Best Girlfriends & Boyfriends

of 2017

Best Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends of 2017

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The Girlfriends

Characters I want to be my BFF…

Who wouldn’t want to be BFFs with the ruler of the Night Court and this all-powerful high fae?

Emika Chen
Can I play in Warcross with Emika? Please??

I would die to go to a con with Elle, or even work in her food truck with her! 

No explanation should be needed for this one…

Mira and I should hang out, at lease she should let me try on her dresses.


Why don’t they make boys like this in real life???

I mean…I can’t even begin to explain my obsession. 

Mad Rogan
Oh what I wouldn’t do for some more of Mad Rogan.

John Shepherd
John Shepherd is my soul mate. No one else can have him!

Henry John Edgar Thomas Pembrook
Every girl dreams of marrying a Prince right? This one is perfect. I would like him please.

From princes to demons…there is no inbetween. 

Top 10 of 2017

What are some of your fave book boyfriends and girlfriends from books you’ve read in 2017?

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  1. Rachel

    Oh what a smart way to do it! It was hard to choose 10 boyfriends as I read so many books where the heroine was BFF material. I would have had a ton of those! And yay for Wicked Abyss!!! 🙂