Genre: Contemporary Romance

Missing Dixie by Caisey Quinn #Review

PJV QUICKIE: As soon as I finished Leaving Amarillo and Loving Dallas, I could not wait to get my hands on Missing Dixie. I am happy to report it was worth the wait – Missing Dixie is a fabulous ending to this compulsively readable New Adult trilogy. Review: We first met Dixie Lark and Gavin Garrison in Leaving Amarillo, and I fell in love with this tough-as-nails heroine and the broken man she had been secretly lusting over for longer than she’d care to admit.  Dixie wants Gavin but she’s not willing to play games, and he’s asked her to...

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True Divide by Liora Blake #Review

PJV QUICKIE: I have been a fan of this series from the first book,True North, and I’m sorry this is the last book in the True trilogy. Ms. Blake has taken me on a wonderful journey and ended the series with a strong story that pulled my heartstrings and left me with a teary-eyed smile and a happy sigh. Review: Lacey Mosley wants her happily ever after.  She knows she’s in a rut in her tiny little hometown of Crowell, Montana, but doesn’t know how to get out of the rut. Her sister has recently gotten married and had a baby and Lacey...

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Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren #Review

PJV QUICKIE: The writing duo that is Christina Lauren have a winner in Dark Wild Night – not only is this my favorite book in the series, it’s my favorite Christina Lauren book, period. If Dark Wild Night is in your TBR pile, you need to bump it up to the top. If it’s not in your TBR pile, it needs to be. Review: Lorelei “Lola” Castle started creating her comic, Razor Fish, soon after her mother left her and her father, when Lola was 12.  Now, her comic has been optioned for movie and she’s thrilled and nervous, but it’s...

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The Neon Dreams series by Caisey Quinn #Review

PJV QUICKIE: The eye-catching covers might have drawn my attention, but the writing and the story are what kept me reading. Interesting characters, exciting musician-on-the-road lifestyles, and sexual tension that left my fingers scorched wherever they touched the pages are all reasons why these books are on my keeper shelf, and why I’ve got my calendar marked for the next book.  Is it October yet?   Caisey Quinn’s Neon Dreams series is one that somehow went under my radar until I met her at the RT Convention in Dallas at the Avon party.  She was signing the second book...

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True Devotion by Liora Blake #Review

  PJV Quickie: Coming off the high of True North, I was worried about the dreaded Sophomore Slump. I am happy to report this was not the case and I adored True Devotion! Review: You’d never guess now, but Devon Jenkins has lived a hard life.  She grew up in poverty, but since her brother Trevor’s band (Trevor is the hero in True North) hit the big time, she’s living in L.A. now.  She’s turned her life around and gotten away from some bad decisions in her past – she’s a massage therapist and she loves to bake in her spare time. She...

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Time might not heal all wounds, but with two motivated and strong-willed men on a campaign to win him back, Charlie will get more than he ever thought possible.