The Pros & Cons of an Apocalypse

In Just a Little Death, Sammy goes to college expecting to have a great experience, but that’s not what she gets. She learns she’s the daughter of Death and that she and the other Children of the Apocalypse must stop the coming apocalypse. I had to do a ton of research for this book to get some of the details right. That being said, these are my favorite pros and cons that popped up while writing.


The down fall of technology. With the apocalypse taking out all forms of electricity, we’re forced to look up from our phones and tablets and realize that there are other humans out there to interact with face to face. It also means that we are no longer at the mercy of the media, who can often stir fear with the way they report events.


We have no way of getting ahold of our loved ones to see if they’ve survived. You can wander all around the waste land fearing the worst. They could have been killed or locked in some government run city. You’d never know. Nor would you have any idea of what is going on in the rest of the world. Who knows, maybe it was only your country that was destroyed.


Banding together for survival. I’m sure we all imagine going through the end of the world alone…no? Just us introverts? In all seriousness, there’s nothing like a great tragedy that brings people together. Survival is one of those things that you’re more likely to achieve if you work together. So grab your crew and get to it.


People turn against each other. Be it because the camp is running out of food and they have to go against another camp to gain food in a mini war, or if it’s just blaming someone else for something happening. Allies can go from friend to foe in a matter of a second. Beware if you’re the person holding the last of the food.


There are no lines to wait in. Who likes to wait in line? At the store? At the amusement park? No one, but now you don’t have to!


There’s probably not much left to scavenge. Who needs food anyways? Yeah, okay that’s pretty important. Water too, everything else is optional.


You no longer have to work that pesky day job and earn money. Chances are by this time the economy and everything else has disappeared. Gone are the days that you have to slave away at a job you don’t like, now you can barter (or kill…) for whatever it is that you want or need.


Depending on the cause of the apocalypse, you’re probably going to starve to death. In Just a Little Death, famine takes the food away and the plague infects ¼ of the population and spreads quickly. At some point, if the world is shut down, you’re going to run out of food, unless you’re really good at being self-sufficient and can grow everything and hunt some things…assuming that nothing has poisoned the ground and that livestock has survived.

So really the apocalypse is going to suck because we’re all going to die, but you might have some fun while you’re at it. No rules and no obligations. What do you think some of the best pros or the worst cons of the apocalypse would be?


A.L. Kessler discusses the Pros & Cons of the Apocalypse

Just a Little Death by A.L. Kessler

Series: Children of the Apocalypse #1
Published by Self-Published on May 16th 2016
Genres: Apocalypse
Pages: 261
5 Stars


Book Two: Death on the Horizon

Release Date: March 17th

Blurb: The Apocalypse has fallen and the horsemen have been locked away leaving Sammy and the others with no other choice than to seek help from the Archangels. The Seven Deadly Sins lurk around the corner bringing their curses to the human world and causing havoc. The mission is simple, rescue the horsemen and restore balance to the human world, but the execution proves harder.

Book Three: Behold, Death

Release Date: March 2018

Blurb: The exciting conclusion of The Children of the Apocalypse trilogy. Can they bring balance back between good and evil, or is the world as we know it over?


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About A.L. Kessler

A.L. Kessler is known for her Amazon best-selling series Here Witchy Witchy. She’s a member of Pikes Peak Writers and the Midnight Writers in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her next release: The Trouble with Ghost releases November 7th, 2016 and is the third book in the Here Witchy Witchy Series. Kessler’s addiction to chocolate and coffee sees her through her busy life of being an author, mother, wife, and student.

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  1. jamie

    I think the best PRO would be the downfall of technology and the worst part would be the inevitable lack of food and the spread of disease with little-to-no medical care.