Publisher: Del Rey

Audiobook Series Spotlight: THEMIS FILES. A Must Read Science Fiction Series.

If you are looking for your next audiobook download, look no further. The full cast production of Sylvian Neuvel’s science fiction masterpiece is a MUST READ/LISTEN. Written in the journalistic narrator style that has been popularized by apocalyptic fiction., I think the Themis Files is the perfect book to experience in audiobook form, especially with the full cast line-up. The production was perfect and gave this novel star-power with the delivery.

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A Study in Silks by Emma Jane Holloway #Review

PJV Quickie:  A STUDY IN SILKS has the crime-solving abilities of Sherlock Homes, the romance of a Harlequin, and a setting more magical than any high fantasy novel.  This is a book that will attract readers from a multitude of genres. Review:  The plot of A STUDY IN SILKS is a spiderweb of peculiar characters and deceptive hobbies.  There’s not a single character within these pages that doesn’t have a personality, background, and an impact on the outcome of the story.  Victorian London in A STUDY FOR SILKS is not a friend to magic-users or inventors.  Both are seen...

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