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James Franco Reads The Dead Zone and the Planets Align

The Dead Zone is a classic Stephen King, published in 1979, now available in audiobook and read by James Franco. The Dead Zone isn’t my favorite Stephen King, but that’s like comparing chocolate ice cream. With the narration by James Franco, they did a major push to get this one out there and “reread” by the masses. There is always a difference in reading and hearing it on audiobook, I think of audiobooks as performances – like a play of a book. And it’s even better when I’ve read the book, and now get to hear it on audiobook. Like an encore. This was an all-star encore!

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#AudiobookReview A Beautiful Wedding by Jamie McGuire

  PJV Quickie: If you were a fan of Beautiful Disaster then this is definitely something you will enjoy. It continues past that slight cliff hanger after Beautiful Disaster. If you’re like me and haven’t read Walking Disaster you’re all good because I haven’t. A Beautiful Wedding from start to finish gives you the ins and outs of Travis and Abby’s wedding. I think I enjoyed this more because of the audiobook. Book Review: Beautiful disaster is  #2.5 but really it is also a #1.5, since book 2 was just book 1 in a different P.O.V. As a book...

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Bang by Lisa McMann #Audiobook Review

PJV Quickie: The second book in Lisa McMann’s VISION series was a very good follow-up. McMann kept the suspense and thrilling momentum going through the entire novel, just like she did throughout the first novel. In fact it was probably more traumatic then the first novel, upping the intensity with more character involvement and an even more tragic “event.” If you haven’t read this series, you are missing out! Review: Lisa McMann is a POWERHOUSE. I have not read a single book written by McMann that I didn’t love. Each one is different, each one is intelligent and captivating....

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Four Seconds to Lose by K.A Tucker #Audiobook Review

PJV Quickie: K.A. Tucker’s third book in her TEN TINY BREATH’S series, titled FOUR SECONDS TO LOSE was a good listen and a competent book. A lot of other bloggers have expressed great love for these books, but I personally found them enjoyable but nothing to get all excited about. The characters were good, but not believable because some of the plot points were used to extenuate the tension instead of coming to a logical conclusion. I did enjoy the narration though, Elizabeth Louise and Sebastian York were perfect, their narration was sexy and entertaining. Review: The hero is...

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Rivers by Michael Farris Smith #Audiobook Review

PJV Quickie: I usually get excited when authors narrate their own books. But, then again, I’ve really only experienced the best this way, like Libba Bray ( amazing ). So, I was pretty pumped to listen to Michael Farris Smith narrate his apocalyptic gem, RIVERS. Unfortunately, Smith’s narration was a bit dry and emotionless, which turned this very heart-pounding and emotional book into a rather slow listen. If it would have been a hired narrator, I would have stopped listening. That it was the author gave it more credit, but the entertainment factor was minimalistic. If you have choice,...

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