One of the most embarrassing things you can do as a blogger is to have a REALLY bad typo. An errant apostrophe or a screwed up their. Especially when someone corrects you…here’s a quick check for proofing your post.
Blog Post Proofing Infographic

Read Out Loud

Read your blog post out loud. When you read it out loud you hear things you might have missed, plus they say when you utilize both your ears and your eyes you are “double” checking.


Did you have to reread a sentence? Or are you hiccuping over a phrase? If you are doing it, your readers will REALLY do that.


The dreaded comma splice is a comma that separates clauses, bringing together two ideas that could act as their own sentence. Can you replace the comma with a period and those two sentences make sense?

Common Errors

You do things. I know you do. I have a list of things that I mess up. I type teh for the all the time. I also mess up Its and It’s a lot. It’s more about typing quickly. Pay attention to what you do wrong. Is it the its? Or is it homonyms? That’s a big one – their, they’re, there, etc.


Fast typing can lead to common errors, one of which is forgetting prepositions or placing them in the sentence incorrectly. Where is she going to? Should be replaced with: Where is she going?

Check for Adverbs

Do you have a lot of adverbs in your post. It is a general rule to avoid adverbs. There really isn’t anything wrong with adverbs, but they tend to be “extra.” And they soften your posts and make it less impactful.

Quickie Fixes

Spell out all your numbers, check capitalization on all your sentences. Add paragraph breaks where they make sense.


Are all your sentences complete? Check for fragment sentences and run-ons.

Proper Names

If you used proper names in your blog post make sure they are spelled correctly or are the correct names.

Double Words

Check for double words. The the. It happens a lot.