Stomp vs. Romp Begins!

Stomp vs. Romp Begins!


Parajunkee’s View will be Joining The Book Nympho as she brings back for the FOURTH year – STOMP vs. ROMP. Give it up for TEAM ROMP!!!

Parajunkee’s View will be hosting TEAM ROMP and The Book Nympho will be hosting TEAM STOMP.

 Stomp vs. Romp - Urban Fantasy vs. Romance


The theme is sexy scenes vs action scenes in fiction. The Book Nympho is on TEAM STOMP (Urban Fantasy) and Parajunkee is TEAM ROMP (Romance – paranormal, romantic suspense or other romance genres).
We have a full month planned, every MondayWednesday and Friday in August authors from both teams will have quest posts, excerpts and giveaways. You can check out past Stomp vs Romp posts from 201420132012 while you wait for Stomp vs Romp 2015 to start on Monday, August 3rd.

We Hope You Enjoy This Year’s Stomp Vs Romp Line-Up:

Date Team Stomp Team Romp
August 03 Jennifer Estep Paige Tyler
August 05 Sandy Williams Jayne Castle
August 07 Chloe Neill M.L. Buchman
August 10 Jeffe Kennedy Kate Baxter
August 12 Amanda Bonilla Kaylie Newell
August 14 Elliott James Eve Langlais
August 17 Wendy Sparrow Zoey Derrick
August 19 E.J. Stevens Anne Calhoun
August 21  ML Brennan  Angel Payne, Victoria Blue
August 24  Kristi Charish Elizabeth Hunter
August 26  Marshall Ryan Maresca Kate Allure
August 28 Sierra Dean Terry Spear



Stomp & Romp Titles Being Featured:

Spider's Trap Wolf Trouble Shades of Treason 0515155748-186x300 The Veil
The Talon of the Hawk Fearless Hunter of Her Heart
18459755 23590296
Owl and the City of Angels A Murder of Mages EVENING-STORM-250x405 Thunder Road
Shadows at Midnight
How to #Fail At Blogging The Five Step Guide

How to #Fail At Blogging The Five Step Guide

Fail at Blogging

Book Blogging 101

A Snark Tutorial From The PJV

More #BB101 PostsMore Blogging Tips

There are many ways to fail at blogging. From being inactive to acting morally corrupt. Here are a few quick steps to fail and fail quickly.

Blogging Tutorial

I’m a Blogger. They should be dying to get featured on my blog! Just sit back and expect them to fall all over you, wait for it. Are you waiting?

I was at this blogging conference and a chick walked up to me. She knew who I was because I had just done a panel. I had no clue who she was. Not being narcissistic or anything, but she introduced herself as {changed to protect the innocent} as Mary from Mary Reads and I had never heard of her blog. But, she launched into this big, long list of complaints about how she can only get ARCs when she PAYS for these conferences because publishers won’t just send her any. She’s been blogging for six months and she should be getting a ton of books in by now. And no one knows who she is, even though she’s been blogging for six months and comments ALL THE TIME. So she actually had to PAY a lot of money to come to a book conference to get ARCs. The injustice. Poor Mary. She closed up her blog a few months later. Or really, she posted her last post a few months after that and then stopped. She might come back.

It’s On the Internet, it’s fair game. Anything that is posted on the internet is fair game for some bloggers. Whether that is a picture or an IDEA, they posted it out there, IT’S NOW MINE! Who gives to craps that Jilly the Yogalicious Reader started a Yoga For Readers feature, you like what she did and you can YOGA like a boss. Might as well put up your own feature. It’s just an idea you can’t copyright an idea. And that image you used for the banner, you couldn’t track down the owner of the image. Mine. Mine. Mine. Go for it. Who’s gonna know?

I’ve seen blog headers with the SHUTTERSTOCK watermark on it, Facebook ads with the watermark lines all over it – AND EVEN a book cover that still had the watermark on it. Obviously image theft is a common thing. But, idea and content theft is also very prevalent and it can #FAIL your blog in two seconds flat. Or a slow bleed over a year if you are a big bloated blog…

Blogging Tutorial
Blogging Tutorial

I’m a Blogger. Not a writer. My grammar sucks ass. My spelling is atrocious. I punctuate everything with multiple exclamation points because I’m perpetually excited!!!!! Don’t judge me, I never claimed to be a good writer. Just because I’m writing to people that like to READ doesn’t mean they’ll judge my inability to organize a proper sentence. Who would do that???!! 

Me, I would do that. I don’t care if you are not a writer, you’ve chose to write. That is what a blogger does, they write. If you are having trouble with your grammar or spelling, run your posts through Grammarly. Anything. Here and there is one thing, we don’t expect your posts to be edited and proofread by outside sources. It’s just you and self-editing is hard. But, at least look like you tried.

I Don’t Need A Schedule. I’ll just post whenever I feel like it or when I have content. People will know I have a life and understand. Right?

No, they won’t understand. They might if they like you personally, but if they are just a reader-they won’t blame you for having a life, they’ll just forget about you. Poof. You’re gone out of the memory. Consistency is the key, if readers come to rely on a certain type of post from you, you’ll form committed and loyal readers.

Blogging Tutorial
Blogging Tutorial

Imma gonna post whatever I want, it’s my style, it’s my blog. You just gonna have to deal with it! Ooh I can embed my latest thrash metal video right in the sidebar!!!!

Well, sure it’s your style, but damn it HURTS to even be on your page. I can’t take that auto-play music. That repeating pattern you have as a background image hurts my eyes. I can’t read your text because you’ve used a script font for the body text and you have so much crap in your sidebars I don’t know what is what. This might be your style, but it isn’t mine and frankly, it isn’t 99.9% of readers. You are a special snowflake. Congrats. Your special snowflakeness will not  attract readers. Show off your style, but do so with moderation if you have an “Out There” style.

Cut through the snark…what blogging mistakes do you think you’ve made?

Dishing Romance: Bored After Hook-Up

Dishing Romance: Bored After Hook-Up

They’ve Hooked Up. Now What?

You are reading a romance. The angst is heavy in this one…you are 2/3rds into the book. They finally hook up…well from here on out, it’s downhill.

When reading a romance I quickly lose interest after the characters declare their love…unless something else very compelling is going on in the story. Readers like me are the reason writer’s invented love triangles…

It is why I can’t follow a “single couple” romance series. Even Cat & Bones got boring after a few books.


You fall in love, and then what happens? You have fights about money, if you want kids…who forgot to replace the toilet paper roll.

One of my favorite parts in a story is the anxiety and build up of the falling in love. The interaction between the two characters and the subsequent flirting or fighting makes the read. If it is a romance centered book. I love reading about how a couple becomes a couple. Yet, if this is one of the only driving factors of the book, basically if the book is a Romance only, I quickly lose interest the moment the couple fall into bed and declare their undying love for each other…so it better be REALLY good to keep me going.

Am I a fickle reader? Am I a Slam- Bam-Thank- You-Ma’am-Type of girl? Get it on and get it over? I just might be. I’m assuming that because of this, my real love is the anxiety between the couple…that tingle of like attracts like that a good writer can depict in the character interactions. And once those two magnets are securely in place…the anxiety fizzles because a connection is sealed. No more fizzles. No more reason to read. Why should I continue in a series if the couple is already together? Unless there is some really DRIVING plot that would keep me reading…something that trumps the romance…then I’m out, I’m done.

DO YOU FEEL THE SAME ABOUT ROMANCE NOVELS OR ROMANCE IN NOVELS? Or can you read about the same couple over and over again in these new contemporary romance series that keep going and going?

Handling Bad Reviews & Informing the Author

Handling Bad Reviews & Informing the Author

Most authors do not like to have their nose’s rubbed in a bad review. Some authors tolerate it, some authors despise it. Other’s have bad reactions and call the wrath of God to smite you. But, what if the author asked you to send them the link?

Option 1: You ignore that request, post the review and hope they don’t see it.

Option 2: You send the link and include a :( at the end of it.

Basically, I’ve heard it broken down as how rude do you want to be? But, in my opinion it is not rude. The author requested an honest review and you delivered. The bad review is your honest opinion. You upheld your part of the bargain, how can that be depicted as rude?

But, unfortunately, it is often misconstrued as this. You email the link, the author replies back with an argument over your review. Say for instance you didn’t like the constant switch of POVs between the characters and you write this in your review. The author replies with something on the lines of, “the 3rd person omnipotent POV is considered one of the most intelligent ways to write and it is often disliked by novice readers. Authors like James Joyce employed this in their writing and it was well-received. This says something about the reader.”

James Joyce

Nice, right? I’ve gotten this response. Not exactly that, it was actually a little more rude. I wanted to respond back with, “you wish your ass was James Joyce, you can barely form a complete sentence much less employ a tough POV.” But, I took the high road, don’t engage with the crazy.

So, how do you battle this? How do you avoid conflict?

Many reviewers won’t even write bad reviews. The “everything I read is AWESOME approach!” Basically, if they don’t like the book, they don’t write about it. This is their choice as a blogger and a reviewer. I put this firmly in the “cop-out” category, but that is my opinion. This style of reviewing is actually becoming more popular too as many bloggers become more reliant on BLOG TOUR companies to supply them with their ARCs. Most Blog Tour organizers are requesting that reviews under 3 stars shouldn’t be posted during the tour. As an organizer of a few tours myself, I understand this request, but I feel it oversteps. I have requested that bloggers if posting a negative review, refrain from using bad language or insults. A girl can only hope.

But, the great things about Blog Tours and reviews, there is a middleman. Most of the time you aren’t emailing the author directly if you tell them you are not enjoying the book or will have a negative review to post. Blog Tour organizers will not email you back with a diatribe about their channeling James Joyce.

Is that the third option then? To eradicate the author, accepting only books from middlemen? Publicists, blog tour organizers and Author Assistants? It could be, you could make this your policy if you don’t like conflict, especially if you’ve had a few negative reactions like I’ve had.

Doing this, eradicating contact with the author, makes me sad though. Getting in touch with the author can sometimes be a rewarding experience. All I can suggest though is once you agree to emailing the author a link and find yourself not enjoying the book, craft your review with care. Just like I request for my tour stops, try to refrain from bad language or insults. Think of it as giving the author “constructive criticism.” You have plenty of opportunities to test our your sarcasm on reviews where you don’t have to email a link. Use this review to flex your literary genius. Keep it respectful, but honestly discuss what you disliked about the book. Then email the link to the author with a kind note saying your review might not be that positive, but you appreciate the opportunity to review it.

If, even after all of this, they still come back with drama – well there was nothing you could have done differently and you’ll go to sleep knowing that you tried your hardest.

Reader Issues We All Have to Deal With! Part 2

Reader Issues We All Have to Deal With! Part 2

Reader Issues

Having a “shared” moment with a stranger that is wearing a fandom tee because you are wearing one also and having to explain what that was about to your clueless friend.

When the two main characters finally hook up and you feel like planets have aligned, but no you know it’s all downhill from here. Reader Issues

When the two main characters finally hook up and you feel like planets have aligned, but now you know it’s all downhill from here.

Listening to an audiobook and your inner narrative begins speaking like the narrator. Reader Issues

Listening to an audiobook and your inner narrative begins speaking like the narrator.

You honestly believe that you will one day develop a superpower. reader Issues

You honestly believe that you will one day develop a superpower.

werewolves and vampires will come forward and reveal their existence. reader issues

You have a niggling suspicion that in your lifetime, werewolves and vampires will come forward and reveal their existence. You are betting on vampires first.

Realizing you just shouted “NOOOO!” While reading a book. And you are in public. Reader Issues

Realizing you just shouted “NOOOO!” While reading a book. And you are in public.

When your best friend hates a book you recommend that you loved and you start doubting your relationship. reader issues

When your best friend hates a book you recommend that you loved and you start doubting your relationship.

Liking the “driving” part of the vacation the best because you get to read the whole time. reader issues

Liking the “driving” part of the vacation the best because you get to read the whole time.

What are your fun reader issues? I’m going to do more of these posts, so if you have a great on – leave it in comments and I’ll make a graphic!

Ten Tips for Twitter Newbs #BB101

Ten Tips for Twitter Newbs #BB101

Book Blogging 101

Blogging Tips & Trips for Book Bloggers & Authors

Previous #BB101 PostsTwitter Tutorials & Posts

Everyone should be on twitter. It is one of the best ways to promote your blog. Even if you just join to read other people’s tweets and make occasional comments, it is a good way to make connections.

Who should be on twitter?

  • Bloggers
  • Authors
  • Aspiring Authors
  • Readers
  • Anyone

Twitter can build great followings. It builds real-time relationships and promotes interaction between readers, authors and bloggers. It also draws people into your site, or onto other platforms for promotion. You should always be aware though, that it can also get you in trouble. Twitter should not be off-the-cuff, especially with promotions. Unlike regular conversations you have with readers, fans and authors, imagine that this is a conversation that is being recorded and made “searchable” for all eternity. You should also never to over promo, keep in mind twitter should be 80% social, 20% promotional.

Top Ten Book Review

A Public Forum

Twitter is not like any other social media outlet. It is a public forum. Anyone can see it. You have only two options, you can keep those tweets private, protect your tweets (from everyone) or go FULL ON public. Being a public figure, blogger or author, you probably don’t want to protect your tweets. If you do this, everything you tweet will be able to be seen and searched. Remember this every single time you tweet.

Learn the language or you’ll get really confused.

Twitter has a Glossary here but the basics are as follows:

# or hashtag – It is a keyword, always without spaces that can be searched through the twitter interface or twitter apps. Hashtags can be used to demonstrate strong emotion or emphasis. You can stick a hashtag anywhere, most like to include them in the end — but you can use them in a quick sentence. For example, a common Friday hashtag is #FF (Follow Friday twitter meme), so you would tweet: Happy #FF Everyone! Check out my Friday To Do List:

@ This is used, much like on Facebook to mention someone. When you @someone it goes in a separate stream, called the Mention stream and will go directly to the user. If you would like to get in touch with that person the easiest way is to @ them.

Direct Message – or DM is a private way to contact someone. You would type in: D username and it will DM someone. But, the person has to follow you in order to be DMd. If not you will get an error message. This is how twitter cuts down on spam.

Retweet or RT – You will see something like Plz RT — meaning Please Retweet. Users are asking you to spread the message for them. A retweet means you are tweeting another users tweet. A lot of users will retweet news agencies or authors to spread info to their followers.

Trending Topic – Twitter determines what everyone is talking about by using an algorithm. They will post what trends on the home page.

Rule #3 – Short is Sweet. A tweet is 140 characters. Once you get used to it, you won’t know how to go over 140.

Top Ten Book Review
Top Ten Book Review

140 Characters – That’s It

Short is Sweet. A tweet is 140 characters. Once you get used to it, you won’t know how to go over 140.

80% Conversation / 20% Promotional

Don’t spam. Don’t @ someone with links to your stuff. If it is relevant to the conversation, by all means. If not, they can report you for spam.

Top Ten Book Review
Top Ten Book Review

Don’t Be Boring, Don’t be Unoriginal

Be original. If you are tweeting someone with massive amounts of followers/followees (is that a word?) they might not recognize you as Jenny124!Yo with an avi of vampire teeth. The best thing to do is stand out. Have an original username that matches your blog and an avatar that looks different from the rest. Don’t be caught with a twitter egg…you will look like spam.

@Parajunkee + Tweet Only Tweets @parajunkee & @parajunkee + @your followers

If you begin your tweet with @username it will be a reply and will only be viewable to people that follow you and that person. It will show up on your profile page, but your follower stream will not be able to see it. If you want the rest of the world to see the tweet — stick a character in front. A lot of people will use a period.

.@username is the best freaking person eva! Plz RT #asskissery


Top Ten Book Review
Top Ten Book Review

Use a Twitter Program

Sometimes is not the best place to use twitter. Apps like HootSuite and Tweetdeck make me happy – they might make you too.

Grab New Followers Easier

It’s easier to get twitter followers than blog followers. Utilize this fact. Say hi. They say hi back with a follow — usually.

Top Ten Book Review
Top Ten Book Review

Follow People

Speak now, or Lurk later. Literally you will start out with no one following you. The key to gaining new followers is to follow people. Follow your favorite bloggers, authors or family members. (Maybe start with me @parajunkee hint hint) Say hi, tell them you are new to twitter. Join a twitter social hop (another hint hint – one is hosted on this blog).

Watch Your Spam Words

Know that certain things used in a tweet can bring on the dreaded Spam bots…don’t use things like: Free, Coupon, Weight Loss, iPad, iPhone, porn — if you insist on using words like this type stuff like eyePad, p@rn etc.

Top Ten Book Review

What gets you going on twitter?

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