Top five Daddy Dom traits
Brianna Hale

There are so many things to love about a Daddy Dom! First of all, they just adore their submissives/littles and take delight in caring for, disciplining and loving them.
I’ve narrowed it down to five traits that I think are super important for a Daddy Dom to possess – and I’m sure Rufus and Dieter would agree with me.

1. Indulgence

Of the two, Rufus from LITTLE DANCER is probably the most indulgent. His little, Abby, is such a well-behaved, good little girl so he takes delight in spoiling her rotten – once he’s sure she’s eaten her fruit, done her warm-ups and had plenty of rest, that is!

2. Patience

Dieter in PRINCESS BRAT most embodies patience. He’s the sort of dom who enjoys wrangling a brat, and boy is Adrienne a brat! Princess of the brats, even. While she’s busy teasing and acting out, he’s calmly above it all, coming in at the right moment with a word or a look to get her back into line.

3. Strictness

*looks at Rufus* *looks at Dieter* OK, I probably couldn’t say which of these two are the strictest. They are both so strict, and not tears, tantrums, pleading or pouts will sway them.


All right, that’s not true! They’re not made of stone after all. And they would tell you that, when the time is right, a good daddy always caves.

(And when the time is not right, babygirl goes over daddy’s knee.)

4. Understanding

I have to hand it to him – Dieter has bucketloads of understanding. While his little, Adrienne, is a super-brat and is not above ratcheting herself up into a tantrum, he knows that they’re caused by feelings of frustration, loneliness or confusion. While she might need a spanking, most of all she needs someone to talk to.

5. Playfulness

If a daddy isn’t willing to get down on a floor and play dolls with his little or read her a bedtime story about unicorns, is he really a daddy? Rufus would tell you heeeeeeell no! And besides, what’s a relationship without tickles, giggles and silliness?

About The Books

Little Dancer by Brianna Hale

Release Date: April 17th 2017 by Carina Press

Twenty-year-old dancer Abby Williams has only ever felt truly herself while she’s onstage. It’s the one place she gets the firm direction and focused attention she craves to keep her whimsical thoughts in order. Offstage she feels out of place, forced to give up her girlish treasures and bombarded at every turn with adult responsibilities. But one missed dance cue in front of the intimidating theater director could take all this away.

Summoned to Rufus Kingsolver’s office, Abby is terrified the darkly handsome, commanding man is about to end her dream. But Rufus has other ideas. He wants to be her Dom. He wants her to call him Daddy.

Abby is shocked, but the spark of curiosity and taboo desire have her wanting more. Under Rufus’s firm hand, they explore the erotic depths of their unconventional, yet beautiful, relationship. Abby is falling deeper in love with Rufus and the Little/Dom lifestyle, but it’s not long before she comes face-to-face with her darkest fear—judgment from the outside world.

Daddy knows best, but what if, this once, he can’t protect her?

Princess Brat by Brianna Hale

Release Date: June 26, 2017

When Father’s away, with Daddy Dom she’ll play

Throwing tantrums may be childish behavior, but it’s the only way Adrienne Westley feels she can be heard. In the middle of a tabloid scandal, her father cares more about his career than the threats to his mouthy daughter. So when bodyguard Dieter Vanderbroeck enters her home, she’s shocked by his dominant presence.

Try as she might to defy him, Dieter doesn’t give in to her bratty attitude. Instead, he challenges it with a commanding voice and a firm hand. His authoritative tone calls to a part of Adrienne that she’s long kept hidden—and as Dieter begins to unravel her submissive nature, it becomes harder and harder to keep things professional.

Adrienne’s about to find out just where bratty little girls go: over Daddy’s knee. Because he no longer wants to be just her bodyguard—he wants to be her Daddy Dom.

About the Author

About Brianna Hale

Brianna Hale couldn’t live without her notebook and an assortment of glitter pens, and when she’s not writing she can usually be found with a book, fighting video game monsters and aliens or attending the theatre. She believes that pink and empowerment aren’t mutually exclusive, and everyday adventures are possible. Brianna lives in London.

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