#Bitten Episode 11 | Settling – Watch Along #RenewBitten

#Bitten Episode 11 | Settling – Watch Along #RenewBitten

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#Bitten Episode 11 | Settling

This episode of Bitten opens up with everyone “a little freaked out.”

Elena is shutting down, curled up in a fetal position on the bed in the opening scene. Phillip is not answering his phone and she is reliving her childhood trauma with the appearance of her child molestor, Victor Olson, out of jail and turned into a wolf.

Elena Michaels curled up on bed, grieving.

There are five threads in this episode. The first is Clay and Elena holed up in Phillip’s apartment, waiting for Jeremy and Nick to show up, so they can travel in force. Clay drops a bomb on Elena when he tells her about the discovery of the mutt’s hideout. He wants to put a stop to her desperate search for Phillip. Clay only wants to protect Elena, but he knows that if Phillip dies it will hurt her…

“They want the pack destroyed and they want you.”

He knows the best bet to protect her and Phillip is to get her to cut ties with Phillip and go back to the pack.

Clay insists on leaving

The second thread is Logan and Rachel. Logan is panicking. He has a few things to deal with, he wants to protect Rachel, from the mutts and he wants to stay with her, which he will not be able to do if he goes to Stonehaven and sticks with the pack. Two factions waring with him in his head, his love of Rachel and his loyalty to the pack.

Logan freaking out

Third thread is Jeremy and Nick back at Stonehaven, they are ready to leave and meet up with Clay and Elena but are stopped at the door by the Sheriff. They found LeBlanc’s prints on the body found at Stonehaven and he is a known serial killer. The FBI are coming in to search the property. This is an unexpected delay in their plans. Luckily, later on in the episode, word gets back to Bear Valley that LeBlanc has been spotted crossing the Canadian border, but the Feds still search Stonehaven and delay Jeremy and Nick longer. Leaving Elena and Clay stranded in Toronto.

The Sheriff visits Stonehaven

Fourth thread is a minor thread that focuses on Phillip, who is reeling. He knows there is something more between Clay and Elena, he also knows Elena is not telling him something major. He is a lot more focused on Clay and Elena’s feelings then he is by Elena’s supposed “crime” family connections.

Phillip is reeling

“It’s part of who I am and I need you to accept that.”

Phillip is having a hard time, which he should. There is obviously something major going on with Elena – and she refuses to tell him. Claiming “I just need you to believe me.” But, she refuses to tell him anything, to protect him. Phillip through this all still loves Elena, which says something, because frankly I would have told her “to get the fudge…” but he even goes so far to propose to Elena, once he processes what she tells him. Elena gives him no answer, just a “I love you too, I can’t give you an answer right now.” But, her first reaction is to go see Clay’s reaction. And he is handling it well…not what she expected, obviously as she grabs her purse and runs away to Logan – so she doesn’t have to deal with the two men in her life.


The fifth thread is the mutts. Olson and LeBlanc are acting like children, where Santos seems to be buckling under the pressure, with Marsten seeming to enjoy Santos’ obvious discomfort, goading him about his “dictatorship” goals. This interaction and Marsten’s obvious upgraded role in the series as the bad guy, makes me wonder if he will be forgiven later on in the series — if they have more of the series. He hasn’t done anything unforgivable, like Santos, Olson and LeBlanc, so I would think this option is still open.


Mutts are up to something!

They also show a clandestine meeting between James William and Santos, revealing that William is the one running the show, not Santos. William was the one that hired Phillip to do the vodka campaign (thread comes together now), showed him the vid of the wolves and then also was a patron of the art gallery that displayed Elena’s photography and the place Olson confronted Elena.

Back to Logan and Rachel, Logan, the educated man that he is, buckles under the pressure and his constant insisting that him and Rachel disappear, is scaring Rachel. Logan wants to leave the pack and hide from the mutts. And when Elena shows up, instead of offering her advice, he enlists her in helping her move Rachel along. But, Elena doesn’t want Logan to disappear, she tries to get him to talk to Jeremy, insisting that he will understand. Hoping that Jeremy will forgo the dusty scrolls and make changes.

“If we don’t change, the pack, all of us, we are going to die off.”

At the apartment, Phillip confronts Clay, he wants to call the police, or come with them when Clay tells him that the family is coming “to take Elena away.” Of course, Clay is not letting him, but he does it in a very thoughtful way, which shows again why Clay is awesome. He knows Phillip is hurting and is not making things harder, even though it obviously pains him. Going so far to claiming their love was a mistake, young and out of control and he wanted to keep her away from his families problems. *Sob!* Your love is not a mistake Clay!!!

Clay & Phillip discuss Elena

Then the attacks happen.

Marsten and LeBlanc hit Logan and Rachel’s condo, Olson and Santos attack at Phillip’s.

These are two very bloody battles, that break a ton of stuff…with the outcome leaving Phillip stabbed and dragging himself into his bedroom to hide. Elena shows up after the confrontation and changes into a wolf to protect Phillip, letting the pup out of the closet as she changes back to human. All very dramatically revealed in the opaque bathroom. Phillip is in shock, much like he is in the book. All he can do is stare at Elena in horror and I think realization hits her that there is no way back now.

The Fight begins

Logan is showing off his tight fighting skills though, back at his place as he ambushes his ambushers. Chocking both of them out…but not killing them. He unfortunately takes a knife to the chest, via LeBlanc and him and Rachel sneak away with the final words “you have to take me to Stonehaven.”


With Clay, Phillip and Elena, Elena leaves Phillip with the promise to call an ambulance and the words “In a better world, I would have married you. And we’d be together and listen to the rain and cry and have a happy ending. I love you Phillip, that won’t ever change.” It is clear there is no more Phillip and Elena no matter how much they both want it.


Elena runs out to help Clay and finds the syringe on the ground that Santos use to restrain Clay. He’s gone. The mutts have him.

Favorite Scene.

Elena’s change in the bathroom. It was done so well. Subtle and compelling and a little heart-wrenching with Phillip’s crazy look.

Elena Changes to Wolf

Least Favorite Scene.

Only because it was sad – but Clay’s insistence to Phillip that their love was young and stupid.


Detective work: There is no James William, werewolf, in the Otherworld books and the show has consistently stuck to the characters that Kelley Armstrong has created, even though she does change them up. There is not a James William in her stories. There is a Reese Williams, who is a werewolf and then of course William Cortez, sorcerer. Which I was thinking this might introduce the other races. If the series does sign for a second series and covers “Stolen” this guy in a limo could be Tyrone Winsloe. Or that could have been the guy that Phillip and his horny ex met with…who knows! I guess we’ll find out when the final episode comes out, which will be similar, but different then how the book ends.

What I’m wondering?
Will Marsten betray the mutts? Will there be an HEA at the end or will it lead right into a hopeful next season, like suspenseful series so like to do? Which could have Elena being taken right there…leading right into Stolen? There is no synopsis written for the final episode, READY. So is it dependent on picking up a Season 2. And if Space doesn’t pick it up — will that matter if Syfy does? Oh the politics!

Next episode Sneak Peek:

Devastated by Clay’s capture, Elena returns to Stonehaven, where she gets “the call” from Santos. He instructs her to meet with him alone or Clay dies. As Elena attempts to persuade Jeremy to let her meet with Santos, Logan’s car pulls into the Stonehaven driveway with Rachel at the driver’s seat and a severely injured Logan in the back. Jeremy jumps into ER mode to save Logan’s life while Nick calms Rachel’s frayed nerves about the “family business.” Recovering from the attack by the Mutts, Philip is interviewed by a Detective. Philip feigns memory loss, but then reveals to Diane he’s staying quiet to protect Elena and her family. Secretly, he has deeper concerns, which are confirmed when he realizes the white wolf in the Cherry Beach video is the same as the one who saved his life the day earlier. And all signs point to this wolf possibly maybe being Elena.

#Bitten Episode 10 | Descent  – Watch-Along

#Bitten Episode 10 | Descent – Watch-Along

Bitten Episode 10 | Descent
Aired: 17 Mar. 2014 || Watch The Full Episode Online via Syfy.com || All images are from Bitten Episode 10 via Syfy.com

Holy werewolf teets, Bitten is heating up — and things are just getting good. The show opens up with Elena and Clayton confronting each other after their “hook-up” and subsequent Alpha order of Elena returning to Toronto with Clay as bodyguard.

Elena blames her hooking up with Clay as “wanting to feel safe” and not about a love connection. She is still holding on to her relationship with Phillip.

“Last night wasn’t a mistake for me, but I promise I am done hurting you. We go to Toronto I won’t do anything….{his voice catches} to undermine your life there.”

Elena the stone-cold biotch that she is, points to his wedding band and says “and that.” Making Clay move it to his right hand.


Bitten Episode 10, Descent, Clay removes his wedding band
Elena and Clay then go to Toronto, with the goal of confronting Logan and going to Elena’s show. Logan finally comes clean with the fact that Rachel is pregnant and his mixed feelings with leaving Rachel and protecting her from the threat that is at their doorstep.

Elena actually gives advice to Logan that he “needs the support and protection of the pack.”

Joey Stillwell shows up at the packThe plot deviation from the book is great in this one, even though the underlying direction is still the same. Elena returning to Toronto with Clay is in the book, but Logan and Rachel, along with the child abuser, Victor are not in the book. Not to mention the video of Logan and Elena running as wolves on the beach.

There is also a new twist as Joey Stillwell shows up, bloodied, covered in mud and asking Nick to come and rescue him. Jeremy is suspicious of his sudden appearance, but Nick believes his intentions are pure. Joey remembers little about where they were keeping him, but with a few clues they do manage to locate a general area and a location. Jeremy is still very suspicious — but Nick seems to be the level-headed of the two. And his trust does lead them to tracking down the location the mutts were holding Joey.

Back in Toronto, Clay and Elena are trying to sneak away to stay in a hotel when they are ambushed by Phillip, who insists that Clay stay on the sofa. Clay is trying to “get along” but Phillip actually seems like the more aggressive of the two. Clay of course doesn’t help as he tries to establish that he knows Elena a lot more then Phillip. The crack about the turkey bacon and “back home she can’t get enough of the real thing” was priceless. It is obvious that Phillip suspects that Clay isn’t a real “cousin” and that they were involved in the past. This is based on that image that he saw at Logan’s house.

Clay, Phillip and Elena Love Triangle

The triangle that is Phillip, Clay and Elena just keeps getting deeper. Clay is also starting to realize that Phillip might be more involved in the attack against the wolves then Jeremy suspected.

While in Toronto, Clay also looks further into the video that Phillip is using as a campaign promo. He discovers that the man that hired Phillip is also the same man that is financing Elena’s show. His first conclusion is that their is someone else involved in this whole plot and they are fixated on Elena.

Victor Olson & Daniel Santos

They still don’t know how deep that fixation goes though. And it is sick. There is a background battle going on between Victor Olson and Daniel Santos. Daniel seems to have the intention of keeping Elena alive for himself, but Victor, who has fixated on Elena as a predator would, wants to make her pay. In the book, Victor was just a child molester that was broken out of prison by Cain, but in the show, Victor was the man who molested Elena as a child. A backstory that was hinted at, but never discussed in detail in BITTEN the book.  Elena supposedly was the main factor in Victor’s imprisonment, her testimony. So, Victor took this as a betrayal. He actually thought Elena loved him, in her own victim way.

Victor Olsen and Elena Michaels

The moment Clay steps out to help Phillip’s sister, Victor makes his move and confronts Elena. Scaring her and bringing back the memories of her youth. He is there for a little shock and awe, to throw Elena off…and because Clay is being slut-jacked by Diane the sister, Phillip has to come to Elena’s rescue. And he  beats the crap out of Victor.

Diane is still keeping Clay busy as she makes not so subtle innuendos. He of course is not paying any attention especially as he notices Daniel Santos sitting outside. He should have killed him right there. But, of course – Diane can’t let her “prey” go and she follows Clay, when she walks up, Daniel is able to escape.

Clay and Elena quickly come to realize that they are being set up, the show was set-up just so Victor could torment Elena and probably so Phillip would come to suspect Elena. And it does its job. Elena is forced to “come clean” to Phillip. Giving reason to this recent series of events as the fact that there are people that want to hurt her family. She basically hints that her family “and all that they represent” are in some ways nefarious and she had no choice, because the family leader ordered it. We can only assume that Phillip’s assumption will be mafia. Even though Elena never says this.
She is still trying to recover her relationship with Phillip, saying “this life with you, is the one that I want.”

But, Phillip shoots back with:

“What about Clay?”

“Here in this moment, tell me honestly, are you done with him?”

Elena doesn’t answer.

Poor Phillip. Well not really. I’ve never rooted for “the other guy” as much as I do with this series. Terrible, I know. But, we know who Elena belongs with.

Back with the pack, sudden lines are crossing, with Logan, Nick and Jeremy.  Logan went back to the pack to admit his trepidation in returning was because Rachel is pregnant with his child. He has a heart-to-heart with Nick, again Nick is showing himself as a very capable Beta. Logan still doesn’t seem to be coming to a conclusion as to whether he will choose pack or Rachel. He is also as siting Jeremy with locating the mutts hideout and with a few clues, deduced by Nick, they finally find the warehouse that Joey was being held in. They find “mementos” of Daniel Santos’ kills, including Jeremy’s fathers ring.

Jeremy finds his father's ring

They also find images, of Elena…making Clay’s fears apparent to the pack. Daniel is after Elena.

The show ends. Freaky.

Favorite Scene:

Clay cooks Elena breakfast
Clayton is being the most awesome man on the planet and cooking Elena breakfast. This scene is straight out of the book. But, the focus was always maple syrup, if I remember correctly. In the show it was bacon. Turkey bacon. It was a great scene.

Least Favorite Scene:
I can’t say I had one in this episode.

Enjoying the series yet?? I Am!

The NExt Episode of Bitten

Sneak Peak, Bitten Episode 11 | Settling, Airs Mar. 24

Daniel Santos and Victor Olsen attack Clay

I’m assuming this is the episode where Clay will be taken. I’m so sad that we are now about 3/4th through the book!

Elena and Clay are holed up in Philip’s apartment while Elena attempts damage control with Philip. Philip is now aware of their past as lovers, but there’s something he doesn’t know (above and beyond the fact that they are werewolves)…she explains that their lives are in danger, feigning that she and Clay are part of a crime family at war. Meanwhile, with the Mutts closing in, Logan is terrified for Rachel and his unborn child. Unable to turn to the Pack, Logan tries to convince Rachel that they have to leave town. He wants to disappear until the Mutt threat blows over and he can reason with the Pack about taking the baby away from Rachel.

#Bitten Episode 9 | Vengeance | Watch-Along

#Bitten Episode 9 | Vengeance | Watch-Along

This episode of BITTEN was a very tense episode. There are a few plot threads going on in this episode, including the inclusion of Logan’s thread again.


The beginning of the episode covers The Pack and their preparation for the fight with the big bad, Koenig. Nick and Jeremy are training, Clay and Elena are training and everyone is just all fired up to kick some Koenig Boo-Tay. According to the pack, Koenig is the psycho of psychos and especially tough to put down. When the actual fight does finally happen at the halfway point of the episode, it was rather disappointing because Koenig just yapped a lot and then basically ran away…playing hide and seek with the pack.
With the culmination being a bit of surprise. Jeremy lets Koenig take him and almost kill him and Nick steps up to the plate with some sweet moves.

Nick again is showing his alpha tendencies, which is so different from the book – but I like it!

Nick takes out Koenig

The crazy part about this scene is that Amber goaded Leblanc into taking things into his own hands and he decides to hunt down Elena while Koenig is fighting Jeremy. Even though both Santos and Koenig wanted him far away from this showdown. With LeBlancs appearance it separates the pack. Leblanc, the piece of shit, actually hunts Elena with a gun and she cowers the entire time under a car while she fights a fear induced change.

Leblanc attacks Elena Michaels

I wanted her to fight back a bit better…but it shows her girly side and forces her into the arms of Clay.

Clay & Elena, Elena is almost killed

While this scene is playing out, they cut back and forth to the secondary thread, which was Logan’s story and his preparation for the birth of his child. Rachel and Logan get confirmation during an ultra-sound that the child will be a boy, Logan’s face was priceless.

Logan finds out it is a boy

You could tell he was both excited but then scared to death as he realized the ultimate implications of the situation. Logan’s thread crosses with Phillips, when Phillip confronts Logan about seeing Elena’s clothes in the video. He really thinks Elena was boinking her cousin on the beach…

Logan reassures Phillip that he and Elena only went for a swim, nothing more – but on leaving Phillip sees the picture of the The Pack and notices Clay. You can tell alarm bells are going off. What self-respecting male wouldn’t be a little insecure if he saw “his” woman sitting by Mr. Big Tough and Wofly.

On leaving, Logan notices a present on his front stoop and in it, is a rattle with “It’s a Boy.” Rachel and Logan have not told anyone about the child yet, so this is obviously not exactly a good omen. Obviously there is someone watching Logan, even though Logan isn’t putting 2 and 2 together.

More deviation from the book occurs with the little psycho slut Amber (don’t judge, they called her a slut like 5x in the episode), who is all distraught over Cain’s capture and assumed death. Santos locks LeBlanc in a cage after he returns from hunting Elena. Santos is very angry, he wants Elena alive, he has some sick obsession with her. But, then he leaves and Amber is the only one with LeBlanc, so they quickly make a deal – she’ll let him out, if he bites her. Who could refuse? Amber and LeBlanc are now the perfect couple, crazy and set on revenge.


Intense right?

And it just gets better.Back to the Pack where Elena is FREAKED out about LeBlanc almost killing her and the fact that she stopped the change. Her almost death has her spooked but her change that stopped is also a matter of worry. She would have died if she hadn’t stopped it, she knows this and it is making her face some pent-up feelings. So what does she do?

She hooks up with Clay. FINALLY!!!!!

Elena and Clay finally hook up

In some intense smexy-time, with some nice well placed knick knacks for ultimate skin showage. Can you say – HOT? But, it wouldn’t be an Elena/Clay moment if it didn’t lead to some angst. Elena sneaks off in the morning and gets a message from Phillips sister, telling her that Elena has a show for her photography, so she needs to come to Toronto.

When Elena tells Jeremy, Jeremy insists that Clay go with Elena, with Elena trying to keep Clay away. Phillip being the main reason, of course. Clay overhears the whole conversation, deducing that Elena is still holding on to Phillip, no matter the hook-up of the previous night. It seems to hurt him, more then anger him. I wonder if they’ll play up the understanding Clay that made an appearance in the books at this point.

But on to more disgusting topics…

In a gross turn of events, one of the last scenes is completely horrifying, so you have sexy-time vs. gross-outs galore, as Amber is shown morphing into a werewolf and kind of failing. Making this weird keening noise as she lumbers around all Night of the Living Wolf.  Half-wolf Amber is hideous. Blargh…wonder if she’ll make it? That would be a crazy twist. But, who cares about Amber – I’m just freaking excited that Elena and Clay are finally going to Toronto! But, also sad because I know that we are entering the final chapters.

I can’t wait to see how they bring this all together.

Great episode!!!!

Favorite Scene:

My fave scene was when Koenig and Jeremy were fighting and the final ending with Nick taking lead and killing Koenig. I like how Nick is so much stronger in the series, where he was more a lapdog in the book. I think he’s a very sexy character and Jeremy is setting him up as the next alpha. It was a great moment.


Least Favorite Scene:

I enjoyed this whole series, but was a bit freaked out with the Amber scene. I don’t like how she’s turned into this Amazonian, revenge fueled…widow. Her bite was horrible and that transition scene was enough to make me feel a bit nauseous. It was good, but I had to have a least favorite moment.

Amber goes wolf

Next Bitten Episode Sneak Peak:

Elena returns to Toronto for her photography show with Clay at her side as protection (by Jeremy’s orders). She is surprised by Philip, who knows her relationship with Clay is deeper than she’s confessed in the past – curious to get to the bottom of it, Philip insists Clay stay with them at the apartment. As the two men sniff each other out, each with their own agenda, Elena tries to prevent her two worlds from colliding. At the art show, Elena is blindsided when Victor Olson, her former child abuser, shows up. Even more terrifying, he’s now a Mutt. Philip, already loaded for bear, steps in to protect and defend Elena’s honor, taking out all of his frustration and rage on a seemingly helpless Olson. Outside the gallery, Clay confronts Santos, threatening to kill him and end the uprising in its tracks, when a horrified Diane interrupts. Santos manages to escape just as Olson flees the gallery. The evening ends with Philip demanding the truth about Elena and Clay’s relationship. When she reveals that they were former lovers and had been engaged, Philip storms out and Elena feels her worlds imploding.

#Bitten Episode 8 | Prisoner

#Bitten Episode 8 | Prisoner

Bitten | Prisoner

Season 1 Episode 8

An emotional roller-coaster, is the only description for Episode 8…


We begin with the Pack reeling from Antonio’s death and trying to handle Jeremy’s injury. They quickly realize that his addled healing is because of poisoning. Frantically both Elena and Clay begin trying to figure out what poison is killing Jeremy. Elena begins searching for the mutts and the mysterious girl that stabbed Jeremy and Clay sets out to torture the information out of Cain.


The episode is ripe with emotional tension as Elena and Clay work in two separate directions, but technically together to find a solution, butting heads the whole time. As Clay worries about Elena out searching for the mutt, he also has to come to grips with the torture of Cain.

Cain is an enigma in this episode, at first he was depicted as shown in the book, big dumb and dead-set on destroying the pack. But, with the introduction of Amber, the girl that stabbed Jeremy, the show is giving Cain a lot more depth and with this addition of Cain, it also throws into light the understated tension between Clay and Elena. It was implied in the book and done through inner-monologue, but the show put forward this Cain thread and I have to say, it was a masterful job.

The question of course…

Why did Clay bite Elena if he loved her?

He knew there would be a chance that she would die, a HUGE chance. Cain refuses to bite Amber, because he would rather take the chance with a human then risk his life for her to become a werewolf, even though she wants it. His reluctance and her acceptance rock both Clay and Elena’s world.

Clay, because he realizes that Cain joined this attack so he could protect his girl, all he wanted for her was to be safe. It makes things much harder as he has to torture and kill him, especially as it seems that Clay starts to respect Cain the more the talk. But, e can’t just let him go, he has to pay for Pete’s death, which Cain admits to. As Cain begs not for his own life, but Amber’s life – Clay is left with some tough decisions and some even harder emotional questions. He’s being forced to confront his bad decisions with Elena and then the possible death of Jeremy, whom he views as a father figure. It puts a few things in perspective.


Elena’s thread plays out with Elena searching for Amber, tracking her down to the trailer park and then finally to the diner. At this point Elena finally confronts the mutts on her own, not on purpose, she is shanghaied as she talks to Amber. This is technically the scene in the police office in the book, but it rolls out in the episode, via the diner. Thomas LeBlanc sits down next to Elena as Karl Marsten admits he is only there for territory. Just a pawn. It ends with LeBlanc getting his arm broken and quickly admitting he used Ricin on the knife. This leads to Elena hurrying back to Jeremy and giving him the blood transfusion he needs.


In the usual Elena style, she is also being petulant because of Amber and Cain’s relationship. How Cain refused to bite Amber because he loved her. She still believes that Clay chose Jeremy over her and risked her life because of that choice.  What becomes very obvious in this episode though, Elena is still in-love with Clay, even though she is hurt by his actions and Phillip is becoming just a side-thought.

Speaking of Phillip, his thread is becoming more complex as the reason behind the “wolf vid” is played out. During reviewing the vid with his ex-girlfriend, Phillip spots Elena’s clothes and recognizes her necklace that he gave her. Connections start to come together in his mind and his first conclusion is that Elena is having an affair. He knows she goes out there to run with Logan and now believes that she is having an affair with Logan. Having sex in the woods. I’m sure this thread will become even more complex as Phillip tracks down the videographer and realizes that he wasn’t there to film beach sexy-time…but werewolves. It speaks of what I have believed this whole time, the show has a lot more in store for Phillip then just bleeding out on the floor of his apartment.

The final thread we need to talk about is Nick. Nick who is showing off his balls in this episode. His father is dead and he is now expected to step up to the plate. And he does…in a very sexy way. Jorge Sorrentino is introduced as a current member of the pack. A wolf that isn’t in the inner circle, but technically a member of the Pack. Nick calls in Jorge to fix Antonio’s death and make him disappear. At first Jorge treats Nick like a little brother, until Nick shows a bit of dominance. Yeah, it was kind of sexy.


Overall, crazy, emotional episode, with a lot of Season long threads starting to come together. From what I can tell there are only five episodes left and the threads are going to start going back on track with the book after the next episode. I’m very excited…even though I’m kind of sad that in a few weeks it might be all wrapped up.

Can you tell I love this series?

The final scene almost threw me over the edge, wrapping up the entire emotional conflict between Clay and Elena in a nice split decision….forcing me to scream in my head: “Get over it Elena and just get it on with Clay!”

Clayton Danvers, Elena Michaels


“You were right, he loved her more then life.”


“You can hate me for biting you, but how we got here, doesn’t matter. We are who we are, Elena, right  here, right now  in this moment. What we have between us is the real thing or it’s not. You decide.”

Favorite Scene:

This was a hard choice, but I have to say that I liked when Nick asserted his dominance. The whole episode was angsty, so the cut to Nick was a nice reprieve, with a bit of sexy-time. I also really liked how they changed up Cain, I actually liked the main and regret what Clay had to do…even though I have a sneaking suspicion he might not have killed him. He might have just cut off something kind of special.

Least Favorite Scene:

This wasn’t a scene per se because I actually liked all of them. It was more a critique of the editing. What was going on with the transitions in this episode? A few of the scenes just cut off. This was the most obvious with the diner scene as Elena confront Amber.

Next Episode Looksie:

Vengeance (from IMBD)

The Pack comes together to take on the notorious ex-Pack enforcer, Jimmy Koenig (Mackenzie Gray), who has been hired by Santos to kill them. As they move to intercept Koenig in a derelict factory, Clay and Elena must find a way to bridge the emotional gap between them over residual resentment about the bite. At the closed airport, the Pack battles Koenig. Elena is separated from the others and is trapped by LeBlanc, who has come to kill her. She evades him in a nearby parking lot, but is shot and wounded in the shoulder before she manages a daring escape. Meanwhile

#Bitten – Stalking – Watch-Along

#Bitten – Stalking – Watch-Along

#Bitten – Stalking
Season 1 Episode 7

These episodes are getting more and more intense. In Stalking it opens with the core pack still trying to figure out what is going on. They’ve now established that Daniel Santos is behind all the attacks and there is an all out war directed at the pack. There is no reasoning with them, the only option is to take out the opposition. Kill the mutts.
Bitten Watch-Along
Daniel Santos petitions the pack for a meeting and the pack tries to scout so it will be better for them, but the mutts are one-step ahead. They double-cross the pack and set up a trap, which leads to a lot of blood-shed and the final culmination is another pack death. The death lines up with the book, but the events in this episode are “extra” as far as plot. Understood since they are stretching out one book into a full season of episodes.

It was a really bloody episode. There are fights between Clay, Elena and Cain. There are also fights between Antonio, Jeremy, Santos and Thomas LeBlanc, which leads to the mutts stabbing both Jeremy and Antonio. Finally, at the end of the episode there is the final show-down between Cain, Elena and Clay, which leads to the capture of Cain. It was a great scene, with Elena kicking serious ass. This was my favorite scene, even though most of the episode kept me on my toes.

Bitten Watch-Along

It was highly action packed and a bit of a tear-jerker as the pack is faced with another heart-break.

I can’t even say how exciting this series has become, the only other television show that I get so worked up about is THE WALKING DEAD and BITTEN matches that one in both emotion and, while not quite as violent, still has some good fight scenes. Added plus is the sexy time and the romantic dynamic between Elena and Clay, which they don’t have in TWD.

Bitten Watch-Along
Speaking of romantic happy parts. Elena is still standing strong  against Clay. She tells him in a sad scene that she didn’t come back because of his phone-call, but because of Stillwell and Santos.

STOP LYING ELENA. We know you love yourself some Clayton! Which is evident in the way she is quick to jump to protect him.

Side plots. Phillip is still looking for the owner of the film that caught Elena killing the coyote. He enlists his ex-girlfriend to help him find the owner and she is a cookie. The hot nerdy type and she obviously wants Phillip back. She does track down the film owner and Phillip gets the rights to use it in his advertising campaign.

The next side plot is Logan and his girlfriend and their pregnancy. Logan is in pre-baby bliss and is obviously trying to sort out his loyalties. If it sticks by the book, relationships are not allowed and once a woman becomes pregnant it is expected that if it is a boy the pack member must take the baby and raise it alone. If the baby is a girl, they are abandoned. It is quite obvious that they are sticking to this thread, because Logan insists that the baby will be a girl. This is most likely hope on his part, if it is a girl, it will be one less guilty disloyal action if he stays with his girlfriend.

His conflicting feelings also come into play as the pack tries to get in touch with him and he continues to ignore the phone calls. Finally answering when Jeremy calls, but lying and saying he’ll come home, but then telling his girlfriend he’s not going anywhere.


Finally, the body of the missing townie is discovered with his throat cut and it is obvious that Clayton is the number one suspect. The sheriff visits Stonehaven right after the bloody knife battle and Jeremy has to fake it with her as his side bleeds and he tries to cover it up. Cool and collected, but it takes a lot out of him and after it is done, Jeremy collapses. It is obvious that something is seriously wrong with him and it’s not just a knife wound. The previews to next episode give away that the mutts must have laced their knives with poison. Poor Jeremy. I know he HAS to make it, but this deviation in plot is making my palms sweat.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable episode and in NO way boring. Holy werewolf balls!

Favorite Scene:
The final scene between Cain and Elena is my favorite scene. Elena was awesome and kicked some booty.

Lease Favorite:
Again Phillip tops this chart with his little interaction between nerd hottie, all to track down this youtube video.

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#Bitten | Committed – The Watch-Along Season 1 Episode 6

#Bitten | Committed – The Watch-Along Season 1 Episode 6

Bitten | Committed

Overall I was underwhelmed with this episode. Mainly because Elena spent most of her time in Vancouver, playing human. As you might have realized from this watch-along, don’t really like Phillip much, not because he is a bad guy…but because he’s not Clay. But, boy does this show push the Elena and Phillip story-line, pushing this epic romance between the two of them. Showing them having sex all the time. Blarg.

Bitten Watch Along

This episode was also completely off the book. Nothing that happened in this episode I remember from the book.

This episode reiterated two things, which are an overall theme of the series. Pack life and human life.

This episode showcased the baser nature of pack life, while portraying human life as happy and fulfilling. The episode shows Clay and Jeremy as the pack and their opening scene is the two of them being confronted by a mutt at their front door, a mutt that wants to challenge Jeremy’s rulership. The mutt in question is introduced as Samuel Boggs, son of Henry Boggs. {See my gif sequence} These characters are not from the book. Clay then protects Jeremy, but Samuel is not deterred, claiming “rights” to challenge the Alpha, which leads to Jeremy showing off his skills.

The Pack - Bitten Episode

This also leads to Jeremy really showing himself as Alpha. Ordering Clay

“I want to make an example of him. I want word to get out that if you come at me there will be serious consequences.”

Clay is reticent, but Jeremy is insistent that this will hopefully get the mutts in line.

Another plot thread is Nick. Him and Antonio have been on missions for Jeremy, doing some digging with the other “American families”, which I’m assuming are other packs (this isn’t from the book), but trying to maintain secrecy. They don’t want news of the attacks getting out so they will not appear weak.

Nick’s plot thread has him finding Dennis Stillwell in his home, dead with his eyes ripped out. Dennis and Joey Stillwell are introduced in-line with the series, but they have minor parts in the series, only appearing in SAVAGE and ASCENSION, with a large role in FROSTBITTEN (which is where Dennis dies). They are former members of the North American Werewolf Pack, both in the books and the show. IMDB has an accredited role for Joey Stillwell, played by  Elias Toufexis, but only shows him in one episode, so his role will also be minor, it would seem.

Nick’s thread is there to show that Marsten is being credited with isolating the pack and killing off their allies. Marsten is also credited with sending the mutt to Stonehaven. At this point, the pack believes that Marsten is behind the hostile take-over that is in the works.

Now, for Elena’s boring thread. She’s in Vancouver, attending a wedding. She does boring things with Phillip, like pick out wedding gifts and get her make-up done and talk Phillip’s sister out of having hysterics before her wedding. In the book, Elena would have been rather uncomfortable with all of this, but in the show, she seems fine. That is until Daniel Santos starts showing up. Then she lets the wolf out a bit.

Bitten Syfy Watch

Pair this with a very touching, yet gruesome scene…Clay calls Elena after Jeremy forces him to rip the teeth out of Samuel Boggs mouth. Clay is covered in blood and obviously upset about his actions. {See my wonderful gifs} He pleads:

“I want to be a better man, Elena. I need you. Please come home.”

It is unknown if this is what moves Elena to return, or the fact that she finds a “present” that Daniel Santos left her, with Jeremy’s name on it. Finally, Elena, takes action and abandons Phillip at his sister’s wedding.


The present is confirmation that Daniel Santos is behind the attacks, because it is Dennis Stillwell’s eyes.

Again, overall not much happened in this episode. You have a lot of human moments. Logan finds out him and his girlfriend are having a baby. Phillip getting Elena to move in with him. Which I’m rather excited about, because I can’t wait to see Phillip and Clay interact. That will be the high-point of this season if they have Clay go back to Vancouver with Elena like they did in the book.

My favorite part of the episode was Bloody Clay. My least favorite part was the whole “sister is on anxiety pills” thread, where the mother of Phillip was being all critical and causing the sisters to have hissy fits.

On with the show wolves…the next episode is titled Stalking and hints at some much needed violence. The preview shows a lot of fighting and hints at Antonio’s demise. We’ll see…loving all over this show though. All the episodes can’t be perfect.

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