Apocalypse Challenge Day 1


FAVE END OF THE WORLD SCENES IN BOOKS. Discuss your favorite end of the world scenes. i.e. The descriptions of “Waves” in The 5th Wave.

Best End of the World Scenes

The Yellowstone Caldera explodes and the world crumbles in Mike Mullin’s epic YA apocalypse series. Mullin’s descriptions of this harrowing event told from the naive perspective of teenager Alex is by far one of the most intense apocalypse depictions I’ve read. One of my favorites

“The next few hours were, well, how to describe it? Ask someone to lock you in a box with no light, nobody to talk to, and then have them beat on it with a tree limb to make a hideous sound. Do that for hours, and if you’re still not bat-shit crazy, you’ll know how we felt.” – Ashfall by Mike Mullin

The opening scene inRhiannon Frater’s The First Days was one of the MOST horrific apocalypse  scenes I’ve ever read. Chilling. Give me more!

“So small.

So very, very small.

The fingers pressed under the front door of her home were so very small. She could not stop staring at those baby fingers straining frantically to reach her as she stood shivering on the porch. The cool morning air lightly puffed out her pink nightgown as her own pale fingers clutched the thin bathrobe closed at her throat. Texas weather could change so fast, and this early March morning was crisp.

I knew we needed weather stripping, she thought vaguely.

The gap under the front door was far too large.”

– Rhiannon Frater, The First Days

Best End of the World Scenes
Best End of the World Scenes

While not your typical apocalyptic hero/struggle, Childhood’s End is one of Clarke’s finest novels and his stunning depiction of the end of Earth and mankind as we know it was both inspiring and scary as hell.

“There was nothing left of Earth. They had leeched away the last atoms of its substance. It had nourished them, through the fierce moments of their inconceivable metamorphosis, as the food stored in a grain of wheat feeds the infant plant while it climbs towards the Sun.” Childhood’s End, Arthur C. Clarke

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    I’m not joining this week but I love apocalypse reads. I haven’t read any of the ones you mentioned – though.

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