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Nostalgia COT5PK Hard Cotton Candy Station, Pink

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Nostalgia’s Hard Cotton Candy Station is a candy lover’s dream. It comes in pink to sweeten the look, and is styled to look like a 50s diner accessory.

It comes with a reusable scoop, two reusable cones, a storage compartment, and three clear rim guards for candy storage that you can view.

Not quite like the pictures, but it’s cotton candy!

COTTON CANDY AT HOME — all you need is hard candy pieces. Place two pieces of hard candy of your choice in the spinning heating element and you have cotton candy.  We used Jolly Rancher hard candy, and that worked the best.

I do not recommend using ORB hard candies – like atomic fire balls. They shoot right out – POW! And do not use chewy candy, like chocolate, caramels, or hard candy shell. It heats up the candy and turns it into cotton candy. Using straight sugar works better, since you might need to “crush” the candy before you place it into the element.

My overall opinion of Nostalgia’s Cotton candy maker is that it is a novelty. If you really want to make cotton candy, this is a good and affordable route to go. But, the mechanics of it are a little tough. For one the on / off button, which is styled for a large push button look, is hard to push, especially when you are holding a cotton candy, because you have to brace the back of the machine or it’s going to go flying off the table.

The other thing about this thing is that it’s messy. There will be sugar everywhere. We took it outside, and when I was ready to bring it inside (after the heating element had cooled down) it was already attracting sugar ants.

The final output was also a bit to be desired, I’m guessing it takes a bit of finesse to learn how to make a perfect cotton candy display. It also takes more sugar, to make a big cotton candy, and this one isn’t set up for big and pretty cotton candy. As you can tell I gave it a good try, but it’s not as pretty as I would like. Using crushed sugar got the best results – but it was fun to buy a bunch of hard candy and try out different flavors?

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