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Love & FBI Agents! Must read from Julie James

THE THING ABOUT LOVE by Julie James 30 MAY, 2017 Title: The Thing About Love Author: Julie James Series: Stand-alone Pages: 384 pages Publisher: Berkley Release Date: 18 Apr 2017 ISBN-10: 9780425273777 If you like contemporary romance and you haven’t read Julie James yet, WTF are you waiting for? James has storytelling, especially romance, down to an artform. Her books are fun, sexy, full of great dialogue, and above all two characters that come together in the most perfectly unpredictable ways. Her latest book, The Thing About Love, is no different. The book opens up in a tragic scene, where the main character John...

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A Diverse Read That Takes a Bit of Patience to Read…Finding Gideon

Finding Gideon was marketed as a stand-alone, even though there are more stories in this series, and technically it is, but I did feel that I fell feet first into a story that I wasn’t ready for. I think it had to do with the main POV in the beginning which was Medianoche, which starts out in a place I didn’t want to be. I didn’t like him, I didn’t want to read about him…and it kept increasing.

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Under Pressure by Lori Foster

UNDER PRESSURE by Lori Foster 29 JANUARY, 2017 Title: Under Pressure  Author: Lori Foster Series: Body Armor #1 Pages: 384 pages Publisher: HQN Books Release Date: January 24th 2017 ISBN: 9780373789931 Lori Foster’s new series, Body Armor is a good intro to her new world. It’s an MMA series, and while not the best I’ve read, was full of suspense and hotness that is typical of Lori Foster. Foster is an A-List romance author and her suspense is a must read. Under Pressure is a spin-off from the Ultimate series. Leese, introduced in that series leaves MMA to become a bodyguard. Not original,...

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