The 2017 Book Blogger Organizer

The 2017 Book Blogger Organizer

Are you ready to get organized?

The Organizer & Planner Just for Book Bloggers is Now Available!

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The 2017 Book Blogger Organizer & Planner is designed for Book Bloggers and only Book Bloggers. The Organizer is comprised of 166 pages of calendars, weekly organizers, charts and cheat sheets. Also included is a file FULL Of spreadsheets. Yes, spreadsheets just for you to get YOU ORGANIZED! Spreadsheets that track your stats, track your review requests, track your TBR and track your blog posts. You name it – it’s in here! And if you think it’s missing something – just email me and I’ll add it.

The Digital Version of the Book Blogger Organizer is on sale for $7.50 until December 30th! 


Included in the 2017 Book Blogger Organizer:

  • Year at a Glance (Printable)
  • Printable Monthly Calendar – Dec 2016 to December 2017
    Each month displayed in a calendar format, with months and stat tracker at the bottom
  •  ➡ NEW – Monthly Goals
  • Blog Event/Promotion Tracker
  • By Month – Day by Day Post Schedules (Printable & XLS File)
    Daily chart to catalog your posts
  • Ideas, Posts & Book Schedule Chart (Printable & XLS File)
    Chart to list reviews, ideas, and features
  • Monthly Books Read (Printable & XLS File) / Book & Review Tracker
    Chart to track your reading schedule for that month
  • Week at a Glance (Printable)
    Weekly schedule that you can print as needed
  • Stat Tracker (Printable & XLS File)
    Track your followers, Analytics, Pageviews and much more
  • Advertiser Tracker (Printable & XLS File)
    Want to place advertising on your site? Track advertisers and their dates
  • Blog Tours & Guest Post Tracker (Printable)
    Track the Blog Tours & Guest Posts you signed up for
  • Publisher Tracker (Printable & XLS File)
    Track your publisher contacts
  • Publisher Contact Sheet (XLS File – FILLED IN with Publisher Emails)
    A spreadsheet with publisher emails already listed
  • Reading Log (Printable & XLS File)
    Track your yearly reading
  • TBR List (Printable & XLS File)
    Track your review books
  • Daily Blogger Checklist (Printable & XLS File)
    A checklist for daily blogger tasks
  • Book Review Cheat Sheet (Printable & XLS File)
    A cheat sheet to use when setting up your review
  • Grammar Cheat Sheet (Printable)
    Affect or Effect? Your or You’re – keep a handy cheat sheet readily available
  • HTML Cheat Sheet (Printable)
    Quick reference HTML Cheat sheet


Screenshots below:

The Digital Version of the Book Blogger Organizer is on sale for $7.50 until December 30th!

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The PJV Black Friday Sale – Everything 50% Off

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Happy Friday! How about a Freebie? Free Social Media Icons for Book Bloggers

Happy Friday! How about a Freebie? Free Social Media Icons for Book Bloggers

Happy Friday! How about a Freebie? Free Social Media Icons for Book Bloggers. Just for book bloggers – social icon images in PNG format so you can place on your blog!

Looking for social images that say I LOVE BOOKS? Well, look no further. I have cute social icons just for book bloggers and sites that want to show their love of books. To make it even better, these social icons are FREE. Yup, free. Download and enjoy, you don’t even have to credit me. Unless you want to of course.

Ten Icons. Five Colors.


Icons are in PNG format with transparent background so you can place it on light or dark background. Icons come with book blogger specific icons like Goodreads and Booklikes.

Click on the product link below to download.

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Color Me Inspired! Covers to Inspire Your Blog Colors

Color Me Inspired! Covers to Inspire Your Blog Colors

Color Me Inspired! Covers to Inspire Your Blog Colors

Get inspired by book covers and find colors for your blog design

I love beautiful covers, the colors that the designers use are sometimes awe-inspiring. At times I use covers to inspire the designs I create. The colors, the type, the lighting and balance. Here are some of the covers that I’ve been inspired by lately. Beautiful covers of books that have been released in 2016. They made my jaw drop – I hope you like them to. Then I created color palettes based off of the colors – who wants a design with these colors? I know I do…

The beautiful blues, teals, and purples of Never Missing, Never Found by Amanda Panitch are truly an inspiration. They make me think of sunsets and flowers, of change and emotion. If you want to reassure and inspire your blog visitors go with this color scheme.

I feel a romantic twinge when I see the cover for Places No One Knows by Brenna Yovanoff. This cover with the ever popular “floating” models makes me want to blow kisses and listen to Taylor Swift. Want a romantic and passionate feel to your blog? Use this color scheme.

The dark tones of On the Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis inspires depth and emotion. The blues and deep rich navy of this cover are hiding secrets and mysteries. This color scheme would be a wonderful choice for blogs that want to give a rich and artistic feel to their blog.

There is no denying that this cover is organic. Rich greens with the creeping vines and the dark tones add a creepy feel to After the Woods by Kim Savage. The look of it definitely inspires. Give your blog and organic and natural feel to it by using this color scheme.

It is no surprise that The Black Key (The Lone City #3) by Amy Ewing is one of my favorite color schemes. I’m ever the fan of lavender mixed with blacks and whites. It makes me think of fall nights, vintage curtains blowing in the night air and the smell of jasmine. Give your blog a depth and vintage feel with these colors.

Have a favorite? Which one?

Halloween Template Sale! Templates for Blogger

Halloween Template Sale! Templates for Blogger

It is October – and that means —-




Check out all the fantastic Bloggers created just for my favorite holiday!!! They also do not have to be used just for Halloween!

Use Coupon Code: biteme30

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New Design for Sale –

New Design for Sale –

Looking to start a new romance blog? Want something ready-made and just waiting to be awesome? Well I have something for you. The premium domain is available and it’s book / author / blogger ready.

This blog is perfect for:

  • Romance Book Bloggers
  • Romance Author Conglomerates
  • Romance publishers
  • Romance Addicts

Check it out live -> for more information and see it in it’s full glory.

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