Tutorial Tuesday

Blogging Tips for Book Bloggers & Authors

Blogging can be intense. Keeping it fresh is one of the hardest parts of this crazy blogging endeavor, especially if you are trying to maintain a daily blogging schedule. Most of us can’t post a review every day, so we are usually left with a post vacuum…and a big question? What else can we post besides reviews?

Here is a list of blog post ideas for book bloggers and authors. Let me know which ones are your favorite.


Tutorial or How-To Post – Like the post you are reading now, teach your followers. Think about something you struggled with and learned how to do, then post about it. Tutorial and How-to posts are always popular.

Lists – Everyone does them. They do them because they work. Lists favorite books in a genre. List best resources to do something. List your favorite bookstores, or authors. If you think your readers will find your list useful, list it!

Define – A definition post is fun and a good way to get search engine traffic. Heard a new word or term lately? Define it in a blog post.

Checklist – One of my more popular posts is a review checklist. Help others organize themselves into a handy checklist.

FAQs – Get asked the same questions over and over again? Do a FAQ and answer those questions.

Survey – Survey your readers and post the results.


New Releases – Post about new releases and things that are “coming soon.” Movies, books, new authors.

Trends – Post about book blogging trends, or trends in the publishing world.

Reactions – React to trends or latest news. Hot topics like the last Divergent movie going to the small screen are great reactionary posts. Post what you feel about this topic.

Historical – Post “this day in book history” or inform readers about past trends.

Issues – Are there issues going on that will impact your audience? Post about it.


Question – Ask a question. Explain why you are asking this question.

Challenge – Start a challenge post and challenge your readers to do what you’re asking them.

Contest – Offer a contest to your audience.

Show Me – I’ll show you mine, you show me yours. TBRs, Book Hauls, Swag Grabs – post them and ask your audience to show you theirs.

Join – Join in a group post, or challenge post, Top Ten Tuesday or Follow Friday. Come up with a new one for your blog.


Holiday – Don’t forget to post on holidays. Post a graphic or a “happy day” post.

Lifestyle – Post about your life behind the book blog.

Hobbyist – Post about “other” hobbies, outside of your niche.

Inspire – Feature beautiful quotes, or inspirational stories that motivate you.

Reveal – Reveal a little bit about yourself, or a peak into something that is very personal to you. Share.

Life Hacks – Things you’ve learned to do in your life that make things a little easier.

Mentors – Share people that have impacted you, taught you, or brought you to the path you are currently on.


Write – Tell a story. Fiction. Non-fiction.

Comedy – Do a crazy gif post. Take it to the next level with satire. Use humor in your post to draw in the crowd.

Cartoon – Fancy yourself an artist? Start a cartoon feature.

Meme – Go on that crazy “meme site” and create funny memes for book bloggers. Post them on your site.

Parody – Take your favorite book and parody it.


Controversial – pick a topic that angers you and post about it. Make sure it’s something you feel strongly about it. Pick a side, but make sure you’re ready to hear from the “opposite side.”

Mock – Wrap it in sarcasm and satire and deliver a hot piece…but make sure you own it. This can be offensive – so make sure your readers will forgive your insensitiveness.

Respond – Is there something crazy going on in your niche fueled by a post? Post a response to a viral post, agree or disagree.

Snopes – Think there is some misinformation floating around your community? Post the right information.


Promo Posts – Whether a guest post, book blitz, or author Q&A showcase your favorite book.

Compare – If you like this, you’ll like that. Have a thing for Harry Potter, try these books…

Peer Promo – Post about your favorite bloggers.

Self-Promo – Post your top posts, or a monthly break-down.

Interview – Interview a peer, someone in the publishing industry, or someone you think will impact your readers.

Link list – Put together a list of posts you think your readers will enjoy.

Profile – Showcase someone that you look up to, or would like your readers to know about.

Crowded – Post about an idea in the community, a crowdsourced project, or a fund for a charity you support.

Popular – Post about people you think NEED to be followed and why.

Hot Topic – Choose something that you saw this week that you want to post about. It can be another post, or a book, funny tweet convos, you name it, post it.

What do you normally post other than reviews?


  1. Amy @ abookwormsperfectapple.wordpress.com

    This is a fantastic list, thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Midnyte Reader

    This is so helpful…maybe it will help me get out of my blogging…um…hiatus.

    • Parajunkee

      Waiting patiently for your return.

  3. Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

    Definitely a needed post! I’m drawing a blank on what to fill in my days. These are some great ideas!

    • Parajunkee

      It happens to me all the time. I think I might do a challenge that does all of these lol.

  4. mike

    this is good even for a regular blog. nice post. thanks for posting.

  5. Laurie

    Love your ideas. We’ve started branching out with top tens etc. but these are some great ideas to add to it.

  6. Aj @ Read All The Things!

    This is great. Books are actually a pretty narrow topic, so it can be hard to keep things fresh.

  7. Stephanie


  8. Kathy @ My Nook, Books and More

    Thanks for the tips!! I also have been wanting to do other types of posts so this really helps.

  9. Chrystal

    I’m going to keep this handy to help me have a better variety on my blog. thanks

  10. Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons

    Great tips. I’m going to keep these in mind. I mostly post reviews, I always feel like I should branch out more, but I never seem to.