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As the apocalypse month continues, I’ll be doing tutorials that revolve around Apocalypse Fun. Today we’ll be discussing the most popular apocalypse scenarios. Logical apocalypses that readers will believe. Or as logical as you can get if you believe the world will come to an end…

Gawker states that 22% of Americans believe they’ll see the end of the world in their lifetime. That’s crazy.

How The World Will End According To GenPop:

In a handy top-ten list. Because we all love top-ten lists.

How the world will end

The Second Coming of Jesus

A good portion of the population believe that the world is going to come to an end within their lifetime and that end will come with Jesus. Whether it’s the Anti-Christ or seven signs, the Rapture, or the great war, there are a lot of people that believe this is how the world will end. Writing a second-coming novel might be within the Christian Fiction scope, but it could be made enjoyable by non-Christian fiction readers. The only Christian fiction I’ve read was the Left Behind series, which deals with the rapture. Do your research, though, this is the only apocalypse that you might not want to bend the facts.

How the world will end


One of the more scarier apocalypse scenarios. A pandemic is when an infectious disease spreads through large portions of the human populations. It’s a pandemic when it impacts multiple continents or even worldwide. In the past plagues and infections have wiped out the human population. The Black Death that struck in 1346 to 1353 took out 50 million people. That was 60% of Europe’s population. This was before international travel. If it were to hit in today’s world, the infection would spread worldwide, instead of being relegated to only one continent. And it would take out 4.2 Billion people.

If you were to write a good pandemic story the research would be the key. You can make up your own disease,  but back it up with science. Find yourself a doctor and pepper him with cool questions about deadly diseases.

How the world will end

The Moon

The moon is actually a BIG apocalypse generator. It’s an area of fascination for a lot of authors, like Robert Heinlein and there are even modern apocalypse tales about the Moon – like Life As We Knew It. If the moon got closer to the earth, volcanos would erupt, tsunamis would take us out and life would be a horrible shithole. Scientists have disproved that a “closer moon” would not cause life on earth to go into apocalypse mode, but it could spark a really good story. If you were to write a good pandemic story the research would be the key. You can make up your own disease,  but back it up with science. Find yourself a doctor and pepper him with cool questions about deadly diseases.

How the world will end

Global System Meltdown / Blackout / Grid Breakdown

The majority of preppers, that’s people that are prepping for an apocalypse, believe their apocalypse scenario will be a “grid down” situation. This means that the world will be thrown into chaos, terrorists/governments will take down our grids and we’ll lose all power to everything. Whether this is through an EMP blast, or a hack the grid scenario, you can decide in your writing. Grab a prepper/survivalists magazine and that can be all the research you need. Those preppers have great imaginations – or are they overly informed? You decide.

How the world will end

Climate Change

Our governments believe the world will end because of carbon emissions. This means big storms, droughts, melting icecaps etc. This is widely accepted end of the world scenario and might strike a political chord, so be wary. You can believably do a big storm situation, or a flooding scenario and you don’t have to state it’s Climate Change. Or you can embrace it. Your choice. This one has a ton of possibilities and gives that added fear scenario – because it’s so believable.

How the world will end

Asteroid / Comet

This was HUGE a decade ago. Asteroids or Comets were going to wipe us all out just like the dinosaurs. I think it needs to be brought back. Whether you do an IMPACT which takes us all out, or do a drive by that drops a “virus” that wipes out the human population (like Tigris Eden’s Vices series) you can do a ton of things with this topic.

How the world will end

Alien Invasion

This has been done A LOT. It’s been done by the greats. But, you can do it better. Or at least good enough to entrance your readers. Think about some nasty alien race, descending through the atmosphere and they are Hell Bent on taking out all humans. Dun. Dun. Dun. Aliens scare the hell out of me. See they work.

How the world will end

Zombie Apocalypse

It might not be logical, but people believe that the world will end with zombies. They even cite bible verses. Think contagion that turns dead bodies into walking talking disease spreaders. Zombie fiction is its own genre. Writers love writing about zombies, they love the metaphor of the zombie, since we are all basically zombies in our own right. Plus the carnage of it is perfect for that horror writer that wants to come out.

How the world will end

Nuclear War

One of my favorite shows I streamed on Netflix was Jericho. I didn’t get to see it when it was on Air, but I enjoyed streaming it. Nuclear bomb. Boom. We’re done. There are a million ways you can do this, all scarier than the next. Think mushroom clouds, people with their skin melting off of them… fun.

How the world will end


One word – CALDERA. This is a new word for some, it’s scaring the crap out of others that have read about it. A bunch of apocalypse gurus think that they world will come to a crashing halt in the next couple of years because of Yellowstone park and the supervolcano that lies underneath it. A few authors have used this end of the world scenario, like Mike Mullin’s Ashfall. It has not been overdone. Have fun.


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