Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015! Let’s set blogging goals.

Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015! Let’s set blogging goals.

As one year comes to a close and another one begins, we as humans like to think we have the chance to start fresh. We set resolutions and goals for the coming year.

Blogging is a big part of our life, so it is natural that we set blog goals for ourself. They don’t have to be monstrous goals, they can be just bitty goals for our bitty or big blogs. It’s up to you and what you feel is necessary to make your blogging life rewarding.

If you are having trouble setting goals for yourself, I’ve created a blogging goal cheat sheet just for you. It goes hand in hand with the 31 Days of Better Blogging which starts tomorrow.

You can do this checklist once a week or once a month, you don’t have to do everything on it, but just looking over it can keep you on track at least part of the ways.

Blogging Goals Checklist


Blogging Quick Tip: Networking

Blogging Quick Tip: Networking

Today’s Blogging Quick Tip is All About Networking

Networking is not just a business buzz word, it is very important in bogging. In fact, it is integral. No one will know you exist unless you let them know about your blog. Connect with other bloggers using social sites like Twitter. Utilize forums that focus on your blogging niche, join in on conversation threads. Look for threads that promote new bloggers. Networking is also done through comments on other blogs, when the situation calls for it, leave a discrete and tasteful link back to your own blog. And finally, don’t forget to reply to the majority of the comments on your blog.

Is there anything that you do to network?

Getting on tsū & making it work for you #bb101

Getting on tsū & making it work for you #bb101

If you are like me a week ago, you are probably asking yourself what is tsū? And, really why do I care?

The world has Twitter, the world has Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, some Hipster Facebook that I forgot the name of, and now it has tsū (pronounced SUE – like tsunami). It’s another social network that is very similar to Facebook – VERY similar. But, the kick, or lure that tsū is using - is a monetary payout – they are sharing their ad revenue with users, 90% of their revenue to be exact.

They are claiming that for every like, share and comment that is made via your page – you earn part of the proceeds.

So, all the friends you add to the site, all the funny pictures you share, all the posts you like, supposedly earn you income.  A few tsū promoters have claimed that they made $100 within the first 40 days of tsū going live. Granted these users are claiming that they were working 10 – 12 hours a day to build a following, which is about a 50 hour work week for a month, all to only get $100 – doesn’t exactly make financial sense, in my mind, but they are saying it can be done, therefor the site is not a scam. I came to these same conclusions, the site seems to be a working social network, with some very good qualities and an easy to use interface.  I have been at my wits end with Facebook, nothing I post is even seen, with 3K+ followers and only 5 people see a post I make – what is that?? I was hoping that there would be an alternative to Facebook one day – and maybe now there is. I wanted to lessen my time on Facebook…

…to try something different, and my current different is tsū


My approach has nothing to do with the money though. NOTHING. You are not going to make any substantial income on tsū. A casual, yet engaged user is averaging about .5¢ to .15¢ a day. That to me is not worth a lot of time and effort. BUT – the fact that there is money to be made, draws other users – entices other users to click, like, share – and I want the to click, like and share my stuff. And they are doing it. A post of Facebook got maybe 1 or 2 likes – I’m averaging about 5 likes on tsū in just 3 days on and 10% of my followers that I have on Facebook. I’m following the more engaged followers – and they currently happen to be on tsū.


Break it down to the basics of what tsū is, with the lure of revenue sharing it is full of marketing people, bloggers, authors and content generators – the kind of people you want seeing your posts.  Your grandmother probably won’t be on tsū, neither will the casual reader, just surfing the socials for cute cat images…so your feed will be full of book promotions, deals, giveaways and other blogger generated content. You can make this work to your advantage. This isn’t a place to meet friends, this is a place to network and meet like-minded bloggers and authors. And they are dying to friend and share your content.


Tsū Tips and tricks >> Go ahead jump on tsū, click here for the invite. 

Now that you are on tsū. Let’s get started.

Once you have signed-up things are pretty easy to navigate. It is very similar to Facebook, you post, you like, you share. Here are a few quick tips on using  tsū:

  1. Take the time to fill out your profile page so people know who you are and don’t think you are a Spam account. You can edit your profile by clicking on your name at the top right of the page and getting the drop down that says profile. Click on edit profile when viewing your profile.
  2. Adding a post is easy on tsū, you can add a title, a picture and description. The title and image is not standard, click on add picture or add title to add these.
  3. You can do many great things when you add a photo. Just click edit (a little black box that pops up when you add picture. You get many options to crop, enhance, adjust and much more.Using TSU
  4. When someone likes or shares your picture, you will be notified. Look next to the search bar in the top toolbar, that little thought bubble will show you your notifications. You will be notified if someone wants to friend you, if they accepted your friend request, if someone liked your post etc. Your notifications max out at about 57 or so (this happened on mine, but others claim they only get up to 30), if you have more, click on the notifications tab on the left sidebar. There you will see all your notifications and now have a new menu on the left sidebar which gives you Friend Requests. tsu tips and tricks
  5. Numbers. You can have 50 Friend Requests out at one time. You can post 36 updates in a 24 hour period. You can share 8 things in 24 hours (this counts as part of your 36 posts). You can only follow 1000 people. You can have up to 5,000 friends. There are up to 10 @ mentions per post and 10 hashtags allowed per post. You can have unlimited followers. I think this is a great change from Facebook, so you don’t have to have a “friends account” and a fan page – when you reach your 5K limit – they can follow you.
  6. For greater promotion -use Hashtags in your posts and get your posts seen more, use popular hashtags and look around and see which ones your “niche” is using the most
  7. The people you invite to tsū are put in your Family Tree, the more you invite and the more quality, original content you share, the more chance you have to actually earn income.
  8. Each update you make you have the choice to post publicly or to just post to your followers or friends.
  9. To get more friends, try finding someone that is within your “group” that has a good group of friends, look at their friends and see if you recognize anyone. Click near their name and Request….
    TSU Tips and tricks
  10. Friend or Follow? If you friend them, you follow them – either choice you will get their posts. A Follow is a one-way connection, you see them, they don’t see you. A friend is a two-way connection, you both see each other’s content. You do not have to click both. Remember this because you can only follow 1000 people.
    Tip – You only have 50 Outstanding Friend Requests – so keep track of those by FOLLOWING & FRIEND REQUESTING. This way, you can go to your Following tab on your profile and see your “Request Sent” list. You can unfollow the ones that have accepted your friendship, since you only have 1000 people you can follow and you will follow them automatically now that they are friends. And you can also see if it has been a long time since you sent the friend request – and cancel it. This maximizes your 50 friend requests and keeps track of who you are following/friending.
  11. Currently the most popular hashtags on the site are: #tsu #tsunami #tsunation you can use these in your post for more attention, or you can check those hashtags for interesting people to follow
  12. Type @ then start typing a user’s name or username to tag them in a post
  13. Your family tree is unique to tsū, your Children are people that you directly recruited to tsū. (If you click on my invite link above and sign-up you will be my Children!! C’mon babies – momma is nice!)  These are the accounts that used your shortlink. You can find your shortlink by clicking on the link INVITE PEOPLE link. Grandchildren are the Children your Children invited to tsū. And then your Great-Grandchildren…the people your Grand Children invited. It’s like a Social Network Triangle Scheme… kind of scary, but interesting. You earn money based on the people you recruit also and their original content that is shared, again like a triangle thingy. You earn your revenue from people in your family tree and those people sharing quality content. So, if you want a quality revenue generating account, recruit quality content providers.tsū
  14. Stay away from users who are trying to exploit the system, since this site does have revenue – there will be sharks. Beware of sharks. Try to avoid the “Follow Me, Follow You” schemes and shares to gain followers. Doing spammy things, like sharing “follow begs” and sending advertisements via direct message will get your account suspended.
  15. If you come across spammers, you can block them. Go to their profile and next to Follow & Add Friend is a button [ … ] click on that button and either block or report. Your choice. If they have spammed you the site is asking you to block and report to keep the network clean.Nel_Belle___tsū

To sum it all up, tsū is a social network for content providers, so you are going to find a ton of stuff for your blog, I wouldn’t recommend it as a friend account, but for us, as bloggers – it might just be a good way to market to other bloggers. I don’t know how long this network will last, since the draw of money brings sharks to the water and no one wants to be spammed constantly. But, at this point in the game, when it is fresh it is a great time to be on it. Your content will be seen and you can meet new bloggers. When it degrades – we can just stop using it. They don’t ask you to put in any confidential information. I will not add a bank account and I do not recommend anyone do that. Use it to promote your blog, and earn a $1, maybe. But, as a blogger, I do recommend joining, if not for a little bit more promotion…and why don’t you join me…you can be my children and I can spoil you like any awesome parent…

tsū Invite >>

Join me on tsū

The Worst Blogging Advice People Have Given Me #BB101

The Worst Blogging Advice People Have Given Me #BB101

Seven of the stupidest advice I’ve been given in regards to blogging.

One. Publish frequently or risk your readers losing interest.

No one cares that you forgot to post on Wednesday, they only care that the stuff you publish is good.

Two. Blog and the readers will follow.

I would still be waiting for followers if I followed that mantra – it’s like “if you build it, they will come.” And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. Just because you have something to say doesn’t mean people will listen.

Three. You should blog about popular things.

I got this one when I discussed blogging books, it was suggested by other bloggers that I pick more “popular” topics. Sure, I don’t bring in the page views that the fashion bloggers bring in – but who cares!? I don’t have a passion for fashion. Sure, I could fake it – but wouldn’t people see that? Blog about where your passion lies.

Four. Blogging is Dead. Get on

Have you been on lately? It’s like a chaotic stew of oddballs, mean comments and pedophiles. That really isn’t the place I want to be. Plus I don’t have that vlogger voice…I’m sorry, blogging is not dead, why should I vlog about the written word?? There is nothing wrong with YouTubers, just like there is nothing wrong with bloggers.

Five. Don’t Engage with Negativity!

There are trolls and then there are people that might be negative, but there might be truth in their negativity. Those people might ruin your day, but learning from their comments could really pay off. If you get a negative comment, reply, ask them to maybe expand on their comment. If they get ugly, ignore it, but if it is just a difference of opinion you might get a really good conversation started.

Six. If your content is great, the design doesn’t matter.

Your site should load quickly, it should not have a terrible design and it should have a welcome design. End of story. Content will not be read if your design scares off the readers.

Seven. You can’t blog that! A Teen might read it.

I fell for this one. I fell for it hard. Mainly because I knew there were teens that were reading my blog. There were like three of them. I made sure all my content was PG or PG13, even though, most of the books I read were PG13 and above. My blog is for adults, adults who read YA and Romance and everything I can think of, if a teen reads my blog, they are probably going to be a mature teen. I’m not a YA blogger and I don’t want to pretend to be. Write the way you want to, if you don’t want to censor, if you have a potty mouth – go for it.

Dishing Junk After Hours – The Ten Worst Dick Synonyms Found in Romance Novels

Dishing Junk After Hours – The Ten Worst Dick Synonyms Found in Romance Novels

Dishing Junk – The act of dispensing ideas of little value in a casual or silly manner.

The Ten Worst Dick Synonyms Found in Romance Novels

Dick Synonymns


1.  Rigid Meat Sword

Dagger, Spear, Knife, Sword – a weapon by any other name is meant to maim and pierce, that should not be near any type of fragile girl parts. Especially when paired with rigid and meat.

2. Peter the Impaler

Peter, wiener, Pee-pee (don’t laugh I’ve read it), no one wants to hear a cute little boy’s term for a dick during a sexy scene, especially when paired with an act of execution, like impaling.

3. The Baby Maker

Any term that refers to the creation of life, I understand that is what it does, but no.

4. Dong

What about Ding? And I am not twelve!!!!!

5. Love Injector / Love Muscle

Anything that beings with Love, Meat, Stick, Stalk – no no no no.

Love Muscle

6. Moisture Missile

Again, the girl bits are not a target and the male parts are not the weapon. Ouch!!!!

7. Distended Shaft

Turgid, Straining and Rigid – let us pick a name out of the thesaurus for hard. That just sounds painful.

8. Pulsating Manhood

I have never seen a penis pulsate. I’ll admit it.

9. Meat Popsicle

I think I gagged when I read the Fifty Shades of Grey part where she describes a Grey Flavored Popsicle or some such nonsense. Meat, penis and popsicle is just glurgh!!!

10. Throbbing Member

Is there a club? Do I need a card? Why is it called a member?


What are the silliest or worst names that you have read describing male genitalia?

Blogging Quick Tip: Discover a Problem. Fix it. Write about it.

Blogging Quick Tip: Discover a Problem. Fix it. Write about it.

Discover a Problem. Fix it. Write about it.

Have you made a discovery lately? Have you learned how to do something in blogging, reached a milestone, or accomplished a rigorous task?

Share it!

Your readers might want to know how you accomplished it. They might be struggling to do the exact same thing. Make it easy for them. Sure, it wasn’t easy for you – that is why you have the bragging rights. they will love you for it.

Blogging Quick Tip

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