Tutorial Tuesday

Blogging Tips for Book Bloggers & Authors

Last week we discussed post ideas outside of book reviews, this week we will discuss the dreaded interview. I call it this because half the time I have no idea what to ask authors, especially authors that I haven’t read before. Here are fifty suggestions and common questions to ask authors:

  1. What is your latest book about?
  2. What are your writing strengths?
  3. What do you feel you need to work on as a writer?
  4. What is your dream job?
  5. What social media accounts do you like best?
  6. How has your life changed after you’ve become a writer?
  7. What POV do you like writing in best?
  8. What would you say is your crowning achievement as a writer?
  9. Did you have a plan before you started writing?
  10. What genres would you like to write within that you haven’t written in before?
  11. What genre would you never write within?
  12. How do you like interacting with your readers? (Signings, twitter etc)
  13. What other ways do you showcase your creativity?
  14. What are you working on now?
  15. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
  16. What was the push that got you to finish your first book?
  17. What are some things that helped you in your writing career?
  18. How would you describe your writing style?
  19. Are you a pantser or plotter?
  20. What do you hope to achieve from your writing career?
  21. Can you tell us about your ideal reader?
  22. What is the single most important aspect you would hope your readers learned from your books?
  23. What advice would you give struggling writers?
  24. What would be your ideal writing environment?
  25. How do you find the time to write?
  26. Do you have a day job?
  27. How do you improve on your writing?
  28. What was the first thing you ever wrote that you were proud of?
  29. What accomplishments have you achieved as a writer?
  30. Who has impacted you the most as a writer?
  31. What are your extracurricular activities?
  32. What has been the most challenging thing in your writing career?
  33. Who are your favorite writers?
  34. What inspired you to write?
  35. How do you motivate yourself to write?
  36. Where do you find your ideas?
  37. What is the most frustrating aspect of the publishing world?
  38. Where do you hope your writing career will take you?
  39. What writer have you met that made you go fangirl/fanguy?
  40. Do you give yourself specific goals as a writer?
  41. How much time do you spend writing?
  42. What time during the day do you find you write the best?
  43. How do you battle writer’s block?
  44. How do you get the creative juices flowing?
  45. Who was your favorite author as a child?
  46. Who’s your favorite character that you’ve written?
  47. Who have you based a character off of, but never told them?
  48. Where do you find/come up with your characters names?
  49. What is the most useful tool you use as a writer?
  50. What do you struggle with that is a part of the writing business/industry?

Do you have any other great interview questions that you would like to share?


  1. Terri M.

    I added “What question do you wish I had asked? And please answer it.” to my list of regular questions. I get some really awesome questions/answers!

  2. Chrystal

    Thank you. I seem to ask the same types of questions, so it’s nice to have a reference to use as a guide for new ones.

  3. Meriam Wilhelm

    So happy to be able to preview these questions. As a new author I’m always afraid of what the interviewer might ask me. These questions give me a lot of food for thought. Thank you!

  4. Samantha

    This is amazing! Sometimes I have awesome questions for authors and other times I feel like I have NOTHING! Thanks for the list! This gives me some questions to throw in and mix it up a bit!

  5. Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

    This is awesome. I completely blank on interviews. I never know whether the purpose is to talk about the book or the author her/him self. This will definitely help!

  6. Melanie Simmons

    I’ve never done author interviews because I never know what to ask. I’ve also thought about doing narrator interviews and I think many of these can be tweaked to use for narrators too. Thanks so much for this. It gives me a great place to start.

  7. Patti (@thelovejunkee)

    Oh my goodness I struggle with author interviews. I have questions until I try to write them out and then I’m a big, fat blank. I do try not to ask questions that are answered in their author bio, and I try to ask at least one “fun” question. These are great!