Publisher: Harlequin Books

Kiss Me by Susan Mallery

PJV QUICKIE: KISS ME by Susan Mallery is the seventeenth book in the Fool’s Gold series, a good book and probably my favorite. The first kiss between the hero and heroine did me in, I swooned and I didn’t stop swooning. Mallery got her game back with KISS ME. I want to go and find me a cowboy now, just for me, and I’ve never been particularly taken by cowboy romances. I do have to comment on the cover though – what’s with the bike? Did I miss that in the story? Review: KISS ME is the story of Pheobe...

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Redemption Bay by RaeAnne Thayne, Contemporary Romance Review

PJV Quickie: There is nothing more refreshing than a satisfying romance novel. REDEMPTION BAY has everything a romance needs to have, great characters, a beautiful well-crafted setting, tension, great secondary characters and a fabulous and believable HEA. Review: Sometimes you read a contemporary romance and the story is so similar to other titles, or it’s just  a “normal” romance that a few weeks later the plot and characters aren’t even memorable.  That wasn’t the case with REDEMPTION BAY.  Reading RaeAnne Thayne’s latest novel was like taking a memorable and sweet romantic journey into two charming character’s lives. The story...

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A SEALs Secret by Tawny Weber

PJV Quickie: If you like Navy SEALs and you like romance you have to check out Tawny Weber’s series. A SEALs Secret was exactly what I expected: a sexy, fun and sweet romance! Review: A fitness guru dresses in a Twinkie costume and wins a push-up contest against a Navy SEAL – which leads to a sexy romantic interlude and some angst of epic proportions. Yes. Please. This about sums up what you get from Tawny Weber. It’s fun. It’s sexy. It’s military romance at it’s finest. SEALs who are real people, not just werewolves that don’t shift to...

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