THE AMAZON BEST-SELLING SERIES IS NOW ON AUDIO! Exclusively on, and produced by Audible Studios the NOLA Zombie series is now available to be experienced in with exciting professional narration. 

About The Series:

Stuffed full of end of the world goodness, bad lanaguage, hot sex scenes, and even hotter Alpha males and females…the NOLA Zombie series takes you on a wild zombie killing ride. The first three books RUN, FIGHT, & LIVE follow Alexis Winters as she escapes death and hooks up with a group of mercenaries that band together to survive the plague. Books one and two end in cliffhangers. 

Books four and five, give HEAs to two other characters introduced in the first three books. The final fifth book wraps up the entire series in as good of an HEA as you can get during a zombie apocalypse. 


Sample Audio from LIVE

by Aaron Sin, Holly Warren & Tom Clark | LIVE

Each audio book features professional narration from Audible Stuidios, by professional actors and actresses. Books 3 – 5 offer tri and dual narration. Each POV has it’s own narrator!

Run & Fight: Holly Warren
Live: Aaron Sin, Holly Warren,Tom Clark
Justice: Patrick Garrett, Kya Murphy
Honor: Archie Montgomery,Brooke Hayden

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Zombies are on the loose in New Orleans and of all the end-of-the-world scenarios, Alexis Winter wasn’t prepared for this one. But, an apocalypse is an apocalypse and she should have this covered. She has been “prepping” for the last three years. The problem is location and timing. She’s stuck downtown and she has to get to her house on the outskirts of the city so she can get her supplies and bug-in (for the “non-preppers” this means hole up and stay safe).


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