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14 March 2017

I have this thing about vampires. I know many readers do too. You see, I’ve been writing about vampires since the early 1990s. My first vampire romance, Dark Rapture, was published in 1997. And I haven’t been able to stop writing about those sexy, fanged creatures of the night since.

I currently write the majority of my paranormal stories in my world of Beautiful Creatures. But. Every once in a while, I have to mix things up. Try something new. So, when Tina Folsom invited me to write in her Venice Vampyr world, I leaped at the chance. It was an opportunity to try a different kind of vampire on the page (though not terribly different from my usual vamps) and to use a world that had already been established. And yet, I had complete freedom to make the vampire hero whomever I wished him to be, and to give him a life and trials and tribulations as I saw fit. The heroine was my own creation too. As well, as the story, their fun and flirtatious love affair, and everything else you see on the page. And I had a great time doing it! This may actually be the first heroine I’ve written who has an extreme problem with fainting at inappropriate times. Had so much fun with her.

And let me just say that I channeled my alter ego, Michele Renae, for the sex scenes. This story is a touch spicier than my usual para-roms, and just dips a toe into the erotic. So I hope you’ll give it a read and that you will love the characters as much as I do!

This is the 5th book in the Venice Vampyr series, a world created by Tina Folsom. This is the 1st book written by Michele Hauf in this world.

  • Release date: March 14th
  • Format: Digital (most online retailers)
  • Genre: Historical paranormal romance (vampire)
  • Heat level: Steamy
  • Price: $2.99
  • Pages: approx 110

Blurb: Venice, Italy – early 1800s Vampire Marcello Sebastiani has enough on his plate with the city of Venice demanding his birth records to prove ownership of his centuries-old palazzo. The last thing he needs is a headstrong yet delicate Englishwoman bulldozing her way into his life and manipulating his every action. No matter how delectable she may be. Jane Emery has fled an abusive situation in hopes of pursuing her musical studies, but when she arrives in Italy, she finds that her patron has passed, leaving her desperate and lost. Thankfully, she is able to coerce a handsome yet mysterious stranger into helping her. Only her machinations don’t take into consideration his tantalizing touches that make her forget her plans and dream of a future she shouldn’t. When Jane’s past catches up to her, Marcello is determined to protect the one thing that has come to mean more to him than his own life. But will he be successful, or will the dark force that seeks Jane have better aim?

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Note: Book #1 in the series, Venice Vampyr, written by Tina Folsom, is currently FREE (until approx end of March) at most online retailers.

#2 Final Affair

#3 Sinful Treasure

#4 Sensual Danger

1 Comment

  1. Nathan

    I like vampyrs. I am going to try this world out. I hope I love it.

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