A Promise of Fire

High-Fantasy Romance


I was looking for something to fill the gap after Sarah Maas’ A Court of Thorn and Roses series and I think I might have found it…

On a whim, I downloaded this book from Audible’s ROMANCE PACKAGE section. If you haven’t tried the Romance Package, so far I’ve found it worth it…but I do think it will have its limits and I’ll run out of choices that fit my tastes. I usually don’t lean toward high fantasy with a romance leaning, but after reading Sarah Maas’ series I had a taste for it and was looking for something to replace it. That perfect balance of world building, character development, and romance.

Amanda Bouchet delivered that perfect balance.

The story is set in an alternative world, where the Greek Gods are alive and well and very active in the lives of mortals. There are magical creatures, humans that use magic, and non-magical normal folks that make up this world. The magic users are the ruling class, and they are a horrid bunch of people. They kill each other and everyone around them for sport and power. The plot of the novel follows a change in power, a warlord of non-magical lineage, Griffin “Beta” Sinta has killed off the magical rulers and seated his own sister as the Alpha. This same warlord discovers the scrappy heroine, Cat, in hiding with a circus, and knows immediately what she is, a Kingmaker. He succinctly kidnaps her, throws her on his horse with a magic rope around her waist and takes her to his kingdom.

The start of the Amanda Bouchet’s series is full of great dialogue, rich exposition, and a sultry, understated romance. It’s a perfect high fantasy novel with a simmering love story to fuel it. I enjoyed it as a one-off of Maas’ popular series, because it has a similar algorithm which I now am a big fan of. So, if you like Sarah Maas’ A Court of Thorn and Roses series, you’ll love the Kingmaker series.

If you liked this, you’ll like that:


A faint smile curves her lips. ‘Why didn’t you just escape?’

‘The rope.’ That stupid, infuriating enchanted rope that led me to make a binding vow to stay with Beta Sinta until his—or my, if it comes first—dying day.

She looks incredulous. ‘You couldn’t find a way out?’

‘It was a bloody good rope!’


A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet

A Promise of Fire (The Kingmaker Trilogy) by Amanda Bouchet

Series: The Kingmaker Series #1
Narrator: Mia Barron
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on August 2nd 2016
ISBN: 1492626015
Pages: 441
5 Stars

Catalia "Cat" Fisa is a powerful clairvoyant known as the Kingmaker. This smart-mouthed soothsayer has no interest in her powers and would much rather fly under the radar, far from the clutches of her homicidal mother. But when an ambitious warlord captures her, she may not have a choice.

Griffin is intent on bringing peace to his newly conquered realm in the magic-deprived south. When he discovers Cat is the Kingmaker, he abducts her. But Cat will do everything in her power to avoid her dangerous destiny, and she battles her captor at every turn.

Although up for the fight, Griffin would prefer for Cat to help his people willingly, and he's ready to do whatever it takes to coax her - even if that means falling in love with her.