A modern & very affordable 4 chair set from EdgeMod.

EdgeMod Eames Style Molded Plastic Dining Chair (Set of 4) – New Seat Height 18.5 Inches

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For quick reference, EdgeMod describes these as Eames Style – which refers to the “Eames Era.” It’s a quick reference to Mid Century, Modern look. 1950s to 1975 look. Vintage, yet modern. Which is exactly what this is. They are cheap chairs, but comfortable, and their style can be blended with an eclectic design. My current look is what I would describe as “Shabby World Market” – I go for real wood, with a hand made look, most pieces are from World Market, others are custom built.  

I wouldn’t think these chairs would fit with my look, but they complimented the table well.  It was a pleasant surprise. I’m definitely pleased with the final product. The install was slightly strenuous but was easy in the long run. 

The basic idea behind the install is to get the bottom screwed into the top…

THE INSTALL was a bit frustrating at first, most of which revolved around the plastic pieces that were inserted into the manufactured screw holes in the bottom of the white plastic parts. At first I tried to remove them with my hand, thinking that they would pop right out. They did not and they broke off inside the hole. That began a HUGE process of getting the little plastic stuff from out of the hole.  

Once I figured out that you will need pliers to get the plastic out, it went easy.  But, fishing the plastic out took a lot of experimentation, ended up using an Exacto knife to fish it out piece by cut-up piece.

The instructions only say you’ll need the included Allen Key, but I needed a bit more (see the picture of tools).

There were some issues in the overall design of the chairs. The white of the chair can be easily scuffed and stained. There was a line on one that was there on unpacking. And a few problems with the legs of the chair. 

When installing, lining up the legs and seat of the chair was easy. It’s loose and once you get them all lined up and the screws set, tighten then up. 

When I was done, and they were in place, I was very pleased with the look. Total install time was about 45 to 1 hour time. I forgot to look at the clock, but it was around that time. 

The seats are comfortable, and I thought they would be delicate and wouldn’t hold up to our boisterous family – but they are doing well and holding up. They don’t scratch my wood floors, and I’ve gotten compliments on them. What do you think of my new small table eating area? 

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