Prepper Tips for the Apocalypse

I have a very overactive imagination and I love a good conspiracy theory. Give me shows like Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Doomsday Preppers, Ancient Aliens, and Coast to Coast with George Noory (talk radio) and I will be entertained for hours and I usually get a story idea or two from watching these shows. I also become extremely paranoid that a War of the Worlds or cataclysmic biblical event might take place. That paranoia helped me plot out some of the events that took place in my book, Sacrifice. I even keep a Pinterest board for Prepper Tips and my family and I play this little game of “What would you do” in the event that the world goes dark or some other catastrophe happens.

0b6c6d63e9b035da2a2b046f1e06cd85My kids always say the first place they’d go would be Walmart. My husband and I think that big stores like that will be the first place everyone goes, so we both agree we’d hit the library first to grab survival guides and How-To books. Books would be my number one priority item because even watching shows about prepping I wouldn’t be able to identify plants, I wouldn’t know how to track animals or identify them by paw prints, or lay traps, set snares, etc.

Because we live in the high desert we already keep some supplies on hand due to the crazy weather we live with. One day it can snow, have 30+ MPH winds, hail, and then be so hot you have to change into shorts all within a few hours of each other, not to mention we do get flash floods and the occasional Tornado warning. We keep things like candles, flashlights, extra batteries (that my kids always seem to use up for their Xbox controllers), extra blankets and other everyday items since we never know when we might have to go without power especially during the monsoon season.

But beyond the essentials here’s a list of 10 Prepper Tips that might help you out in the event of an apocalyptic event or a government collapse that leaves you in need of some handy MacGyver-type skills.

  1. Like I said before, Books are your friend. Go pick up some handy survivor guides or pocket manuals that scouts use. They have them for everything from plant identification, snake/spider guides, and animal tracking.
  2. Stock up on Coffee Filters. Even if you don’t drink coffee, these cheap little things can multitask for a ton of different problems and the best part is they are light weight and easy to shove into a pack. I won’t list all of the uses, but to name a few: make a bandage, a cold compress, toilet paper, use in place of paper plates (you can’t cut a steak on one but you can at least hold some food in your hand without getting covered in it), use as a rag/paper towel, and of course start a fire.
  3. wise_pasta_alfredoKeep some long-lasting food on hand. Yeah, no one really enjoys Spam or those canned sausages, but there are dehydrated foods in any camping section that would make pretty good eats during the apocalypse.
  4. Use the tabs off of soda cans to make fishing hooks so you can grill up some fish instead of eating all that dehydrated food you brought with you.
  5. Stock up on glow sticks that way you can easily identify members of your group at night.
  6. Need more light at night? Attach a head lamp to a gallon jug of water and you instantly have a very bright lantern. P.S. we use this trick when we are camping because we never seem to bring enough lanterns.
  7. Store rice and beans in old (cleaned out and dry) soda/pop bottles instead of the bags they come in. The bags might puncture or tear whereas the bottle should be fairly sturdy.
  8. Keep chalk and duct tape on hand along with a few permanent markers for marking trails so you can find your way back and for making signs for others to follow.
  9. Paracord! You know those bracelets they sell in the camping section? Some of them can be un-tied to give you 50 feet or more of paracord for emergency situations. Stock up on this handy multi-use item, that stuff is amazing and can be used for tying your gear, fishing, snares, tunicates, building a shelter, building a stretcher, starting a fire, and the list goes on and on.
  10. coffee-club2Horde the stuff that people will be willing to barter for in a crisis. I’m not talking about bartering for super important things that you should probably share with your fellow survivors. I’m talking about the stuff that people crave. I once worked for a family who, during the Y2K crazy, were prepping for the fall of life as we knew it and the one thing they taught me was that during a crisis people will barter for everyday items like coffee, cigarettes, and chocolate because those are items that were essential to their previous way of life. Now, I’m definitely not advocating stocking up on cigarettes (those things are expensive), but I could be persuaded to horde some coffee and chocolate to use as payment should the government collapse and we revert to a barter and trade system. I’m sure I can squirrel away a couple snickers bars and some packages of Starbuck Instant Via coffees. It’d be a little something to help out my fellow caffeine-heads in exchange for items or skills that might help me and my family survive until law and order are restored.

Those are my tips on how to survive or at least maintain a little bit of comfort during the end days, but I’d love to hear what some of your go-to prepping tips for survival during the apocalypse would be.

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About Mia Bishop

Mia Bishop lives in Colorado with her husband, two boys, and enough animals to fill a mini-zoo. She writes to keep from dying of boredom in the high desert. Mia loves to read and write paranormal romance and erotica, but also enjoys the steampunk and post-apocalyptic genres as well as historical romances.

A geek at heart, Mia indulges in all matters of nerd cultures. When not writing, she can be found with her nose in a book or graphic novel, watching Anime, playing video games, or creating pieces of chainmail and wire jewelry. The key to Mia's heart (or ways to coax her into letting you sneak a peek at her latest works) can be won with anything Whovian related, tickets to ComicCon, or a '67 black Chevy Impala.


  1. Meredith Miller

    I am ready with books! That pasta alfredo is a must-have for prepping. It’s a dish I’d miss if things get tough.

    • Mia Bishop

      Pasta Alfredo will definitely be a welcomed treat when the apocalypse hits.

  2. Mary Preston

    A great post thank you.

    • Mia Bishop

      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Stephanie green

    I love your tips!! I also love to plan things for the end days.. usually a zombie apocalypse (huge walking dead fan). I have honestly never thought of the library as a place to go, but that makes perfect sense!! I always said I’d go to a dealership to grab at least one great zombie resistant vehicle, and to our hunting supply stores (I live in a rural area where hunting anything is the way of life for many, basically redneck country). I plan to stock up on weapons of any kind, a good vehicle, and thanks to you, some very important books! My husband works on the river and says we’d head there for a boat since zombies don’t swim LOL

    • mia Bishop

      I’m glad I could help with the book tip! I live in a similar area where hunting is more of a way of life for most of the people here so luckily survival supplies will be easy to come by.

  4. Linda Romer

    Sacrifice sounds awesome ♡
    I love your prepper tips! “When survival’s the goal, it’s into the spider hole.”

    • Mia Bishop

      Thank you!