Genre: New Adult

A.L. Kessler discusses the Pros & Cons of the Apocalypse

In Just a Little Death, Sammy goes to college expecting to have a great experience, but that’s not what she gets. She learns she’s the daughter of Death and that she and the other Children of the Apocalypse must stop the coming apocalypse. I had to do a ton of research for this book to get some of the details right. That being said, these are my favorite pros and cons that popped up while writing.

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Revenge by Sonya Weiss

I had really high hopes for Sonya Weiss’ REVENGE. It had me thinking Armentrout’s Obsidian from genre / cover etc. But, Revenge was not Obsidian, not even close. I was actually rather disappointed with Revenge, only because I felt like I was coming into a series – and not reading a stand-alone book. I don’t like to be confused, or feel like I’m missing something when I’m reading a scifi novel, so while the writing was done well, I think the plot needed to be established a bit better.

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