Author: Stephen King

James Franco Reads The Dead Zone and the Planets Align

The Dead Zone is a classic Stephen King, published in 1979, now available in audiobook and read by James Franco. The Dead Zone isn’t my favorite Stephen King, but that’s like comparing chocolate ice cream. With the narration by James Franco, they did a major push to get this one out there and “reread” by the masses. There is always a difference in reading and hearing it on audiobook, I think of audiobooks as performances – like a play of a book. And it’s even better when I’ve read the book, and now get to hear it on audiobook. Like an encore. This was an all-star encore!

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Under the Dome by Stephen King

Under the Dome falls flat, during the entire 1000+ pages I felt as if I, myself was sipping on stale air. I haven’t read a King novel in a long time.  It has at least been a decade.  King will always remain in my heart as the novelist who popped my paranormal cherry.  It was 6th grade and I read IT to the horror of my deeply religious teacher, who couldn’t believe that I was reading the book, and thought I was just showing off by bringing the book to “free time”. (Catholic School K-12) The man actually gave me a test on the book to prove that I was lying and as unintelligent as he assumed I was. Since then I sucked down every King novel that was in our local library, and The Stand still remains as one of my top 10 favorite books in existence. Yet, with maturity comes changes in taste and my tastes moved away from Mr. King’s novels and onto others.  With his release of Under the Dome I thought it might be the time to go back and sample Kings writings. Especially since I had a 50% Off coupon from Borders.  (Yes I bought this sucker with my own money) I think I picked the wrong novel to make my way back into King’s macabre world. This novel can’t even compare to...

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