The Most Useless New Year’s Resolutions

You’ll Probably Break by March

Useless New Year's Resolutions

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04 January 2017

We all make them: Useless New Year’s Resolutions. I’m guilty. Lose five pounds by March, join a gym, stop cursing…to name a few. We’re even guilty of making ridiculous ones when it comes to reading and blogging. Here are a few that I think might not be feasible, what do you think?

I will spend more time working on blogging and not trawling social media. I will pop in and pop out!

Let’s face it, social media is a time suck. You set out to write 2K words, or an errant blog post, but you need to check Facebook to see how your last post is doing (sure, own it) and suddenly you laughing hysterically as you’ve just watched ten kitten videos and 2 hours has passed. You say you won’t do this anymore…but kitten vids are too tempting. I give you until the end of January for this resolution.

How about a better resolution? I shall not watch kitten videos!

Sure. That’ll work.

I shall not go over my “book budget” of {insert unreasonable amount} a month. I shall stick to my budget. This also applies to all the Amazon gift cards I got for Christmas. I shall use them on useful stuff, like groceries.

Oooh look at all the GREAT New Releases for February 2017! OMG I didn’t know  {insert moderately favorite author here} was releasing a new book! OMG I must read it.

I will no longer DNF books, I will stick it out until the end and write the review, even if it is a not so gushing review. No more giving up.

I just can’t do it anymore! They said this was a dystopian and the only thing dystopian about this book was that it was set in the desert.

You’ll take a solemn pledge to FINALLY read that classic book that supposedly everyone has read but you. You’ll even get it at WalMart for $1 cause no one else is buying it. You buy it. You even buy it for your Book BFF.

This book is supposed to be a classic, but all it is doing is boring you. You even try to pawn it off on your kid by doing a “classic reading” before bedtime. You make it to Chapter 2.

Book Resolutions
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You shall finally clean up your TBR this year.  You’ll do it. You’ll read all 78 review requests, 55 eBooks, 12 series books, and 23 special hardbacks you got on sale.

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