Why do you read romance?

I know why I read romance. I read it for all the feels. I read it for the moments that make me giggle, the moments that make me sigh…and for the feeling that there is something wonderful out there just waiting to happen.

Romance gets a bad rap, it always has. It’s not considered “literature” by some, even authors that muck about in its readers…ahem Mr. Sparks, won’t even admit that they are a Romance author. Too bad for them, romance authors are rock stars! But, back to the BS, basically the “other readers” out there look down their noses at romance readers and writers. And guess, what? I don’t care. And you shouldn’t either! Let’s show that why we read romance. Let’s show them the books that rocked our worlds that are (OMG) within the romance genre. Let’s spread the love of our romance books…c’mon…we got this.

The challenge…

I’m going to start this Sept. 17th in honor of Women’s Friendship Day. What better way to celebrate friendship with your girlfriends then giving them a good book recommendation? But you can start this anytime you want.

You can do this on your blog, or on Instagram, or on Facebook. Your choice. And that about does the rules. You don’t have to tag me, you don’t have to do all of them. Just have fun with it. If you want, comment that you are joining – with the link of your account, so other participants can follow along.  USE the hashtag #WhyIReadRomance


  1. Sophia Rose

    Great idea, thanks!

    I can definitely get behind this idea. 🙂 Not sure when it will post, but it will be up on Delighted Reader blog within the next month.

  2. Lover Of Romance

    oh I LOVE this idea, and did a post on my blog for it!!! Lets shout to the world our love of romance.

  3. Julija @ Books Over Coffee

    Oh, I love this idea! It is so true that romance has the worst reputation of all genres, which is just sad. Especially when it comes from the authors themselves. Sure, some romance books can be considered problematic but they’re still books and you can’t judge the entire genre (or its readers and authors) based on a few bad experiences.
    Thank you for creating this tag/challenge! I will be definitely joining sometime next week.

  4. Zirev

    I don’t scoff at romance but I love romance sometimes. The problem is that romance is no longer an exclusive genre. Most books now are genre-bending. There’s romance in YA, Sci Fi, Mystery, etc. That’s why Mr. Sparks won’t admit he’s a romance author because it might generalize him being exclusive to it and that his romantic books aren’t just romantic books.

    Anyway, I could come up with something from some of the numbers but you couldn’t think of those books as romance. Is that okay?

  5. Lauren

    Oooh I might have to give this one a try!! If I can’t figure out 1 for each category.

  6. Kathryn Dee

    I’ll be in on this.
    Great idea

  7. Vi @Inkvotary

    This is a great idea. Don´t know if I can join in on 9/17 but I will write a post about it during the ongoing month :-).
    Best wishes
    Vi @Inkvotary

    • Parajunkee

      Anytime you want to join up is fine 😀