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It’s NOLA Zombie Time! Parajunkee interviews herself…as her pen name…

This might be a little weird to some people. I’m interviewing myself. But, and this might be different for other authors that use pen names – my pen name has almost become a new “personality” within myself. Please don’t break out the straight-jackets and lock me away for a multiple-personality disorder. The only way I can describe it, is if you are a mom and you go to your kids school and put on your “kid friendly personality” and then say you are a bartender and serve drinks and you put on your “flirty” personality. Well, Gillian Zane is the zombie writer/prepper personality shoved into me. Because on top of Gillian, there is also the Parajunkee personality which is the crazy book reader and blogger, then there is Rachel, the PTA President and non-stop volunteer personality, and then there is Rachel The Great – which is the secret personality that only comes out to annoy my husband. So, think of this as the Parajunkee personality interviewing the Gillian Zane personality. I apologize in advance.

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#Review Donners of the Dead by Karina Halle

    Donners of the Dead follows a young woman named Eve as she helps track the trail of some Donner Party’s family members. The trip has to be fast, because winter is coming. You know real winter, with lots of snow. Snow so deep they had to tunnel through it. Yeah, that kind of winter. Anyway. Eve, her friend Avery, and this rag tag group of former Rangers and shady characters set out. Within days of being out in the wild they encounter not only a ton of snow, but a monster like nothing they have ever seen....

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Red Hill by Jamie McGuire

PJV Quickie: Red Hill by Jamie McGuire was your typical zombie novel with an emphasis on the characters and the character relationships in the end-of-the-world setting. McGuire’s writing was spot on and her character creation was a great addition to the normally horrific portrayal in zombie novels, but  with her emphasis on character relationships it lost a lot of the momentum and gore that you find within a really good zombie apocalypse. Review: The novel, Red Hill is from three different point of views. We begin the novel with Scarlet, with some poignant foreshadowing as she drops her kids off...

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World War Z Book & Movie Review

World War Z The Movie and Book Review The movie, WORLD WAR Z, was an entertaining and breathtaking adaptation of the book WORLD WAR Z by Max Brooks, but I use the word adaptation lightly, the only thing that the book and the movie had in common were 1. They both had zombies and 2. They were both called WORLD WAR Z and finally 3. Israel had a big wall. Other then that I didn’t recognize a single point in the movie that ran parallel to the book. The book was one of those broad sweeping narratives that are synonymous with apocalyptic novels. It was set in a timeline that was a few years after the war against the zombies and included stories from a large amount of “eye witnesses” compiled by one narrator. The storyline covered the entire War, from the beginning appearance of the virus to the end of the War and the humans recovery. I was also kicking it with the Audiobook, which had the perks of being the movie-tie-in and having a ton of narrators. (There were a lot of accents from all over the world) The movie on the other hand covered one man, Brad Pitt as UN employee Gerry Lane. The character was some kind of UN spy/investigator who was supposed to figure out how the zombie virus started. It showed the beginning...

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Review: Siege by Rhiannon Frater

PJV Quickie: It’s always tragic when a beloved series comes to an end — but when it meets your every expectation there is nothing better. ‘Siege’, the final installment in the As The World Dies series went beyond my expectations. Title: Siege Author: Rhiannon Frater Series: As The World Dies #3 ISBN: B002LISDGM Publication: Releasing April 24th from Tor Received ARC from The Bookish Brunette, who rocks my socks/face. Links: Author Web Twitter Purchase Online Goodreads Rating: 5 out of 5 Review What can I say? I’m a fan girl of this series and I will try to push these books on anyone that enjoys a good dramatic and horrific tale. Rhiannon Frater breaks up stereotypes and paints the world in a way that is both real and different. The books are about zombies, but the essence of their very soul are the characters. The characters reaction to the End of the World makes up the guts of the tale and you will fall in-love with every one of them and cringe as the living dead try to eat that at every turn. The final tale begins where the last book left off. The survivors are actually doing well, they’ve flushed out their surrounding area and have moved into the hotel. They are still scared, life is still exceptionally hard, but little creature comforts have made a difference. Yet, still...

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