arguments that I’ve received…you know “to talk me into” liking the book.

Your opinion is dumb

  1.  Who are you to even review the book? You are just some, some, Book Blogger, not even a reviewer!!
  2. This book has over 100 5-star reviews on Amazon! Most people like it, there must be something wrong with you.
  3. James Joyce did the same POV shift and writing technique and he is an amazing writer!
  4. The author is amazing! How can you not like amazing?
  5. If you don’t like this book, then you just don’t like the entire genre!
  6. This isn’t even a review, it’s an attack against the author!
  7. We must have read a different book, because everything you said about this book – well, I just didn’t read those things.
  8. It wasn’t satire! It was a comedic expression of romance.
  9. You spelled the main character’s name wrong, if you can’t even get that right, how can we trust anything else?
  10. That is not what the author meant to convey at all! You read the book wrong.
  11. This book was not bad! It was great! And you are just being mean!
  12. The main character was not dumb like you stated, she was very intellectual – as proven by page 5, 92, 54 and 100. How could a dumb character accomplish those tasks?
  13. You liked XXX book, but you didn’t like this one? Obviously you are the one with bad taste.
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