Top Ten Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Usage

Blogging and Using Facebook

Rachel Rivera, PJV Tutorials

07 March 2017

Make sure you have a dynamic cover photo and you incorporate your brand within your profile picture. If your brand is YOUR face, that works too. I see a lot of book bloggers that do “contests” to post an author’s book as their profile pic and while this might work in other ways (like gets, post promotion etc) it doesn’t promote brand recognition. When you’re scrolling through the mass amounts of posts on Facebook, brand recognition is key. If they “look” for your posts, they might not recognize them if you are constantly changing your profile and cover shot to another’s brand. I’m not trying to discount this practice, but if you are trying to make a name for yourself, you have to have a recognizable name.

Make sure you FILL OUT that ABOUT section and fill it out well. It should be a down and dirty description of what you do and who you are. You should also have keywords within this section so that searches can bring up your page. What do you specialize in? And don’t forget that LINK back to your webpage or other social media account that you need to give attention.

Utilize links. There should always be a link in your “profile.” Utilize the comment section under your cover image, under your profile picture and like I mentioned before, in your about section. Link back to your website, or your Instagram account if you do not have a website. I also recommend using a link that you can “track.” You can add a bitlinks or Hubspot etc., make sure that they track – and track stuff you want to know.

Use Bitlinks to track your Facebook engagement

By using Bitlinks to track your links from facebook you can tell where your audience is coming from and at what day. This way if you did something “different” that day you can do it again.

Schedule your posts. You NEED to post regularly and if this isn’t possible because of a day job, or things like SLEEP, schedule posts. They don’t have to be EPIC posts every time, you can share a cute picture. Just post and post regularly. You can schedule posts right through the Facebook page, or you can use apps like Hubspot to schedule posts. If you are feeling motivated use a Post Planner, or grab a calendar and jot in what you should post and at what time.

Study your audience. This is basically an urge from me to you, to PAY ATTENTION. If you see that you get more likes on certain types of posts – post more of those types of posts. For example, if you get a ton of likes on funny cat photos, post more funny cat photos. If they like your funny cat photos, they’ll see more of your posts. So the ones where you are promoting your “real” content, will more likely get noticed. Plus, everyone loves funny cat photos.

Engagement. That term that everyone likes to throw around and half the people reading it are like “WTF is engagement?” This engagement is people liking your posts, commenting, and “doing things” on your page. You can have 20K likes on your page, but if no one likes your stuff, you have very little engagement. Facebook likes pages with high engagements so that silly algorithm they use puts pages with more likes/comments/shares up top, then the ones that are just sitting there collecting dust. So you need to get those likes/share/comments. To push engagement, reply to ALL comments. Like all comments. Talk to your people, ask them questions, post things that they WANT to see, not what you want to deliver to them. This might be hard to figure out, because I know you are probably using your page to promote something else…but people aren’t on Facebook to go to “something else” they are on Facebook to muck about on Facebook. If you start to realize this, you can make it work for you.

Photos and Videos are KEY. It isn’t a secret, photos and vids get the most attention on Facebook. Links are the least type of engaged post. Always include a photo with your post and I recommend “adding” your own photo, not the auto-generated photo from the link. There is debate about links in comments vs. links in posts as far as the Facebook algorithm, meaning does adding a link to your photo push it down in the Facebook queue as opposed to just an image (so people post their link in the comments). Which was a thing for awhile…and I still see people doing it, and it doesn’t hurt. It just buries your link a little bit more, and the image doesn’t link to your destination of choice. So, I include a link. This way when they click my image it goes to the destination I want them to go.

Use Bitlinks to track your Facebook engagement

If you post on Facebook and want to drive content to your blog, try embedding a Facebook video on your blog. This way you are driving traffic from your blog to Facebook. This is a good way to share a book trailer, or maybe a book haul post you created. You can easily embed a facebook post by click on the settings tab and scrolling down to embed.

Use Bitlinks to track your Facebook engagement

When you embed it, it will appear like the video below.

Don’t be afraid to do something different. Treat Facebook like a conversation, but ALWAYS ask yourself before you post, is this content helpful or entertaining for your audience?

Go LIVE. Sites that promote social media for companies, recommend a weekly LIVE event. Which is a little much for people that are doing this part-time and working during the day. So, I recommend going LIVE when you have something cool to go LIVE about. Even if it’s only a book haul LIVE post. And I also recommend promoting that you are going LIVE at a certain time, just don’t pop on and be LIVE. Then no one will be there.

Change things up. Don’t post the same thing at the same time. Also, change your times up and see what works best. They say noon is the best time to post, but what if it isn’t the best time for YOUR fans? Try posting at different times during the week and different times during the day. Try videos one week and then images the next. And again – pay attention to what works. Overall, the moral behind this post is to post and then watch. See if it works. If it does, great – if it doesn’t try again but tweak it.

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