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THE DARK CALLING by KRESLEY COLE 14 FEB, 2018 Title: The Dark Calling Author: Kresley Cole Series: The Arcana Chronicles (#5) Pages: 350 pages Publisher: Valkyrie Presss Release Date: February 13, 2018 ISBN-10: 0998141410 “Yes, my husband wanted me dead and had decapitated me twice, but all relationships had issues, right?” “Since I’d first met Jack, he’d not only become a man; he’d become a great one.” The latest addition to The Arcana Chronicles is a doozy. It starts off right where the last book left off, and there has been a considerable gap between the releases so it might help...

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Arcana Rising by Kresley Cole – Release Day Review

Kresley Cole’s ‘Arcana Rising’ is the fourth installment in her Arcana Chronicles. This Young Adult Dystopian series is one of my favorites. It has it all – action, ridiculously potent characters, drama, and carnage. I waited patiently (well not so patiently) for ‘Arcana Rising’ and when I got it in my inbox – I devoured it. It didn’t disappoint. Where do I start? I can start at the beginning I guess. Please don’t read further if you have not had the pleasure of ‘Dead of Winter,’ I’m about to spoil it for you. Frankly, Cole ended the last book...

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Release Day Review: Day Zero by Kresley Cole

Kresley Cole has given the fans of her ARCANA CHRONICLES series a gift. That gift is Day Zero. The book reads like a compendium, a guide to the major players in the Arcana Chronicles series and is quite compelling. Cole pairs tactical knowledge of all the Arcana with a look into Day Zero from each characters perspectives.

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Dead of Winter by Kresley Cole – Top Ten Reasons You Should Read the Arcana Chronicles + Discussion

I could regale you with my thoughts on this book, go into minute detail about what I thought about this entire point of the story, because it blew me away. If I graded this one on emotional reaction alone, this would get 6 stars. Cole knows how to torture readers. She’s so good at it, her nickname should not be Krazley it should be Eviley… okay that doesn’t sound as good. The reason I am giving it 4 stars though was because of the focus on love-triangle, which gets my girly-happy points revved, but it didn’t satisfy my intellectual...

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Poison Priness by Kresley Cole #Review

  PJV Quickie: Why did I wait so long to read Poison Princess?  This book was like riding one of those theme park “super coasters”: I wasn’t sure I wanted to get on, but once I was buckled in and the coaster started moving it was an amazing ride, and once it was finished I didn’t want to leave!  Review:  Evangeline Green is a wealthy, popular 16-year-old girl with some serious problems:  her mother admitted her to a psychiatric hospital for the summer, her boyfriend is pressuring her to have sex,  the irritating (and sexy) new Cajun transfer student is consuming her...

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