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Top 16 Most Kick-Ass Chicks on Screen

Inspired by a friend’s Facebook posts, that I shared on my page, this post was born. The post in question basically mocked all the “OMG WONDER WOMAN” reviews. “I’ve never seen a woman this badass on screen,” they say (allegedly).  And of course, Buffy and I, of course, beg to differ. Maybe a 9-year-old that has only watched Sesame Street all their life, can say that. But, to me, who has been inspired by kick-ass chicks on the screen since childhood…well, I know differently. No offense to the Wonder Woman movie, (see my review) I loved the movie, and it kicked some serious ass. But, women have been kicking ass on the screen for decades. Not as many as I would like, but to dismiss them as if there were none that came before is insulting.  I would like to share all the female characters that inspire me to write and inspire me to be a kick-ass female myself!

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Wicked Abyss by Kresley Cole, powerhouse of PNR

Kresley Cole is a powerhouse in the PNR genre. If you are a fan of the genre and you haven’t started the Immortals After Dark series, you are missing out. WICKED ABYSS is the 18th book in the series and not really characters most of the fans of the series could get behind. We’re always hoping that one of the “left-hanging” characters will get their HEA, but then she throws at us, characters that we haven’t really heard about, or really, haven’t gotten attached to. 

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