A Junkee's descent into the madness of this reverse harem thing...

re·verse har·em

/rəˈvərs ˈherəm/

A genre that was started in Japanese anime and a new romance subgenre that is becoming increasingly popular. The theme centers around one female and a group of males that are her lovers or potential lovers, all of which are usually accepting of the arraignment. As a subgenre, it is within the romance genre and usually is considered a fantasy, science fiction, or paranormal romance. The female is usually the leader of the group. 

So what’s up with this reverse harem thing?

If you like angst, especially angst with a YA flair – then times that by 4, 5, 6+ and you have a reverse harem.

Not all of the reverse harem books are New Adult, but it seems a lot of them are. Also, not all of them are fantasy or paranormal — but most of them are. They are usually an Urban Fantasy or Fantasy type novel with the potential for some really hot and heavy sex scenes. And before you start judging – a lot of them don’t even have sex scenes so don’t pitch them in the erotica/orgy genres – but they have the POTENTIAL for some really hot sex scenes. Because the point of these books is the burn. A slow burn where you keep reading and waiting for them all to JUST GET IT ON.

Take the love-triangle and multiply it by a thousand…but the thing is, you know the heroine is going to not have to choose. She’s going to get them all. 

The cool thing about this genre is that it’s all about the relationships between the characters, and about the world that allows this relationship to happen. Most of the characters have to embrace their sexuality and push away societal norms to fall within the relationship. How most authors do this within the novels is thrilling and sometimes inspiring. The characters usually go through a plethora of emotional roller-coaster rides, embracing the fun angst-driven emotions of jealousy, lust, love etc. and because it’s with 4, 5, and 6+ characters the authors get to play with unique ways of doing things. 

What will you find in a reverse harem?

You can find everything in a reverse harem that will meet your tastes.

Most subgenres of romance are covered, everything from erotica, to young adult reverse harems are on the market. They also have contemporary ones, urban fantasy, paranormal etc. If you like romacne, you can find your “type” of reverse harem.

Ready to get started with this genre?

Here are two very different recs for you to start with, one has a very YA voice and the other a very adult voice. Enjoy!


Books in the Curse of the Gods series: 


The Curse of the Gods series by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington is going to be on every list on Goodreads and will be on the top of most people’s rec list when it comes to the Reverse Harem genre. You can probably see why. The covers are stunning, the blurbs are hot…and the first couple of chapters will quickly suck you in. They are also available on Kindle Unlimited, or at least the first two are. The first two are also available on the Romance Package via Audible. So, that means they are very accessible. 

There are five books scheduled for release, three of which are already published, the last two listed as releasing in 2018. 

About the Books:

The world is an alternate reality, where there are three types of beings. There are the dwellers, which are a slave race, to the “higher class” of Sols, and then there are the gods. The Sols live like kings, with magical powers, and god-like strength and compete in the hopes of one-day becoming gods themselves.

The books focus on a dweller called Willa, who has a clutz curse. She blundered her way into getting one of the most prestigious postings that a dweller can get. She’s assigned as a servant to the Sols of Blesswood, a training academy for the best of the best. There she blunders her way into more trouble, the worst of which revolves around five Sol brothers, the Abcurses. They are immediately drawn to her, which is scary, since most dwellers that capture a Sol’s attention end up dead. The premise is pretty interesting and the authors have a way of jacking up the sexual tension, even though NOTHING happens between the characters, besides a bit of foreplay that is immediately regretted.  So…you keep reading, waiting for it to happen. I just want to see how they all get together dammit. 

There is a bit of silliness in the series, because it does have that “little heroine” “big heroes” interplay. Plus the heroine is the stereotypical clumsy YA type character, the big five men throw her around and carry her, with a lot of manhandling and down talking. It can be a bit much if you like your female with a bit of edge, instead of swoon. But, the world in which the characters exist makes this work. It is not our world, and the characters accept their placement within the world. And for the world in which they exist in, Willa’s behaviour is considered edgy. 

Should you read it? Yes. Maybe wait until all 5 books are out? Unless you like that burn. Then read. 


Where the Curse of the Gods series by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington is fun, the Dark Side series is dark and sexy. It’s another hot recommend from most lists and blog recs. FOUR PSYCHOS is firmly within the paranormal romance genre, channeling some great series like Kresley Cole’s IAD series. The first book is available on Kindle Unlimited, but not the second one…and the third and fourth books have not been released and do not have TBR dates listed on goodreads. 

About the Books:

The world could be our world, but the four guys are paranormal creatures. The world is a demon/hell landscape. The main character is nameless, to begin with, which is very different. She’s an entity, she does not have a body and does not interact with the other characters. She doesn’t know anything about herself, only that she is female – and that she needs four men to survive. She can’t even be without them for ten-minutes without fading away. 

When things change for the men and they have a chance to move up in whatever they are doing…they suddenly begin to be targeted by assassins. The heroine, who really likes her boys, tries to stop them and in the process finds herself able to materialize to the men. She has major crushes on the men, especially since she had watched them sex up numerous women, together…but when they finally do see her they treat her horribly. Like she’s a pest or a curse. It isn’t anything like she expected, so it’s not a happy reunion like she thought. So you get this good progression of instant lust, to hatred, and then slow progression to respect and protection as she helps them and they help her. It was a good first book. And I wanted to read on – but was stuck in Kindle Unlimted mode…and even though this is PNR you don’t get the sexy-time between the characters. Again – I know the authors will make you wait until the end. Grrr…


Should you read it? Yes. If you like PNR and hell/demon landscapes. I might wait though…at least until the last books have release dates – if you don’t like cliffhangers/having to wait. 


Ready to dive into more?? Check out the Goodreads list that tag most in the genre. 

I’m looking for my own recommendations. Like the genre? Please recommend some good ones to me! I’m looking for KU and audible Romance Package recommendations because I’ll be doing a big promo spot for them in the future. 

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  1. Mandy

    I’m still new to the genre but it’s quickly become one of my favorites. I’ve read a few so far. I like C.M. Stunich’s Seven Mates of Zara Wolf. Thanks for the new lists, and glad to see another fan.