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Dishing Junk: WTF Christmas

Are you inundated by Holiday cheer? Drowning under eggnog? Feeling the materialistic burn of mass amounts of consumerism? Well, have no fear, I have more fun Christmas happiness for you. Welcome to the WTF Christmas post…hopefully it will get you back in the Holiday mood.

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Make Facebook Work for You!

The tides have changed…have you noticed it? Have you noticed that all those link clicks you were getting from twitter are dwindling and link clicks from Facebook are shooting up? Just two years ago I would have swore that Facebook was a useless promotional tool. No matter how much I posted, no matter “active” I was on Facebook, I would only get just a few clicks. With over 3K likes on my fan page – my posts would be seen by 13 people.

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Cover Junk – Pirate Edition

Ahoy thar matey! Today Parajunkee’s View has a special treat fer ye land lubbers. We’re doin’ some cover snark – all centered around a band ‘o scurvy pirates. Yep, ye heard me right – thar was enough bad cover design in th’ pirate genre to make a post ‘bout it! Aargh!

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