Cajun Zombies Book #1  by Gillian Zane

Gillian Zane brings zombies back! Set in the world she created with the NOLA Zombie series, are you ready for the Cajun Zombie series?
 What do you do when the U.S. military starts gunning down infected civilians in the streets? You…Bug Out

  • Print Length: 243 pages
  • Publication Date: November 12, 2018
Captain Samantha Smith of the United States Army is on a mission to transition out of the military and get a real job. As a mercenary. The problem is, there is a virus that is really messing with her ability to get down to South Louisiana and interview for the job. Flights are shut down, there are rumors about New York being under quarantine, and now she’s forced to drive all the way from Colorado Springs to the Godforsaken environment that is the Louisiana coastline.
The virus is not supposed to be that big of deal, though. Or so the news says, but as Sam gets closer and closer to the city, things get steadily worse. The iKPV virus might be running rampant in New Orleans. As chaos takes hold of the world around her, Sam steps up to command. She finds comfort and loyalty in two soldier she teams up with as the military breaks down around them.
Their new mission: Survive.

Screaming erupted from the crowd behind me. I turned to assess the soldiers on my side. Would they start opening fire on the civilians on this side as well? Was I a threat? Most of the people out here had a first-hand view of what these soldiers had done. They had watched as their own government killed two Americans in cold blood. What did this mean? Had they declared martial law? Are we being invaded? I couldn’t think of anything that would warrant this kind of behavior from my government. From my Army.

The gunfire caused an intense frenzied reaction from the citizens around me and whomever was on the other side of the highway blockade. People were trying to force their way around the barricades, and they weren’t being subtle about it. I don’t know what the logic was behind the charge, they were on foot, and they were running toward the men with guns. What could be so bad on the other side that they would risk getting shot by the military? The soldiers ran to hold the line, one even opened fire on one of the civilians trying to climb over the Humvee.

“Holy fuck,” I whispered.

“You need to get back in your car, ma’am.” There was a hand on my pants, trying to pull me down from my perch on the cement divider. It was only a six-inch expanse of cement and if he jostled me wrong, I would lose my footing and plunge into the algae choked water fifty feet below me.

“Don’t touch me, private, I don’t know what the fuck your orders are, soldier, but this is…” I didn’t have a proper descriptor to finish that statement. It was FUBAR. There was no other way to describe it. The Army was killing civilians. He took my warning in stride, but his hand was still on my leg, his hand wrapped in the loose material of my slacks.  He yanked me hard off the guardrail and stepped back when I swung around to face him as I jumped forward. 

“Enough!” I raised my hands, using my momentum to force him back. I looked over my shoulder and saw a few other soldiers pointing guns at the other civilians on this side, yelling at them to get back in their cars. Trying to direct them to the exits. 

At least they weren’t shooting any of us. But who knows what might happen next. It was time to make a hasty exit and figure out what the fuck was going on.

Guess I wasn’t going to make that interview after all.

– exclusive excerpt from survive by gillian zane

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Rachel, whom you might know as Parajunkee, is the blog owner of and the design blog To make matters even more confusing she is now a published author under the pen name of Gillian Zane. Rachel has been blogging for over eight years, designing / web programming for over fifteen, but her real love, reading, has been her favorite hobby since childhood. Rachel has won numerous awards for her writing, the blogs she has created and her design work. If you want to check out more about her books click "The Books" on the navigation bar at the top of the page.