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The Sight by Chloe Neill Blog Tour and Giveaway

THE SIGHT by Chloe Neill is a relevant commentary on the dangers of establishing an “other” in our world. Through her story about human groups vs paranormal groups, Neill explores what it means when a group of people are identified as different. What violence, hate, and judgment comes with the “other” classification? Here are my Top Five Reasons to Read THE SIGHT.

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Top Ten Tips to Author Personal Assistants

Dear Author Personal Assistants,

I love the author you work for, and I genuinely want to help her succeed. If this wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t have requested to be on her street team or review team. Lately though, I have found some of you to be curt and down right rude in some cases. I have had to leave a review team based on the way one PA spoke to the group. I realize that some people can pull shenanigans when it comes to reviewing ARCs and sharing releases, but I believe you can still be positive in addressing the group. So here are my Top Ten Tips to Author PAs.

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Dishing Junk: Classics I Didn’t Read!

So as a book reviewer and English teacher and self-proclaimed book geek, I am some what of a fraud. There are classics, you know the books everyone should have read, that I simply haven’t read and for the most part don’t want to read. So I thought I’d own it here and now. What do you think? Should we still read the classics? Are they necessary to make a well rounded reader? When I think about the power of reference, I can acknowledge that there is a certain necessity in reading the classics. So here is my list o’shame. The books I haven’t read, and to redeem myself, some classics I have read. How about you? Are you Team Classics? Or Team Meh? Do you have that one book you should have read, and you were like “nope!”?

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