A must read novel! Mordacious is the first in a new series, but an addition to Sarah Fleming’s Until the End of the World series. Mordacious, takes us back to New York city and focuses on what “real life” survivors might have to deal with. In Mordacious you meet some new characters and some characters that were mentioned in the Until the End of the World series. I have high hopes for this new series and hope the culmination will be a huge plot arc that comes back to the original series.

Mordacious starts at the beginning, when it all came to an end. We are introduced to Sylvie Rossi and her friend Grace. They are in the hospital sitting with Sylvie’s mother who is dying. Right after her mother’s death, the world ends in a crazy zombie apocalypse. Grace and Sylvie are trapped in the hospital with scared survivors and dying children in a truly horrifying experience which will have you reading with all the lights on. In the hospital Grace and Sylvie meet up with a nurse, you might remember mentioned in the first books — and she offers the girls a safe haven in my favorite prepper’s apartment.

The book segments with a new narrator for the male POV shift, which is Eric Forrest, who was also mentioned in the first series. Eric only wants to find his sister, make sure she is safe and make it out of the city to their family’s cabin.

The story was a long one, but very engaging. Fleming’s shining talent is her character creation. She doesn’t hold back in their creation. She makes them real and they pop off the page. I enjoyed reading about Sylvie even though I wanted to pop her in the face sometimes, because she was so very silly at times. But, by the end of the book – she changed so much I felt like I was right there with her. I was really pulled into this story and I can’t say anything bad about it. Fleming is a must read author, this is a must read book. I do suggest reading her first book Until the End of the World, but it is not necessary. In fact, I think it might be cool to read this one first and then Until the End of the World. So ignore me, read it however you want.

The shining awesome of this book is the word of the day calendar. Fleming intergrated this well into the plot. When I first say the cover I did have a “wuh?” moment. But after reading it makes so much sense and I lurve it so much. Great job. Can’t get any better than this. Give me more!

Narration was done by Luke Daniels and Therese Plummer. Both of them were amazing and I look forward to listening to more books by these two narrators.

About the Book
Mordacious by Sarah Lyons Fleming

Mordacious by Sarah Lyons Fleming

Series: The City Series
Narrator: Luke Daniels, Therese Plummer
Published by Audible Studios on 09-13-16
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 524
Also by this author: Until the End of the World
5 Stars

About the Book